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How to get discord Nitro for free in 2023?

The only scam-free server is ours!

Please read the following text in its entirety:

  • We don't give nitro invitations because all servers like that are fake.
  • You have nitro that if you test video games, you're basically testers for 2-3H.

Alugift, get nitro by testing games

On our server, the aim is simple: play games and win free nitros after testing new games. Simple and effective.

Hello everyone, many are looking for nitro discord for free thanks to discord servers: 10 invites = one free nitro. How many people invited people, got ban servers for pub (avoid doing this) and in the end didn't receive their nitro or even their nitro gaming because it wasn't real giveaway ?
Today I've decided to make a list of all the servers NO FAKE, and without CARDING (yes because stealing money sucks).

List of servers:

The only scam-free server! Created by us :

Alugift, get nitro by testing games

For the moment on 27 servers joined, 27 scams!
So I've created a real PROJECT with no scams, as you'll be able to check!

If you want to tell me about a server, please comment the invitation below. Or PM me on discord.

If you want to propose your server in this list, please PM me on discord, proofs will be requested.

Epic games store, free nitro?

In 2021, it was possible to get nitro via the epic games store, but unfortunately it's over and you needed a blue card (you've probably seen it on Youtube, but Youtube won't hide the videos once it's over).

Nitro boost generator?

Full scam! Especially if it's on Google and asks for your e-mail address. The tool is free but sells dreams. They scam users, asking for fake premium codes, and if there's a free subscription you'll get ripped off. A video showed all this and if it still exists, please report it. The aim is to sell you the dream and get you to do prompts.

To get nitro for free, you can get it via links. Premium robots offer you lots of code links (generator offers), but these are scams. The only link you can get is if you buy it, and if you find a link that works, you've just robbed someone who's just bought it as a gift and hasn't claimed their gift yet (this works for classic and android boosts). It was even possible to steal epic games store links.

For the time being, I advise you to join our server by clicking on the link at the top of this new page. Our Alugift free service is totally free and you can get the subscription of your choice by downloading games for free.
For your information, on Youtube and google all the other sites are rip-offs, if you want to watch do so but we are the only service with an active community that doesn't do Fake (benefits). It's free and there's no need to take prompts.
You can have nitro boost, or classic in as little as 24h00 (if you're on a PC), no need for your e-mail address and password. We've given away more than 20 nitro codes on this server, follow the channel: No-Fake

Nitro discord provider?

No I'm not a nitro discord supplier and nobody can provide you with cheaper nitro discord!

You'll have to pay the real price, but if you follow what we do for Alugift, you can get your nitro for free!

See the list of our tutorials:

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  1. Hello,
    I have a question that may be stupid, but how can discord servers win nitro subscriptions in their giveaways?
    When a server reaches 500 discord members, does it give them nitro to win for their members? I ask the question because I have a server of soon 100 members and it would have been nice to offer it to my members as a giveaway.

    Thank you for your answers


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