10000 free Robux, how to get 10000 free Robux on Roblox game?

In the years since it went live, Roblox has proved to be one of the leading remote entertainment sites for children and teenagers, and is highly popular with players as young as 8. Roblox games are moments of socialization where several players contribute together. Some activities require Robux to participateAnd many people wonder where to get them. In this article, we'll tell you how much they cost and how to get them for free.

Image of 10000Robux on the Roblox game. Image taken from the Internet
(Image of 10,000 Robux on Roblox game. Image taken from internet)

Robux: What is it and how do I get it?

Robux are Roblox currency. They are used to acquire various items, including costumes or some special effects for your avatar, unparalleled game features, weapons and much more. There are several ways to earn Robux: buy them, them receive Premium membership, make a buyback Where ask another player to donate them to you. You can also win them charging Roblox users to play games created by you and in charging objects in your games.

Redemption values on the Robux Microsoft Rewards redemption page:

  • 1500 points : 100 ;
  • 3000 points: 200 ;
  • 6000 points: 400 ;
  • 12,000 points: 800 (with virtual code) ;
  • 15000 points: 1000 (with a virtual code).

How to get 10000 robux for free on your phone and PC by 2023 ?

You can obtain robux free of charge by join the Alugift discord serverthen play games, to win robux. Indeed, it's the only way that works today.

To do this, two things are necessary:

  • A Discord account;
  • Good readability;

To do so, go to :

Once you're on the server, you'll receive all the instructions you need to try and win 1,000 free robux!

Attention : This method takes time, you'll have to spend about twenty minutes reading the discord server and 3-4 hours to play the games listed and get your roblox at the end. there's no such thing as free roblox in 5 minutes !

How does the world of Roblox work?

The special thing about Roblox is that it's a community of online games that users themselves can invent. Roblox can be used on a freemium or premium basis, depending on your activity. You can enjoy a wide range of activities on Roblox free of chargelike playing lots of games and running the Roblox Studio game design software. But anything other than basic functions (like animating your avatar or buying and trading weapons) requires Robux. The group offers three subscription categories to Roblox Premium, which includes an allocation of Robux :

  • 4.99 per month with 450 Robux allocated ;
  • 9.99 per month with 1,000 Robux allocated ;
  • $19.99 per month with 2,200 Robux allocated.
Picture illustration of Roblox 10,000 Robux
(Image illustration of Roblox 10,000 Robux)

How much does 10,000 Robux cost?

Robux are not available by the piece, but per unit (a single unit of which is worth around 0.0125 USD). For ease of calculation, we speak of larger quantities, which is why Robux are generally sold in blocks of 400 to 10,000 units.

Robux can be bought and sold on the Roblox platform. The price for 10,000 Robux for example, is approximately 99.99 US dollars/eurosor approximately 92.99 pounds.

For information, we can help you get Robux, if you are interested, you can leave us a little comment at the bottom of the page, or come and join us on our Alugift server (via the Discord application) to have all the additional information.

Click here for more information: Alugift.

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