How to use the Rythm bot on its Discord server?

How to use Rythm on its Discord server?

The Rythm bot allows you to listen to music on your server. It connects to a voice channel and plays the music you want for your members and players (for your community). Whether it's classical or new music, the Rythm bot offers a vast library of songs and playlists.

Sound problem?

If you have sound problems click on the link below and come on the discord :).
Link to understand the sound problem.

How to connect the Rythm music bot to its server?

To connect the Rythm bot to a server :

  • You must first have "Administrator" permission on the server;
  • Then click on this link.
  • By clicking on the link, a new tab will open and you must select the server, then click on "Validate":
  • Then click on the Captcha to verify that you are a human, then wait.
  • You will then be redirected to the Rythm bot page, where you can close the tab.

Check that the bot is present in the channels (in the members on the right). If you've followed the instructions correctly, it will be there. If not, give the bot's role (by going to the server settings) the "Administrator" permission, or expel Rythm and start the tutorial all over again.

Various commands for the Rythm music bot

The bot allows a configuration at the top thanks to many commands, so that it is difficult to navigate. Here is a detailed explanation of all the bot commands.

Note: () = required; []= optional

Music-related commands.


  • !join : Connects the bot to the voice channel where you are currently connected
  • !disconnect / !dc : Disconnects the bot from the channel where it is connected
  • !play (music name or link) : Plays the requested music (play)
  • !soundcloud (music name or link) : Play requested music, searched on soundcloud
  • !search (music name or link) : Searches for the corresponding songs on Youtube, and offers to add one to the queue.
  • !np : Shows information about the music the bot is playing
  • !skip : Skips to the next song (it is possible to have a vote for skip, everyone cast votes for skip, just click)
  • !seek (time in seconds) : Jumps at the given time
  • !lyrics : Displays the lyrics of the song that is currently playing
  • !loop : Repeats the broadcast song indefinitely
  • !pause : Pauses the music
  • !abstract : Resume paused music
  • !forward (duration in seconds) : Advances the music a certain amount of time
  • !rewind (duration in seconds) : Moves the music back a certain amount of time
  • !replay : Restarts at 0:00 on the music being played (allows to replay the sound)
  • !volume [new volume] : Displays or modifies the volume of the bot

How do I order the music queue?

  • !queue [page] : Displays the list of music to be played soon (queue)
  • !remove (number) : Removes the music (number) from the queue
  • !move (current position) [new position] : Moves a song in the queue [first by default]
  • !skipto (position)  : Jumps to a certain song in the queue
  • !clear : Clear the queue (queue)
  • !removedupes : Remove duplicate music in the queue (queue)
  • !playtop (music name or link) : Add the requested music to the top of the queue
  • !playskip (music name or link) : Adds the requested music then jumps to it in the queue
  • !shuffle / !random : Shuffles the queue
  • !leavecleanup : Deletes the music of users who left the queue

Bot discord information

  • !donate : Displays donation information
  • !shard : Displays information about the server's connection to the bot
  • !info : Displays useful information for the bot
  • !guest : Sends the list of useful Discord servers + bot invitation link
  • !aliases  : Sends the list of command aliases (shortcuts)

The category-less

  • !clean : Clear bot commands and responses on this channel

The non-functional (you never know)

  • !stats : Displays statistics related to the bot

How do you set up the Rythm bot on your server?

We will see here how to configure the bot on its server. You have to use the command !settings, but it's a separate category, because there are a lot of settings and features.

Changing the Rythm bot prefix

Note: You can see the bot's prefix by just mentioning the bot in a message.

To change the prefix :

  1. You must use the !settings prefix (new prefix) in any channel as long as the bot has access to it.
  2. Rythm will then reply with a confirmation message containing the new prefix.

Disable controls in certain lounges

To deactivate lounges :

  • You must use the !settings blacklist (List of channel mentions).
  • To reactivate rooms, you must use the same command.

Please note that you can deactivate and activate lounges on the same order.

The bot's Autoplay command

This function can only be used by having made a donation.
Personally, I haven't paid, so I can't explain how it works, sorry :'( But it's one of the features available, maybe there's a video on the internet.

Music announcements

To activate the music announcement :

  • Use the !settings announcesongs on.

To disable ads :

  • use the !settings announcesongs off.

This function sends a message as soon as new music is played, the message looks like :

Maximum queue size length

If you want to restrict the queue size, you should use the command !settings maxqueuelengthwith a maximum size between 10 and 10000.

If you don't want a maximum, simply use the command !settings maxqueuelength disable.

