Can I pay with a 10 euro coin?

The 10-euro silver coin, which has become the new collectors' money since June 25, 2012. France's national monetary institution, the Monnaie de Paris, has launched 3 million 10-euro silver coins in 27 designs corresponding to France's 22 regions.

In this article, we'll take a look at whether you can make a purchase with this currency and what the real value is. value of the 10 euro coin in silver and gold. Is it possible to preserve these coins?

Image illustrating a 10-euro silver coin

Can we make purchases with a 10 euro coin?

The answer is "yes", you can use them as a means of payment. In fact, even wages can be paid in cash up to €1,500 per month. This means that optician's salary or a warehouseman or any other trade starting at €1,750 a month is not affected.

It should be noted that, according to the law (article R.642.3 of the penal code), the refusal of these pieces of currency or some banknotes legal tender in France is punishable by a fine offine of up to €150. This law is in force in the French overseas territories, in 19 countries in the Euro zone and in some countries outside this zone. What's more, some coins are highly sought-after by collectors, depending on their value. draw date and its visual quality.

Just after the 10 and 25 euro silver coins were put into circulation at the end of August 2013, the president of the French Federation of Traders' Associations, Georges Sorel seems worried that these coins are being popularized on the markets; coins that are supposed to be in the collectors' showcases.

Values of silver and gold 10-euro coins

At present, an average of 10 euros in silver is sold on the Internet between 12 and 15 euros. The Banque de France also accepts these coins at face value. Exchanges can be made, but there are a few constraints. Depending on the coin's gold or silver composition, the bank will always want to know the face value of the coin before making the exchange.

The value of a gold coin varies according to its status and his rarity. Some people who own gold coins are unaware that :

  • It is really difficult to have a gold coin in good condition, like the 5 francs Napoleon III.
  • Gold coins are struck by different mints.

Is it possible to keep these parts?

We can keep it without risk, since at any time we can get closer to the Banque de France in order to carry out exchanges in the knowledge that their quotation rest stable. As an exception, it is not advisable to clean gold coins, as their value is immediately lost once they are scratched or damaged. If you do have one, it's best to leave it in a plastic wrapping to keep it in pristine condition.

There are rules governing the use of cash. Are you in the habit of paying in cash and using the biggest ticket in euros?

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  1. I think you are misinformed, the Banque de France does not take back these coins, but much worse
    again, an official MDP distributor takes them back with a commission of 20 to 30%, i.e. between 7 and
    8 € the part…. isn't that stealing? ? LAMENTABLE!

    • Hi, no according to the law traders must take them back :).
      As long as it is in circulation no problem, maybe the Banque de France takes it cheaper but it will still be usable for 10€.


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