How to use markdown and write in color on Discord?

How to use markdown (bold, italic, underline) and write in color on Discord?

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How to italicize text/italicize a word on Discord?

Note: For reasons of... too many screenshots, I'll be making a single screenshot for each category, so don't worry, you won't notice the difference!

To make text italic /

  • It is necessary to use * Where _ on either side of the text.

Example : *Italic*, _Italic_, Normal
Italic text

How do I make text bold / put a word in bold on Discord?

To make text bold /

  • use ** on either side of the text.

Example : **Bold**, Not fat
Bold text

How to underline text / underline a word on Discord?

To underline text,

  • use __ on either side of the text.

Example : __Underlined__, Not underlined
Underlined text

How do I write in color?

Indeed, the colors, it is here a section in its own right, because all the colors are done differently. Here is a summary of the colors with the syntax in parentheses:

  • Red : Diff (- …) ; css([…]); c (#…); python (@…);
  • Orange : fix; apache (no dashes);
  • Green : diff (+…); css(”…);
  • Turquoise: bash(”…); json(”…);
  • Blue : ini([…]); css(….); apache (<…);
  • Grey : apache (#…); python (#…);

The simplest way to use each color is explained below. If you want to look for more colors, feel free to have a look at the site of the programming language manager used by Discord. If you find new colors or an easier way, please feel free to add them in the comments!

Red text color on discord

The "diff" language was chosen for red thanks to its simplicity, and the fact that it doesn't look strange at the beginning of a text to put a dash...
To use it, it's:

- of text
- and a dash on each line

And it gives:
Red (diff)

Orange text color on discord

The "arm" language was chosen for the orange color because of its simplicity. All you have to do is write, and space out : _
To use it, it's:


And it gives:

Text image in orange on DIscord
Orange text on Discord

Green text color on discord

The "diff" language was chosen for green thanks to its simplicity, and the fact that it doesn't look weird at the beginning of a text to put a plus...
To use it, it's:

+ some text
+ and a plus on each line

And it gives:
Green (diff)

Turquoise text color on discord

In fact, to render your texts in turquoise, use the "py" language. To use it, here's the formula:

"infinite text...
and here again".

Which give :
Turquoise (json)

Blue text color on discord

Apache was chosen here, because the css is discreet, but you can't use spaces!
To use it:

<du texte
here too

Which give :
Blue (apache)

Text color in gray on discord

Python was chosen here because I know Python and I know it works well.
To use it is:
# text
# more text

Which give :
Gray (python)

How to make a spoiler on discord (hide a word)?

To make a spoiler on discord:

  • Simply set || on either side of the text.

Ex : ||I am hidden!|| Not me...

hidden spoiler
Visible spoiler

  • It is also possible to mark images as spoilers, just check the box when importing the image:

Import spoiler image
Spoiler picture
The image appears by clicking on the spoiler.

How to cross out text / cross out a word on Discord?

To cross out text :

  • use ~~ on either side of the text.

Example : ~~Strikethrough~~, Not strikethrough
Strikethrough text

Next, the mixes!

And yes, with Discord, you can make mixtures, ie a text in bold and underlined, Where italic and strikethrough. Or even, if you're brave, a bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, and spoiler text! (spoiler can't be done here…) with ||___***~~the total!~~***___||.

Next, the code blocks on Discord :

There are 2 ways to create a code block:

  1. Online with text before, `code`, text after
  2. As a whole, with text before, ```code```, text after

To share code, it is advisable to use technique 2, technique 1 is most often used to highlight text, or to share a command, a function, etc.

Others :

Yellow frame on discord, do you sometimes have a yellow frame around certain messages? That's normal! It means that someone has tagged you or replied to one of your messages.

And There you go !

Now you've become a Markdown pro on Discord and can impress everyone with your new knowledge! If you encounter any problems, don't hesitate to leave a comment or join us at our Discord !

Now you know:

  • Write in color on Discord
  • Write in italics on discord
  • Write in bold on Discord
  • Make a spoiler on Discord
  • Underline and strikethrough text on Discord

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  1. Hello good night
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  2. Is there any way to hide the parameters that define the colors? like to write in red for example you have to show the – in front of diff for the syntax but I don't want you to see the dash, just the message in red

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  5. Hi Hi recently Discord did an update it changed quite a bit in terms of color blocks
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