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Heroes of Raid Shadow Legends

Raid Shadow Legends Tutorials

As the reference site on Raid Shadow Legends, Alucare offers tutorials to help you progress.

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Who am I ?

Alucare creator of the website. Site created at the end of 2018 for Alucare's Twitch streams (Choice of video quality). At the beginning of 2019, I start creating tutorials and articles on problems I want to solve (Twitch and discord tutorial on bots, how to get free nitro, etc…).

I launched the Koya adventure and TFT tutorials, and then I discovered Raid Shadow Legends (RSL).

Plarium partner since 2020. I give a lot of advice on the Raid Shadow Legends game because I have been playing it since December 29, 2019 almost in FreeToPlay. We quickly became the French reference for RSL, I spent more than 2,000 hours giving my own opinion on each champion. The tutorials on the site are about games I've played and where I asked myself questions. So these tutorials are created especially to help users like me who were looking to solve their problems.

The goal was to help you in his games as best as possible. We give our opinions on products that we test ourselves (me for example with the Holy brand: Reviews and promo code Holy Energy). And I have an editorial team that will test all the software for our software review articles.

In 2022, had expanded to a variety of subjects: cinema, TV series and manga. We were the first to offer daily support for the Sutom solution, Cémantix Index and Pedantix index.

In 2023, we are redesigning and improving old articles, the goal is to give you expert opinions that are up to date, we are also looking to improve the user experience on the site!

In 2024, we're recruiting new editors to improve and update our articles. We also plan to create guides for new mobile games and are considering partnerships with mobile game publishers. Our aim is to offer better, more exclusive content.

We work daily to update the Monopoly Go page on:

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