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Find all Monopoly GO links here. 22 February 2024 to find out about all the daily boosts and enjoy all the benefits.

Every day, we publish the exclusive Monopoly GO boosts that will be arriving throughout the day.

Optimize your experience by taking advantage of links to obtain free dice and view the various events currently underway.

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List of Monopoly GO special events from 22 February 2024 :

Please note that the page will be updated between 11:00 and 13:00, so there may be a delay.

Boost daily events from 22/02/2024 :

  • Rush to landmarks from 8h00
  • Cash intake (duration: 30 min): from 11h00 at 13h59
  • Mega heist (duration: 1 h): from 14h00 at 19h59
  • Argent Parc free (duration: 1 h): from 17h00 at 22h59
  • Silver boost (duration: 5 min): from 20h00 at 22h59 
  • Double rent (duration: 1 h): from 23h00 at 4h59 (February 23, 2024)
  • Wheel boost (duration: 30 min): from 23h00 at 22h59 (February 23, 2024)
  • Silver boost (duration: 5 min): from 5h00 at 7h59 (February 23, 2024)
  • Argent Parc free (duration: 1h): from 5h00 at 13h59 (February 22, 2024)

Check here for the list of Monopoly Go daily events and tournaments:

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What special events take place every day?

You've probably noticed that when you log in to the game, one or more boosts appear to the right of your deck. They offer you opportunities to get more dice, more money and even twice as many cards!

Icon Last name Description
Golden Blitz Monopoly GO Golden Blitz During this event, you can make 5 exchanges per day, but only for 2 specific gold cards. Yes, yes, you read that right: during this event, you can swap 2 gold cards chosen by Monopoly GO! Very handy if you're trying to finish your sticker album as quickly as possible.
Money Park Free Monopoly GO Free park money During this event, simply roll your dice to accumulate money on the "Free Park" square. Once you land on this square, you can claim the accumulated money.
Free Park Dice Monopoly GO Free park dice This special event lets you accumulate dice simply by rolling them. Once you land on the "Free Park" square, collect all your accumulated dice.
Monopoly GO Wheel Boost Wheel Boost When this event is launched, you double your turns on the wheel (the wheel that appears when you complete a series and land on a hotel).
Double rent MONOPOLY GO Doubled rents During this event, your rents are doubled. A great way to make even more money!
Monopoly GO money grab Taking money When you land on a "Chance" square during this event, you have a chance to collect money falling from the sky!
High Roller Monopoly GO High Roller A very popular event! The High Roller in Monopoly GO allows you to set your dice multiplier to the maximum, i.e. x1000! This can be a great way to win more rewards quickly.
Monopoly GO monument rush Monument rush During this event, each time you complete the construction of a monument (the final stage of each monument), you earn dice and money.
Monopoly GO board rush Rush to the plateau The following event allows you to earn rewards when you complete the construction of an entire plateau.
Monopoly GO Silver Boost Silver Boost During this event, the money earned is simply boosted! Whether it's closures, hold-ups or rents, everything gets a boost!
Monopoly GO Mega Heist Mega Heist When you land on the "Station" square and carry out a bank robbery, the winnings are higher. The Mega Bank Robbery is not necessarily played every time you perform a bank robbery.
Boom Monopoly GO sticker Sticker Boom An event often eagerly awaited by players! This event offers a 50 % increase in cards won when you open a pack of stickers. It's worth noting that the winnings are rounded up, so if you open a pack of 3 stickers, you'll receive 5. Not at all an event to be overlooked.

Now that you know about the various daily special event boosts that can appear, all you have to do is stay tuned to make the most of all these advantages!


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  1. Good evening.
    Lack of dice! weeks without new cards is frustrating, missions are good but if no dice no game impossible to advance
    Yes it's a game and I love it but !!! Le petit robot c'est bien mais quand tu as 35 dés x par 5 super 20 +20 dés cool après plus rien nous galérons merci


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