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Do you have weight gain problems? Iaso Tea is a weight-supporting herbal tea. It contains high-quality ingredients to detoxify the body. Users will see an improvement in the functioning of their digestive tract. There was a time when teas were considered effective remedies for weight loss, and especially for regulating lipid metabolism by breaking down fat deposits. Iaso tea, for example, is a detox tea infused with hemp extract, which can be drunk hot or cold. In addition to promoting weight loss, Iaso tea also helps relieve constipation, aids digestion and improves sleep. Find out more in this guide.

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The benefits of Iaso tea

Iaso tea has many virtues:


Tea is considered a soothing beverage. Many people around the world use it to "relax". Some people take drugs, but these are not recommended. There are also those who take energy drinks. Find out more about Holy energy in our article : Holy Energy notice. But tea is a safer alternative for relaxing while rejuvenating the body.


A perfect herbal tea for those with colds, Iaso tea is one of the best treatments for colds. It has properties that clear nasal passages, helping to stop heavy coughing. This tea also reduces asthma symptoms.

Improved digestion

Herbal teas help break down fats and speed up the stomach emptying process. They help reduce indigestion, vomiting and bloating.

Strengthens the immune system

Tea boosts the immune system, and users seek it out in bad weather.

Helps with weight loss

Indeed, toxins are harmful to the body and especially to weight management. They slow down your body's metabolic functions, leading to unhealthy eating habits. If you want to lose weight, you need to start a detox diet. This will enable you to manage your weight over the long term. In addition, detoxification enables you to develop good eating habits to maintain your weight in the future.

Does detox with Iaso Tea work?

With the Iaso Tea cure, we notice changes after just one week. But it can have its drawbacks: some users have already complained of diarrhoea. But the brand specifies that these symptoms are normal, as the product is designed to cleanse the intestinal ducts. As a result, it can act as a laxative. Weight loss is definitely noticeable, but not too spectacular. The changes are there, but not to the point of completely overturning our morphology.

The tea can help you lose between 200 and 500 g after a week's use. As for price, Iaso Tea is a rather expensive cure. In short, the Iaso Tea cure really works, but there's nothing magical about it. It may have side effects, and may not be for everyone. Have you already tried this cure? Share your experience in comments.

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