CITY OF ORANGE / Arc Orange – Chapter 4/5

Your fourth mission is: Circus Games

'Baggy joined his ship, accompanied by a few henchmen. A small dog suddenly comes between one of the pirates and his inanimate master. Morge, Buggy's second, then seizes the dog and hits him several times, jubilant. You arrive and see the poor beast on the ground. Mad with rage at this outburst of cruelty, you rush screaming at the aggressors. Don't forget to perform a good 'stock' by going to see Chouchou, the more caresses you give him, the happier he will be. (The command to do is implied in the text)'


 Goals :

  • To harvest 5,500  berries: 0/5,500
  • To harvest 6  cola: 0/6
  •  Caress Favorite: 0/1
  • Make a combo of 5 fishing: 0/5
  • win 52 enemies (4 waves): 0/4
  •  [MINIBOSS] Defeat Carnage 'the acrobat'


For berries and colas all the usual commands, normally you should know them.

To caress Chouchou, the command is written in the text written at the top 🙂

The fishing combo, do ^^fish and have a combo of 5, to have a combo of 5 you must not miss ^^fish for 5 hours, so you will have to be active 🙂

For opponents: ^^btl (Where ^^btl a)

The Miniboss is simple to beat, if not think of the ^^train stats to check if you have points to give.


PS: If you really can't find the order for Chouchou, it's ^^action


As soon as you have completed everything you can move on to the next chapter by doing: ^^chap next.

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