About us and our team

Who are we ?

On this page we will look at who's behind the Alucare.fr website.

Who is Alucare?

Alucare (Antonin C.), born January 20, 1999 in Paris :

  • I am streamer and video game enthusiast.
  • I am also Twitch partner since 2022.
  • In addition, I also give many tips on the Raid Shadow Legends mobile game. Since 2019, I've been playing it on FreeToPlay (€80.


What is the purpose of the Alucare.Fr website?

The editorial goal is to :

  • Create quality guides to the games I play and for which I can help you.
  • So you can move through the game quickly and smoothly.
  • Giving you my opinion on products I tested myselfThis gives you an opinion, knowing that I've tested the products myself.

For a final goal of :

  • To become the world's leading provider of tutorials, guides and product reviews, so that the Alucare name is recognized the world over.


Site creation: in the beginning vs. now

At first it was just for fun and to create a WordPress site. But as time went by :

  • I made some tests and I added my stream (Twitch and Youtube to select stream quality).
  • Then I added instructions and started to create more and more pages useful before it became a French reference in several video games.

It should be noted that for 2 years, Alucare spent every Sunday from 3pm to 11pm at review and help the players stream for free on Twitch.


The team at Alucare.fr

Alucare: the site's founder

Antonin Choplin (alias Alucare)

  • Pаrtеnаіrе Рlаrіum dерuіѕ 2020 and also a Rank 3 partnerthe highest partner level!
  • So I can get information ahead of timeand so on provide you with information on Raid Shadow Legends as a preview.
  • In addition to being able to test the game exclusively on the test server, there are only 25 Plarium level 3 partners worldwide.
  • Raid Shadow Legends reviews expert, I realized over 2,500 reviews to help and train people on Raid Shadow Legends.
  • Expert assistance for new players and above all mid-game (mid game).

I have also written articles in which I give my own opinionI give my product expertise and my opinion:

  • So, if I find the useless product, I'll say so.
  • In the same way, if I could recommend another product, I would.
  • Student at a school specializing in computer scienceI can test software to give my opinion.


LinkedIn =


Our editorial team


  • Editorial team leader, She is responsible for creating new pages where games are to be copied and publish articles by other team members.
  • As aGame expert Coin Masterevery day, she provides all the techniques for obtaining free spins (free spins).


Emeline Maire (aka Miss):


Emily Mayor is in in charge of all daily articles and site mini-games.
She is expert in all things related to wordplay such as Cémantix, Sutom, Pédantix and Sémantus.



Other editors

  • Narindra
  • Red
  • Catucia
  • Prince
  • Iante (Yann)
  • Flandryo (Ryo)
  • Noémie

Please visit our page for more about them !

Philanthropy :

We support Zevent every year by making a donation to help the associations selected by Zevent. In fact, if an association or NGO would like to contact us for a presentation, please don't hesitate to do so.

Our best awards

Over the last few years, we're proud to be able to share with you, in just a few lines, the awards won by the Alucare site.

  • In 2020the site has been highlighted by all streamers who made Raid Shadow Legends's OPs like Zerator, Squeezie, Sardoche (and many others) ;
  • The first Discord French Raid Shadow Legends ;
  • In 2022: Alucare.fr becomes the first site where Internet users can find daily results from Cémantix, Pédantix.


Careers at Alucare :

We're looking for writers, we're looking for people with whom we can collaborate for several years.
If you are interested, you can send an email to contact@alucare.fr to tell us why you'd like to be recruited and, of course, why we should choose you.

Data :

Our partners :


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Holy has been our partner since March 15, 2022.

Holy Energy description:

Holy Energy, which is which became We Are Holy at the end of 2022is a sugar-free energy drink brand, healthier than other popular brands such as Monster, etc.

  • The trademark of sugar-free ice tea since the end of 2022.
  • I have accepted the partnership with Holy after tasting their product. Convinced of the quality, I even decided to drink it!
    (Now, even in Thailand, I drink every day sugar-free Holy Ice Tea)


Ground Energy:


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Rez Energy is a brand of energy drinks which offers more different flavors than Holy.

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Bluestack :


Our partner since August 31, 2023.

Bluestack description:

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They talk about us :

We were also honored to be interviewed at Romsy.


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