A new Facebook scam: protect yourself!

A scam is currently circulating on Facebook, persuading users that a loved one has died. For scammers and delinquents, social networks present an arena for their operations. However, this scam is one of the first mass-market activities on the web. Don't be fooled by this scam. Here are the details.

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A kind of subtle message

The scammer plays on your emotions. He sends a kind of message like: "Unfortunately, an accident just happened, I think you know it. I'm sorry" or "Our friend just lost his life, so sorry". These messages are posted with an image of a car accident showing the "so-called" loved one who has lost his or her life. If you click on the link, you'll have fallen into the trap: a virus will be uploaded to your account to download your personal data, in addition to the techniques for hacking a Facebook account.

Signs of fraud

Although the scam is particularly widespread on Facebook, there are a few signs of rudimentary practice. Indeed, it's hard to understand why such a large-scale advert would be shared publicly, and in such a cartoonish way at that. The link sent has an image that does nothing to inspire confidence, as does the sequence of letters and numbers. That's why it's important to remain vigilant on the Internet: not all information shared is necessarily true. Scammers use a sense of urgency to prevent users from thinking things through. Before sharing or believing news on the internet, always take your time and do some thorough cross-checking. That's why the networks are under fire, they represent a danger to the mental health of young people.

Please feel free to share this information around you to inform Facebook users.

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