How to start well on Raid Shadow Legends?

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How do I get started on Raid Shadow Legends in 2023?

How to make the most of Raid Shadow Legends Everything you need to know to get off to a good start in the game

For those just starting out, click on the following image:

PS: Even if you've been playing for a long time, guides are coming for you too!

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Summary :

Which first champion to choose?

At the very beginning of the game, you have the choice between 4 champions:

The one who will be the best to start with and who can help you everywhere will be Kael. It will be useful for farming the campaign, dungeons, arena and BDC.

To see the champion's profile: Guide to Kael

What to do with your gems?

At the very beginning, buy the masteries for your starter with 800 gems. This will help you farm better and do more damage to the rest of the content. So you can advance more efficiently.

Then you have to buy the mine, it will be refunded after 3 months!

You earn 15 gems per day and that every day.

So if you play every day for 3 months it will be refunded!

More information about the gem mine: Gem mine

Unlock the Market with your Gems and buy all Mysterious and Ancient Shards in the Shop! (5 Ancient Shards per month are available in the Market)

How to get gems in Raid Shadow Legends?

To have all these gems, do your missions, challenges, tournaments and events, the bdc, clan mission and collect the rewards in the campaign.

You can also participate in the gem giveaway by clicking here: RSL gem giveaway every month

When all this is done, your gems will only be used to BUY REFILL (the energy refills that cost 40 gems)! Or the training arena, if you still have the game running in the background.

What will be your first goal?

The first goal will be to do your missions and challenges. If you are stuck come on the discord, ask your questions but normally everything is well explained to make you understand the game: Discord Alucare.FR

Otherwise your first goal will be to get your starter to 6* quickly (avoid feeding all your champions into it anyway). For the stuff I advise you to put the lifesteal stuff that you get back for the first 6 days. He'll then be able to farm the campaign more simply and regen with life theft. The ultimate goal for the campaign will be to farm the brutal 12/3 solo!
Your starter will be alone with 3 champions that you will use for food. (Glossary on Raid Shadow Legends)

Then if you have good champions you can raise them to 6*. At the beginning you really have to focus on your 6 * champions then then the dungeons for the stuff.

I therefore advise you to mount:

  • Your 6* starter first (always!)
  • warrior maiden 5* (for his break def)
  • Broadmaw (free fusion 6*, unless you have a better Rez)
  • banshee jelly if you have it (or another very good poisoner)
  • To find out which other champion you need to level 6*:
    • Look at EVERY page of your champions on the site and see where I advise you to use it and if you can mount it 6*. (do not just look at the tier list)
    • Coming to the stream: Alucare on Twitch every evening at 9:00 p.m. (Stream announced on discord) And send your box in MP.
    • Ask your clan if they know about it.
    • Directly on the Discord Alucare.FR
    • request a Review (coaching) of your account.


But after a while you will need stuff, the first cap which will be important = the dragon 13 and 16 (you can have stuff 6*) and the stuff in the dragon you have 3 sets IMPORTANT:

  • Speed
  • Precision
  • Theft of life

If you cannot climb to 16, the important steps are:

  • dragon 13 = 4-6*
  • dragon 16 = no more exp mug and no more mysterious shine (I MAKE YOU DO IT EVERY SUNDAY!!!)
  • dragon 20

I advise you to do dragon 16, for that mount 5 champions 6* (If you don't know who to mount: Ask for help here) do minotaur 15 for masteries then do drake 16.

Take a good look at what I will do on each champion (Click on your champions to view tier list details)

All artifacts for gloves/chestplate and boots that are Flat (e.g. ATK/DEF/HP without %) you SELL. Your boots should only be boots with speed as the main stat. (Keep the following stats flat: Speed, Accuracy, and Stamina.)

Do not upgrade artifacts over level 12 for 4* artifacts. The first 16 artifacts must be 5* artifacts. (or speed boots with great sub stats)

To know how to sort an artifact:

How to sort your artifacts on Raid Shadow Legends?

