Google's electricity consumption

Google's electricity consumption could power 200,000 homes in 2011.

the giant Google consumes about 260 millions of watts by an, either quarter of there production electricity power plant nuclear.

Illustration of electricity by google search.

On Thursday, September 8, 2011, Google revealed that its electricity consumption can power 200,000 homes. According to the American search engine, it also contributes to making the planet greener.

Google has also published an estimate that a search query uses 0.3 watt-hours of electricity on average. With over a billion searches carried out every day by the search engine, this gives a surprising result of 260 million watts!

While this figure may seem large, the company believes that thanks to the billions of operations carried out in its data centers, the world is a greener place because people use less energy. In fact, it claims that when someone performs a search on Google, they should think about the amount of gasoline saved.
Finally, the American company claims that renewable fuels accounted for 25 % of energy used in 2010, and expects to reach 30 % in 2011.


Since 2011 there has been no new information on google's consumption, so we can stick with the rate of 0.3 watt-hours of electricity on average per Google search.


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