Symphogear XD Unlimited: Best Cards Tier List

Symphogear XD Unlimited is now a staple in RPG games. Operating according to the Gacha system, the game allows you to obtain a multitude of characters. But for that, you will need to bring a maximum of cards; the goal in the game being to form the most powerful team possible by all means to fight the opponents. It is therefore essential to know how to build your team, which is the reason for this tier list of Symphogear XD Unlimited characters.

Tier List Symphogear XD Unlimited

A tier list represents one person's opinion and cannot be perfect. Our editor in charge of the article inquired on the internet and with players, but the tier list may contain errors. If so, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments or on our server Discord. In this game, that's not really the case though!

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Ranking of the best Cards in Symphogear XD Unlimited

Characters in Symphogear XD Unlimited can be ranked according to their points, so here is the order of priority in which you can sort the cards available in the game, starting from the best (S-class) to the worst (C-class):


In Symphogear XD Unlimited's S tier, cards with a score of 10 to 8.5 can be ranked.

Class A

For level A, it will be the cards whose score is between 8 and 7.5.

Class B

Level B is the medium level, for cards with a score of 7 to 6.5.

Class C

As for level C, it is for cards whose score is equal to or less than 6.

Always remember that this is an overall ranking of Symphogear XD Unlimited Cards according to their stats and abilities, and that this may vary slightly depending on the situation.

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