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Rez Energy Drink review

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My opinion on Rez Energy Drink

Energy drink low-calorie and sugar-freeRez Energy Drink uses 100 % natural flavors to boost your energy!
It's worth noting that before giving you my opinion, I personally received the jars (they're sachets, not pots) in September. So I'm one of the best placed people to give you my opinion on Rez Energy Drink!

Positive point without testing:

  • French !

My opinion on the package:

Let's talk about the package first! In fact, it's not very big, there's not too much packaging, and as the product is packed in cardboard, it's recyclable !

Photo taken on 09/30 of what is in the package:

My opinion on the different tastes:

First of all, the powder dilutes really well, compared to Holy Energy where the powder doesn't dilute completely, for each powder, there's never any left on the first 3 I tasted!

Taste Rez Cerise :

opinion rez energy cherry taste

I first tested the cherry flavor in 500ml of water! To tell you the truth, it really the taste of cherry ! I give it a score of 8/10 for its taste for cherries.

Taste Rez Strawberry & kiwi :

review rez energy strawberry and kiwi flavor

For my second test, I tasted Rez Strawberry and Cherry! However, I prefer the taste of cherry personally. Indeed, the two tastes are wonderfully blended, although I'm not a big fan of the strawberry taste. So I give this Strawberry Cherry taste a score of 7/10.

On the other hand, I'd advise you to try it for yourself, because to each his own! Perhaps you'll find this taste more succulent? In any case, let me know what you think!

Taste Rez blackcurrant & raspberry :

opinion rez energy taste blackcurrant and raspberry

Then I opted for the Rez Blackcurrant and Raspberry flavor. And what can I tell you? I love the scentand I have to admit that taste is really good ! Once again, I was scared when I saw the powder, but I was even more scared when I saw the powder. surprised at how good it tastes ! So, I think I'll write it down 9/10 !

The original Rez taste:

review and promo code rez on the original taste

Ground Bubble Gum Flavors:

opinion and promo code rez on bubble gum taste

Tastes Ground Mango passion:

opinion and promo code rez on the mango passion taste

My opinion on the shaker:

The shaker, as you can see, is made of metal and is very good. Just press hard on the cap and it won't leak.

Community reviews:

So as not to limit myself to giving my own opinion, I'll also add that of the community. So you'll have plenty of different opinions on this energy drink made in France!

On a reputable review platform, Rez Energy Drink obtains 4.7/5 stars on over 360 reviews!
Of course, customers also point out that the drink is generally very good taste and its clearly proven effectiveness. In addition, the delivery quality is also one of the points most appreciated by customers who have ordered and tasted Rez Energy Drink! However, even if some admit that the price is quite high, they nevertheless assert that quality is worth it !

And there you have it, the Rez energy drink reviews you need to know before you order! What about you? Have you tried this energy drink made in France? If so, don't forget to let us know what you think, and why not take advantage of a 10 % discount with the promo code ALU10 for all your future purchases?

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Other tests with competitor promo code :

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