WhatsApp: New Highly Efficient Message Search Function!

WhatsApp, your everyday messaging app, is about to solve one of the most common problems in addition to worries related to WhatsApp hacking is the tedious search for old messages. To alleviate this inconvenience, an innovative date-based search feature is currently under development. Isn't that great? Yes, it promises a much more efficient user experience. Let's take a look at the details.

A new date filter on the horizon

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After diving into the latest WhatsApp Android beta to reveal upcoming Meta features, WABetaInfo claims that it reveals the introduction of a new message search filter in the form of an interactive calendar.

Who hasn't experienced the frustration of searching for an old message by typing a word you barely remember, only to be overwhelmed by an endless list of potential results? WhatsApp aims to remedy this situation, with this new filter introduced in version, in the form of a small calendar icon. So how does it work?

  1. Go to the small calendar icon to the right of the search bar,
  2. Click on this icon to select a specific date on which the message you are looking for would have been sent;
  3. If you have entered the correct date, you will see all messages sent on that day.

 Please note: This new feature does not allow you to specify a specific time period. In other words, to retrieve messages between two dates, you'll need to specify an exact date of the exchange you wish to retrieve.

Simplicity at the service of the user

WhatsApp's date search filter should greatly simplify users' lives, making message searches quicker and more efficient. While it may seem less relevant for conversations dating back several years, it will prove an invaluable asset for recent exchanges.

Again according to WABetaInfo, This feature should be deployed in the next WhatsApp stable update. So stay tuned for updates to take advantage of this significant improvement to the WhatsApp user experience as soon as possible.

In the meantime, the "chains" function is already available. We talk about it here: WhatsApp innovates: New "Channels" function finally available!

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