I remember an important rule, artifacts BEFORE sets. We are looking for the best stats and sub stats if it ends a set so much the better if not too bad.

At the start of the game, it's almost impossible to finish a set with "perfect" main and sub-stats. Whereas if you take your best artifacts, your champion will be much better (except for the life theft stuff at the start, which you leave entirely on your Starter).

If you have summoned good champions what to do:

  • Mount it 6*
  • Make your mastery in the Minotaur 6* level 1 for Exp by making him win scrolls.
  • Put good stuff on it if you already have it, otherwise farm it in drake 16 (mini).

The great hall.

In the great hall, it will be necessary to increase 1 times the bonus in the affinity :

  • Magic
  • Force
  • Spirit

To do a quest, otherwise I advise you to turn up the MAGIC accuracy to the fullest! (may change in 5% account, if you are not sure, go through the box review 😉 )

More information on the GREAT HALL.

Skills and skill books.

All of your RARE skill books will go on your Starter.

Otherwise the rule is as follows for books:

  • Rare book for RARE champions
  • Epic book for champions EPIC
  • Legendary Book for LEGENDARY Champions

You can also use duplicate champions to increase the skills of the same champion (useful for farmable champions in the campaign). Do not use legendary and epic champions (like Maneater).

Skills improve randomly, and some champions require too many books for not many bonuses. We often prefer to look for a reduction time or more chances to place a debuff than damage (especially for support), so be careful how you use your books (ask for advice for epic and legendary champions, as books are quite rare for them). If not, you can have a look at the site!

Join a clan.

You will have to quickly join a clan to get stuff or even shards, gems and maybe energy (in the daily chest).

Why Kael is a champion to take because he puts poison.

If you are looking for a clan, come on my discord and ask to be recruited: DISCORD.

Use your keys to do maximum damage and have the best chest possible.

The Arena and factional warfare.

Never be full in arena tokens!

At the beginning I advise you to put a character all alone in defense to lose ranking and not fall against too strong compositions.

Do a combat research every 15 minutes and try to beat the defenses that are less strong. You can increase your Great Hall afterwards and you will learn a lot about the champions.

Team for money 1:

To make a team arena, I advise you:

  • Hotesprit for speed lead (farmable in chapter 4 of the campaign)
  • Warrior maiden for break def AOE (farmable in campaign chapter 9)
  • Diabolist for his ATB boots (attack bar) and reduction of that of opponents (farmable in chapter 12 of the campaign)
  • Your Starter

You'll need to time your team (so that it plays in the right order) and add precision to virgin warrior for its DEF break.

In order you will need:

  • Diabolist plays his spell 3 (Positive Charge)
  • Hotesprit plays his spell 2 (Strengthen)
  • Warrior Maiden plays her spell 3 (Crumbling Breath)
  • Your starter does its AOE for all One Shoot!

For faction warfare, try to do so to earn small runes and improve your equipment. Leave the battle in Auto and reroll as many times as possible in the room where you climb the highest. Use your champions in faction warfare, but don't build champions just for faction warfare! This is the most End Game thing in the game (along with the Platinum Arena).


Be patient !

Otherwise to open if you are not short of a champion, wait for x2 events (double chance on summons)

To know the date of the next X2:

Date event invocation x2 and x10 on Raid Shadow Legends.

If you have any questions or things to add, please let me know 🙂


To return to the other pages of the WIKI:





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  1. Hello hello, Alucare!
    I restarted the game from the beginning using your guide and even if I understood that you had to hurry up your starter rank 6* etc, personally I take my time tkl, I study and try to understand all that. In short, suddenly I come to have to do my 1st fights in the arena and to do so I read the chapter so concerning. In the list of characters that you propose, I have none to apart from my starter. So what proposal or idea would you suggest to me to do this???
    Finally, what do you recommend for the def? Thanking you in advance, 👍👍👍, tell me if you want a box photo

    • Hi, for many different reasons:
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