RAID: Shadow Legends

Released on February 28, 2019

Developed by Plarium

Edited by Plarium

Disponline on : PC, Android, iOS

Genres : RPG

RAID: Shadow Legends is a captivating role-playing and strategy game that plunges you into a dark fantasy world rich in legends. Here you form teams of heroes, each from unique factions with deep histories and special abilities, to fight in epic turn-based battles. With over 300 champions to recruit and develop, each player can create a bespoke army to take on gigantic bosss, PVP arenas, and scripted campaigns. The experience is enhanced by high-quality graphics and an active online community, offering constant challenges and enticing rewards. RAID: Shadow Legends promises hours of visually stunning, strategic gameplay.

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Rebalance champions RSL

Rebalance champions july 2024 RSL

Today, we're introducing rebalancing notes for Loriaca Beau-Sabot (Greathoof Loriaca) and Jingwon. The changes are shown in bold. 1.Loriaca Beau-Sabot (Greathoof Loriaca) With...

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