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BARATIE / Arc Baratie – Chapter 1/7

Your 1st mission is as follows: Destruction of ship


'A seagull has taken your sea chart! You have wandered aimlessly on the ocean for several days, hunger tearing your stomach. You are dozing, lulled by the waves, when a wonderful smell of grilled meat reaches your nostrils. You get up with difficulty and see a boat in the distance, the “Baratie”. A godsend, since it is a restaurant boat! You muster your last strength to join him.'


'Eyes full of stars facing the view of this restaurant boat, you don't see the navy ship right next to it and you bump into it. The lieutenant on board, mad with rage, orders you to be sunk. You had to throw the cannonball, which ended up crashing into the Baratie. The great pirate Zeff, owner of the restaurant, demands compensation!'


:scroll: Goals :

  • To harvest 10,500 :berry: berries
  • To harvest 10 :cola: cola
  • To fix 1 times your boat
  • win 86 enemies (4 waves)


To repair the boat, break it with an expedition 1, otherwise it will cost you too much, you can wait until there is only one minute left to save.
The command to do is ^^boat repair

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