How to secure your streams on Twitch?

How to secure your streams on Twitch?

For several years, Twitch has enjoyed ever more surprising success with fans of video games or online gambling. If this platform applies optimal solutions to preserve the security of its users, many Internet users nevertheless mention hacking situations that are as surprising as they are worrying. How to secure your streams on Twitch? Should you use a VPN on your live streams? If these questions bother you, this article will not fail to satisfy you!

When Twitch becomes the new target of hackers

Over the years, hackers have constantly reviewed their "priorities" based on trends on the web. Unsurprisingly, Twitch's indisputable success quickly sparked the interest of hackers where 3.5 million new accounts were identified in early 2020… A particularly surprising piece of information considering the already impressive statistics of this platform.

As a video game or online gambling enthusiast, ensuring your cybersecurity during each of your streams is therefore essential. Which solutions to apply and is it wise to use a VPN?

How to maintain your cybersecurity during your streams?

Never give out your personal information

Twitch is a platform where many streamers enjoy sometimes surprising popularity, and this, after only a few months or weeks. It can be tempting to favor a spirit of closeness with your followers and disclose certain personal information, in particular your first name or the municipality in which you reside. However, the risks generated here are not negligible. Indeed, a hacker could browse social networks or other services to try to identify you. Obviously, this will be a first step before seeing complex and worrying scenarios.

Use your pseudonym when communicating with your followers and avoid discussions that are too “personal”. Similarly, if you use social networks, do not hesitate to indicate false information via your profile (in particular your address).

Strengthen the security of your Twitch account

Quite often, the goal of hackers will come down to gaining access to your Twitch account. Several solutions will allow you to strengthen the security of this access:

  • Choose a complex password that is not associated with any of your personal information (such as your date of birth).
  • Periodically change your password. If necessary, do not hesitate to use a password manager to avoid memorization problems.
  • Twitch has a two-factor authentication system. By adding an additional step during your connections, this method is ideal for strengthening the security of your account... Why deprive yourself of it?

Beware of suspicious emails

As a Twitch user, you will periodically receive emails from this platform. On the other hand, the reception of illegitimate messages is a possibility that should not be overlooked. Indeed, some hackers try to impersonate Twitch. Rest assured, a few tips will suffice to check the legitimacy of your e-mails:

  • Check the sender's email address. It must imperatively end with “”. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact Twitch directly from the official website.
  • Very often, illegitimate emails have many spelling mistakes. If this situation is true, delete the message in question.
  • Illegitimate e-mails are mostly filtered by your online mailbox. In other words, if you receive a message from Twitch via your so-called spam inbox, there's no need to waste your time with it.

Use a VPN to “cover your tracks”

Using a VPN can allow you to limit the risk of identification in the event of a hack. Indeed, a virtual private network removes your initial geolocation, masks your IP address and encrypts your data sent/received online. However, be sure to choose a supplier vpn recognized for enjoying optimal security and quality during your streams (free virtual private networks are strongly discouraged).

Inform those around you

Finally, do not hesitate to inform those around you if you regularly stream videos on Twitch. This step will allow you to make them aware of the risks of hacking in order to avoid the disclosure of personal information about you.

Safe streaming is within the reach of every Internet user

Maintaining your cybersecurity while streaming on Twitch is essential to avoid certain complex situations. As such, the recommendations presented in this article can be applied without any moderation. However, if you believe that your Twitch account has been hacked, do not hesitate to consult this page available on the official Twitch website.

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