Cemantle 802 word-of-the-day hint: help and solution

Answer and help to find the word June 14, 2024 for Cemantle day 802!

Every night, the game CemantleThe "hidden word" is usually a little-used term or a masculine singular qualifier, and it's all in English.

If your search for the word of the day doesn't resonate with you, or if your ideas dry up, you'll find some tips in the article below. Cemantle solution from June 14, 2024. I'll give you the clue cemantle number 1, then 2, etc... to get you as close as possible to the answer!

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Clues to find the word of the day!

Information on the word you are looking for:

The word to find is:

  • Male Name
⏩ Click to display close word index ⏪
  • Épargne (English: saving)
  • Position

⏩ Click to display relationship index ⏪

  • Placer (English: place)
  • Furniture

⏩ Click to display index phrase 1 ⏪

  • Concerns the position

⏩ Click to display phrase 2 index ⏪

  • Or when making an investment.

⏩ Click to display phrase 3 ⏪

  • "The **** television is complicated, we should change its place."

If you still haven't found it, search for 20-30 seconds.

First letter of the word:

  • P

The Cemantle answer:

The word is:

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  • 9 letter word


✅ Click to display answer ✅

  • Placement (in French: positionnement, placement, stage)


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Information on the page, help and hint of the day:

I'll give you a few clues and how I found the word, then the answer at the end. So don't scroll too fast to find the answers! Search while 20-30 seconds is also top between each clue I give. Because if you find it without getting the answer directly, you'll feel a sense of accomplishment! Share your results: If you find using the site, go tag me @alucare_fr in your sharing or comment somewhere 😉 I'll drop you a little comment! Otherwise go follow us to support and get information quickly:


The Cemantle puzzle requires you to find the hidden word. To do so, you'll need to find words until you find a clue to THE precise word. Each word takes on a percentage and temperature index. The more you illustrate the word incognito, the higher the temperature and the higher the value out of 1,000. And the difference with the Cémantix is that the Cemantle is in English ! Perfect for brushing up on your vocabulary.
As we've already //suggested//, the resemblance to the word is contextualnot grammatical. This means you'll need to look for the dominant word frequently neighboured by the one you're probing, which ends up with a different spelling to that of the searched word. To win this game, the similarity of words is fed by a prose-rich data, distributing more than a scarab of words, according to its creator, Enigmatix.

Of course, the words to be elucidated are in the language of Molière and must be found in common dictionaries. To make the task easier, both genders and plurals are not eligible. The quest is on the lookout for a common name or a qualifier, At singular. You'll need at least 10 attempts to find the priceless word of the day.

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