CITY OF ORANGE / Arc Orange – Chapter 5/5

Your fifth mission is: Clownish Showdown

'You have defeated the most powerful members of Buggy's crew. He is therefore the last obstacle to stand in your way, and you are determined to teach him a good lesson. Moreover, you will have to steal his treasures in order to find the map of Grandline!'


 Goals :

  • To harvest 7,500  berries: 0/7,500
  • Obtain 2 Solid case: 0/2
  • win 89 enemies (5 waves): 0/5
  •  [BOSS] Defeat Buggy the Clown

For berries all the usual commands, normally you should know them.

To get solid coffers you have to vote, ^^vote possible every 12 hours, to open the safe, do ^^lb o solid(it is not asked to open them but to obtain them)

For opponents: ^^btl (Where ^^btl a)

The Boss is easy to beat, otherwise think about the ^^train stats to check if you have points to give.


As soon as you have completed everything you can move on to the next chapter by doing: ^^chap next.

You will then be asked to take your boat to go to the next island, do ^^boat use and wait for the time before redoing a ^^chap next as soon as the boat arrived on the island.

Congratulations, finished Arc Orange!


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