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First name Antonin (Aka Alucare)
Last name Choplin
Age: 24 years old (January 1999)
Passe-Temps: Content creation, Software testing and another test, manage
Status: Author of the website
Contact details:

Who am I?

I'm Alucare, a video game enthusiast, of technology and SEO (Drama August 2023, I'm not an SEO, I'm a professional blogger lol).

  • With over 15,000 hours of gameplay and testing of more than 350 games, I have also accumulated over 5,000 hours of streaming on Twitch.
  • I have explored all social media platforms and live, and my ability to finding solutions and solving problems on the Internet allowed me to create tutorials to help others.
  • My adventure in computing began when I decided to pursue a master's degree in general computer science. This program is very comprehensive, covering all aspects of computing and providing lots of code.
  • This enabled me toacquire a sound knowledge of all areas of information technologyThis will enable me to develop the skills I'm most interested in and need.

However, an interesting story about my educational background is that I didn't get my Master's degree.
The reason was that I was overdoing it and my profile didn't meet their expectations. I'm about to start my own business, outside the circle they expect, which is to stay in the company and follow the traditional "metro, work, bed" routine.

Despite this setback, I continued to pursue my passion. I have created a help forum on Discord for, where over 13,000 members can discuss and ask questions. I also managed a team of around ten people to create quality content.

What are my future plans?

My future plans are vast and include improvements to the Alucare site (August 2023), the video game creation (albeit complex) and the recruiting new expert editors in their field.

Personalities such as Sardoche, Zerator and Squeezie have made promoting my site throughout their lives, which temotify my skills and of my view on games that can help many people.

My career in the world of video games, technology and search engine optimization has been rich and rewarding, even with its obstacles.
Every day brings new opportunities to help and connect with others!
I am proud of what I've achieved and excited about what the future holds.
Whether it's games, of technical support or of content creationI'm here to share my knowledge and passion, defying conventional expectations!


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