Best Mac tools to download videos for free in 2024

Videos are the most popular type of content on the Web. Recent statistics on video consumption show that more than 92 % of Internet users from all over the world watch various online videos every week. The figure shows just how much engagement videos benefit on the Web. You'll see video content published on social networks, educational platforms, blogs, e-commerce stores and streaming platforms. From videos of all kinds are available online just name it and you'll find the video. Everything is available online, from video clips to memes, viral content to live broadcasts, tutorials to how-to guides, educational content to vlogs and sports clips to highlights.

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While most people watch online videos on their smartphones, some still use their Mac devices for this purpose. What's more, when it comes to saving videos offline for editing, sharing and long-term backup, downloading visual content to Mac devices is their preference.

However, the main problem that stands in their way is a lack of knowledge about the tools that can help them download different types of videos without paying a single cent. Everyone's is unable to afford costly software solutions to download videos. What's more, these software solutions require registration, a subscription and an complicated installation, what makes the download process more difficult.

Conversely, Mac users who want to download videos to their devices in 2024 and beyond can use free online tools. This article looks in detail at some efficient online video downloaders, but free of charge for help them. Reading this will facilitate the video download process. Further details are given below.

Which Mac tools can I use to download videos for free in 2024?


  • Online Video Downloader By

Image capture from Smallseotools website
Image capture from Smallseotools website, as an online platform, is very popular because of its its various tools to help Internet users perform various tasks.

This tool offers :

  • Various downloaders to help Internet users record videos from special platforms.
  • A online video downloader useful all-in-one, compatible with a variety of devices, including those running Mac OS.
  • Mac users can therefore also use the video downloader offered by to record their favorite online videos for a offline use.

This tool is free of charge and delivered with a user-friendly interface to ensure an optimal user experience (UX) for various demographics. Visit download process of videos via it is also quite simple. It can easily download videos from social networks, of the streaming sites and educational platforms. This useful video downloader supports downloading visual content in various formats. This tool can help you download videos online in the highest possible resolution or in the quality that suits your needs. It also removes watermarks videos when they are downloaded.


  • Video downloader by

Image illustration of the SearchEngineReports interface
Image courtesy of offers a renowned tool which can help users to Download their favorite videos from various online websites, in particular the social networks and the streaming platforms. This tool offers simple interface and easy to use.

This tool allows you to :

  • Easily download video content in different languages; 
  • Download videos from various websites and the keep at their immediate disposal and enjoy streaming offline.
  •  TDownload videos in a variety of ways, including in HD, FHD and 4K resolutions.
  • The right to no restrictions on the number of downloads and downloads to high-speed without cost a single cent to users.
  • This tool also displays thevideo preview downloaded and details in real time for user convenience.

It can easily meet all your Mac users' video download requirements


  • Online Video Downloader

Image illustration of the Dupli checker interface
Image courtesy of


While this platform offers a number of practical tools, its online video downloader also enjoys a huge popularity. Mac users can easy access to this tool online and use it to download videos from various websites, including Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, DailyMotion, TikTok and Twitter.

It also downloads videos from other online platforms to help users enjoy offline streaming. Users can easily upload videos via this tool because of itsits simple interface and of its method of use.

What are the advantages of this tool? 

  • One of the advantages of this tool is its ability to show video preview and the before downloading it.
  • This tool does not require no installation.
  • As a result, Mac users can easily avoid installation problems and use this tool to download video online.
  • What's more, it no need to register in the form of a connection or registration to use it.
  • The best part about using this tool is that it is totally free. So users don't have to dig holes in their pockets to download the videos of their choice from the Web.


  • Online Video Downloader By KeepVid

Image capture from Keepvid website
Image capture from Keepvid website


Another great online tool that can help you download high-quality videos to your Mac devices for free is available from a domain called KeepVid. The best thing about this tool is its ability to download videos from all websites you can think of. It simply requires the URL the desired online video and download it quickly. KeepVid claims to offerone of the best tools available online to help Internet users download videos online, and we agree.

If you're looking for a safe online video downloader, easy to use and freeavailable on KeepVid could be the perfect solution. 

This tool allows you to :

  • Download videos in different resolutions.
  • Users can also download easily and free audio versions of their favorite videos from popular streaming platforms.
  • The best thing about this tool is that it supports video downloads. from over 1,000 websites.
  • As a result, you can use it on Mac devices to record your favorite videos.

If you're interested in other articles about videos, such as YouTube video converter, you can find out more at Top 15 best YouTube to MP3 video converter software.

  • QDownloader video downloader

Image from Qdowloader website
Image from Qdowloader website


The name suggests the purpose of the website. It hosts an online video downloader useful for Internet users using a variety of devices. Mac users can also use it to download videos. from various online platforms. This tool enables users to download videos for free. It does not no registration from users to start the video download process. Users can also convert downloaded videos of different formats in MP4 and MP3 (if they're only interested in audio).

The tool is equipped with a simple interfaceThis makes it easier for users from different geographic regions and demographics. 

Qdowloader allows users to :

  • Switch to several languages to use this tool easily.
  • This tool does not require no restrictions about the number of daily, weekly or monthly downloads.
  • Download videos since various platforms in several resolutions.
  • As a result, it can be the perfect tool for Mac users who wish to download video or audio formats online.

It is also possible to watch free movies on YouTubeYou can do the same for downloading videos.



Downloading your favorite videos to Mac devices is no longer a complicated process. All you have to do is find a free, easy-to-use online video downloader, and you're ready to go. We've discussed a few very effective ones in this article to help Mac users who want to download their favorite videos. Hopefully, this article will help them save videos offline foredition, of share and of streaming.

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