FUCHSIA VILLAGE / Fuchsia Arc – Chapter 2/4

Your second mission is as follows: Scum on the port

'You were heading for the harbour, when you hear snickers behind your back. You turn around to find a crowd of bandits and pirates brandishing their weapons menacingly at you. They took you for an easy target to rob, but you are well trained, you just need to forge your mind well to make short work of it!'


 Goals :

  • Spend 5 willpower points: 0/5 (0%)
  • win 5 enemies (1 wave): 0/1
  • [MINIBOSS] Defeat Higuma.


For willpower points you must do the following command:

^^haki train : Then the bot will continue asking you what you want to improve. Each level gained gives you 5 haki points to start again. To know what gives each type of haki refer to the tutorial on the adventure.

mark the sequence between observation, armament Where conqueror (kings)

Then choose the number of willpower points you want to donate.

If you already know your choice you can write the complete example sentence:

^^train haki conqueror 5


If you want to know your number of points of will to give made, on the image underlined in blue:

^^train stats


For the fight, do:

^^btl  (Where ^^battle, if you don't want to click on the Emotes do a ^^btl a , the 'a' allows you to do the fight for you)



For non-automatic combat you have 4 choices:

  •  Crossed Swords: For attacking, when you attack you do more damage and you can dodge.
  • Shield: For defense, when you defend yourself you take less damage, you can't dodge and you attack by returning the attack (less powerful).
  • Arrow right Hook: Allows you to escape from combat, useful if you know you're going to lose and don't want to waste all your energy.
  • Track Next: Switches combat to automatic.

As soon as you succeed in the fight, you have succeeded in your objective and you can move on to the next chapter!


Tutorial of the next chapter:

Tutorial from the previous chapter:

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