Jungkook feat Dj Snake: Jungkook's forthcoming album will leave you speechless!

Here are the must-have songs from Jungkook's forthcoming album, featuring the best collaborations between talented artists and famous producers. These tracks will conquer your ears and offer you a unique musical experience!

Exceptional collaborations for a successful album

To create a multi-faceted, emotionally rich album, it's essential to surround yourself with the best possible partners. In this exclusive list, you'll discover duets with Jack Harlow, Latto, Major Lazer and DJ Snake, as well as songs co-written by Ed Sheeran and Johnny McDaid. There's no doubt that these collaborations further enhance each artist's musical performance.

dj snake

1. 3D (with Jack Harlow)

  • A rhythmic, catchy tune that's the perfect accompaniment to your festive evenings.
  • Jack Harlow's sharp pen and punchy flow bring an American rap color to this track.

2. Seven (feat. Latto) [Own version] [Version propre] [Version propre

  • An explosive collaboration with American rapper Latto, who stands out for her dynamism and originality.
  • The clean version lets you enjoy artistic prowess without explicit content

3. Seven (feat. Latto) [Exploded version] [Exploded version

  • For those who like it more raw and authentic, the explicit version offers unfiltered lyrics that reflect the reality and experience of each artist.
  • The exchanges between the two rappers lend a beautiful harmony to the track.

4. Plus près de toi (with Major Lazer)

  • A danceable, rhythmic track that draws on the know-how and energy of Major Lazer
  • Ideal for getting your groove on and raising the temperature on the dance floor or at home parties.

5. Ne change pas s'il te plaît (feat. DJ Snake)

  • A bewitching melody blended with the power of DJ Snake's beats
  • A music that speaks of love with sincerity and emotion, while remaining very accessible thanks to its danceable side.

Unreleased tracks that leave a lasting impression

With songs like "Stand Next to You" and "Yes or No", co-written by Ed Sheeran and Johnny McDaid, this album reveals more intimate and personal facets of its authors. The touching lyrics and vulnerability that emanate from these tracks leave a lasting impression, reminding us of the importance of being sincere in music.

6. À côté de toi (Standing Next to You)

  • A deep, touching song that conveys how it feels to be close to those you love.
  • A soft, reassuring melody with a pop sound smoked by a warm, soothing voice

7. Oui ou non (Yes or No, co-written by Ed Sheeran and Johnny McDaid)

  • A poignant title about the complexity of love relationships and the choices each person has to make.
  • Ed Sheeran and Johnny McDaid's inimitable touch creates a unique musicality and palpable emotion

More surprises to thrill you

Finally, This album also includes two additional ways to reinforce your passion for this opus: "Shot Glass of Tears" and "Too Sad to Dance". Although the tracks seem to reveal a tendency towards emotion and nostalgia, they remain anchored in a captivating, spellbinding musical universe.

8. Shot Glass of Tears

  • An intense, poignant song that reminds us of the bitterness that certain situations and relationships can engender.
  • A delicious blend of emotions and electronic sounds that will give you goose bumps.

9. Too Sad to Dance

  • An ode to self-abandonment and the need to take time to heal one's inner wounds.
  • A slow but steady tempo provides a welcome break in a richly coloured album, and holds our attention right to the end.

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