Maximum number of songs per user

To set a limit on the number of songs in the queue per person:

  • You can use the !settings maxusersongs (max number) with a max number between 1 and 10000.

If you don't want to give a limit :

  • is the command !settings maxusersongs disable.

No duplicate music!

To prevent users from duplicating music in the queue, you can use :

  • the order !settings preventduplicates on.

On the contrary, if you allow duplicates, you can use :

  • the order!settings preventduplicates off.

Default volume

This function can only be used by having made a donation.
Again, in my case, I didn't pay, so I can't explain how it works, sorry :'( .

DJ on the server

To enable this feature, use the command !settings djonly on.

To disable it : !settings djonly off.

Defining the DJ's role

To set the DJ role, use the command !settings setdj (role name). If you create a role named "DJ", you don't need to change any parameters. Roles like DJ must be given. And you don't have to vote to play a sound.

Playlists for DJs

If you want to only allow the DJ to add playlists to the queue, you need to use !settings djplaylists on. Otherwise, use settings djplaylists off.

Parameter reset

WARNING: this will reset ALL bot parameters to default values! The bot will request confirmation. To do this, use the command :

  • !settings resetand then yes.

Rhythm Reset!!!


This article will help you answer questions such as:

Bot music discord

Bot music discord rythmbot rhythm command.

What to do after use

You are now done setting up the bot! If you have a problem, check in this tutorial, everything is there! You can also come on our discord server) !

I invite you to post a comment if you find the tutorial complete and easy to follow, or if you have any feedback, among other things.

Other questions :

Bots and MAC: is it feasible?

Yes, bots are usable on MAC because there's no need to download anything. On Mac, the problem is whether or not to download an application. Because the application must be compatible on MAC.

Lag and games

No, if you're a gamer, it shouldn't bother you, even if you play parallel games.

What is the purpose of Rythm's premium?

The Rythm bot is also available in a Premium version. But why?

  • Change volume
  • Change bass, speed up or slow down sound.
  • more bots
  • longer song
  • Autoplay
  • Badge on the web player for the community
  • Best bot audio quality
  • Available 24/24 and 7/7
  • Priority message support

How much does the Rythm Premium bot cost? 

  • 1 single server = 4,99$ per month
  • Multiple servers = 6,99$ per month
  • Big server = 9,99$ per month

Can moderation modify the list of songs?

Yes, they can delete what they don't like and change the playback of songs, as long as you've assigned the right role for moderation. Otherwise, your moderation won't work. If they were robots, I don't think they'd be able to do anything.

Using spotify premium or twitch?

I couldn't find anything on the subject for Spotify and Twitch (apart from their Twitch anime channel). I used bots to check a bit but didn't find anything so I don't think it's possible.

How can I see the video and images of the songs?

You can view the images and videos on the site. Alternatively, on discord you can view the images via the channel, you will see the images of the different videos.

Opinion on the bot in French:

My opinion of the bot is pretty good, along with mee6 it's one of the bots I use the most, except that mee6 doesn't play music. After that, don't forget Groovy or fredboat, as music is also a major competitor.

So, will music bots be blocked by YouTube? That's the question all bot users are asking themselves. You can vote for the bot by making clicks on a website. The total number of votes and clicks is 5,000 per day. Currently, it's one of the best French discord music bots.


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  1. Good morning ! I have a problem, I am admin of the server and therefore I can play the music, stop it etc, the moderators too. But other members can only play the music. They can't stop it or get the bot out of the channel. Good day.

  2. Hi, I would like that when I arrive on the server I am automatically muted, and that only the bot is heard, that is to say that all the other members are also mute, how do I do ? I have not found anything
    need help plz!

    • In the channel you mean? simple = you change the rules of your music channel everyone mute automatically (only those who have permission can mute) and in the channel you put the bot AUTHORIZE

  3. Hello, overnight the bot no longer wanted to talk. That is to say that he no longer responds at all. I can put “!play” etc it doesn't matter yet the bot is marked as connected. No matter how much I do any command, the bot doesn't respond, which really bothers me… I didn't change his nickname or anything. Thanks in advance

  4. Hello I have a special request, I would like to use the bot in a prison channel. For this, the bot would have to be immutable and the sound could not be modified.
    Any ideas ?

  5. yo I wanted to know if it was possible to duplicate the bot, like I'm in another living room and I'm with the bot and I'm listening to my sound, another who wants to listen to music types the same command and another bot pop and don't steal it from someone who already listens to sound

  6. Hello,
    I can't manage to configure the bot so that all members of the server can use it completely.
    I'm the only one who can put play / pause for example, the others can only put music in the waiting list.
    An advice ?
    Thanks in advance


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