How to get NordVPN for free?

Page update date : December 9, 2023

Do you dream of an Internet connection that's safe from prying eyes, but don't want to pay an exorbitant price? You're reading these lines because, like many others, you're looking to take advantage of one of the best protections available: NordVPN, the VPN behemoth that offers flawless online security. But the subscription fee seems too expensive, and you're hesitant to take the plunge. What if we told you that you could access NordVPN free of charge with our 30-day money-back guarantee? With this option, say goodbye to intrusive advertising and providers who promise the best, then leave you with a hefty bill. In this article, we'll take you step-by-step through how to enjoy NordVPN for free, simply. Forget the idea that quality comes at a price, because here you'll get the best without pulling out your bank card. Ready to surf with peace of mind and get the information you need about NordVPN at no cost, with no advertising and no risk? Come on board with us!

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How to get NordVPN for free in 2023 ?

VPN or Virtual Private Network is all about protecting your online security and your Internet connection. Are you wondering how to get NordVPN free ? If you want to take advantage of NordVPN's free server and access all its services, you'll need to use the provider's money-back guarantee that it offers among all its packages. In this case, you'll be entitled to a NordVPN free trial available for 30 days.

Use NordVPN free of charge for 30 days

How do I get NordVPN for free? All you need to do is :

  1. Start the trial by visiting the official NordVPN website by clicking on the button below:

⏭️Visiter the official NordVPN⏮️ website

  1. Once on the site, choose an offer by clicking on it so that the list of prices proposed by the supplier can be presented to you;
  2. Next, you'll need to take out a subscription, and yes, this is one of the surest ways to enjoy NordVPN for free. Take out a 30-day subscription to avoid having to pay a lot of money up front;
  3. Then click on "Continue to payment". Note that you can pay your NordVPN subscription with Paypal, Amazon Pay, Crypto, UnionPay or by credit card (Visa, Discover, Mastercard or others) or by cryptocurrency or other payment methods ;
  4. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you once payment has been made. You will find a button to change your password and activate your account;
  5.  Then download the application NordVPN free from your device and voilà. You can safely browse NordVPN's services for a month, including stream viewing, online security protection and more.

Download it for free :

➡️Je downloads NordVPN gratuitement⬅️

Hold on to your hats, because until then you'll have to pay a 30-day VPN subscription to benefit from the services of this Virtual Private Network. But how do you get your money back? Well, by terminating yourNordVPN free trial.

End NordVPN free trial

Thanks to the fact that every NordVPN subscription comes with a money-back guarantee of 30 days, it is perfectly possible to take advantage of a test of NordVPN free. To apply for a refund from your supplier, follow these steps for customers :

  • As your end date approaches NordVPN free trialplease contact customer service. To do this, online chat is an interesting alternative because you'll get a fairly quick response;
  • Please address your request to the agent you contact. As a reminderobtaining a refund integral, no justification is required since the guarantee satisfied or your money back is valid and unconditional;
  • Once the agent has read your request, he or she will inform you that the amount you initially paid will be reimbursed within a few days. The duration is not long enough, and is usually between 3 and 5 days;

And that's it, when your money is refunded, you can consider that you can enjoy NordVPN services for free. In fact, as a user, if this trial proves the reliability of the service, you can easily renew your subscription. This is the safest option for enjoying NordVPN services without risk.

So, would you like to benefit from NordVPN's services at no cost?

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Why use NordVPN?

Using NordVPN has many advantages over using the Internet, no matter what you're doing. What's more, it's compatible with all operating systems and platforms, including macOS, Android, Windows, iOS, etc. But apart from all these advantages, here are the main benefits of using NordVPN:

  • Protects you against online threats, including trackers, malicious ads, people trying to obtain information about your online banking, etc. Even if you connect to public WiFi, you'll avoid potential dangers;
  • NordVPN features powerful encryption, like Cyberghost's, to protect your online identity and privacy by masking your IP address and encrypting your data stream. With its dual VPN technology, tracking your online activities is difficult;
  • Simply improve your connection speed. Thanks to newly installed servers, NordVPN is also among the fastest, as is expressVPN ;
  • Secure connection of multiple devices through a single subscription; family members can also connect securely;
  • Watch all your favorite streams and live broadcasts in total security, whether you're at home or on the move;
  • Easier access to all types of content, to Google products and applications, and to other Google products. streaming services on-demand services that are subject to certain geographical restrictions. Even if these platforms have content divided into catalogs, NordVPN allows you to enjoy and access a lot of content wherever you are;
  • NordVPN's extra functionality is also an advantage, as malware cannot infect your device. To do this, it will scan your files as they are being downloaded;
  • Its policy of not keeping activity logs makes it a trusted server. For example, NordVPN doesn't know what activities you do on the Internet.
  • NordVPN is the fastest VPN so far, which means it won't have a bad impact on your connection speed to secure your privacy once connected to the Internet.

To enjoy all the benefits of NordVPN, start by :

✅Choose from NordVPN offers for free✅

My opinion on NordVPN's free package

If you want our opinion on NordVPN, we think its offer is really cheap, with the link above you get it for 80€ the first 2 years. That's about €3 a month. You have your own account and no need to look for another VPN. The free offer is therefore ideal for testing and enjoying NordVPN's services, but it's worth going ahead and not cancelling the offer. After you've done what you want to do - cancelled the subscription or whatever - this page will notify you that you can test for free for 1 month.

My opinion of other free VPNs

There are VPNs other than NordVPN that may be free. However, you have to ask yourself, why are they free? The answer is because they have fewer servers and fewer people using them, so your anonymity is less well preserved. Try a Free VPN is often risky. Some can be poorly secured, so beware of data leaks. In any case, you can't do better than Nord VPN, which is one of the world's leading best VPNs the most secure and convenient. Or I recommend that you create your own VPN. That way, you'll also have to buy a VPS, but you'll have to factor in setup time, debugging if there's a problem afterwards. For me, NordVPN is synonymous with peace of mind at lower VPN costs. You can do better, yes, cheaper (and again that's up to you) but it takes longer.

If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments.

To secure your Internet connection :

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