Raid Shadow Legends promo codes

Coupon codes were last checked on : 24 May 2024

List of RSL promo codes and how to use them :

Since patch 4.3, it is possible to put promo codes.
These coupon codes are provided by Plarium. In fact, as soon as a new code is found, it will be announced on our server discord, where you would be welcome:

▶️Découvrir all new coupon codes on Discord◀️

Otherwise, I invite you to bookmark this page and come back once a week to check for new codes if coming to Discord doesn't suit you!


Promo code available in 2024 (PC, IOS and Android) :

Promo code in 2024 for new players RSL :

We invite you to scroll down below for the promotional codes available to all players.

Code you need To be used within 72 hours of RSL account creation and before LEVEL 10: 

Promo code for all players in 2024 :

Promo code Raid Shadow Legends for all playersone code per day maximum and can only be used once.

Last exit code date = May 19, 2024:

  • Ashcelebrates (1 energy potion + 200K silver)
  • RaidCommunity (a legendary book)
  • raidingreddit200k
  • Claimnow (2 book rare, 1 day xp, 200K silver and 200 energy)
  • springhunt24 (100 energy, 10 beers and 100,000 money)
  • yearlygift (rewards screen on the discord)

There are no other active promo codes at the moment. Of course, to discover new codes easily :

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Alternatively, to keep up to date with new promo codes without joining our Discord channel, I'm setting up a newsletter for Raid Shadow Legends promo codes!

For other languages, you'll need to do this on pop-ups.

Monthly gem giveaway in 2024:

FYI, you can earn gems every month on this page by clicking on the buttons to follow me on social media!

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All the information on the coupon codes :

How do I retrieve the codes?

You must a new account, you have to play from less than 3 days and especially be below level 10.
Here's how to get promo codes for beginners and my advice:

  1. Install this Android emulator on your computer: Install by clicking on the button below.
  2. Create a new account Raid (new email address) and it will be your brand new account.
  3. Follow the tutorial and enter a promo code for beginners

Install Android emulator

List of former coupon codes that are no longer active in 2024 :

Here is the list of old codes (it allows to list the old rewards) but which are normally inactive:

  • Freebie2024 (thanks machina, awards screen on the discord)
  • raidmmorpg2024 (50×3 multi-battles, 15 beers, 1 XP boost 3 days, 300k silver and 200 energy)
  • floralboost2gt (100 energy, 100k silver and 50 multi-battles)
  • Gameleap (1 energy potion, 10 beers, 100K silver)
  • Raidrewards (1 energy potion, 10 beers, 300K silver)
  • moregifts (50 multi-battles + 20 beers + 200K silver)
  • RAIDXMAS ( 1 day exp + 1 energy potion + 200K silver )
  • MID12GAME (50 multi-battles + 300 silver + 20 beers)
  • ILOVERAID (Preserver (Razhin fusion)+ 5 beers + 1 day's exp + 100K money)
  • UNDEADTREAT (150 multi combat + 1 chicken 5* + 25 beers +250 energy)
  • Spooky23 (2 refils, 200K and 10 xp beers)
  • ILOVEGAMEGEEKSTRICKS (1 chicken 3* + 10 beers + 200 silver)
  • UDKBday
  • subscribemidgame (100 multi battles, 1 chicken 3*, 1 rare book, 1 xp boost 3 days, 2 energy potions + 200K silver)
  • DRAGONEGG (100K silver, 1 energy refill + 50 multibattle)
  • GETRAIDY (200K silver, 100 energy, 10 beers + 100 multibattles)
  • PAYPALRAID2023 (1 rare, 100K silver, 1 energy potion, 5 beers + 1 bonus exp day)
  • demolish (1 energy refill, 300K silver, 50 multi-battle + 1 day bonus exp)
  • 4YEARSRAID (4 Book leg, 4 refil energie, 400K gold, 400 energie expire = (I don't have the date as usual)
  • gamegeeksspring for: 1 energy refill +200K silver and 4 potions
  • stvalentine23 (02/14/2023)
  • BESTHERO (exchange for the following rewards: 100K silver, 20 multi-battle, 1 energy refill, and 1-day EXP boost) expires = ????
  • midgame23win (I don't know anymore) (I don't have the end date)
  • RAIDRONDA (500K silver, 150 multi-battle, 5 energy refill, and 3-day EXP boost) (end = (I don't have the end date))
  • RAID22ya2
  • PCRAID2022: 3 day xp boost + boss clan key + 500 Energy + 1 arena refill.
  • MYDELIANA: (50 beers + 365k money)
  • REPLAY (released on 14/11/2022) (available until 15/11/2022) (100 multi-battles, 3 exp days, 500K silver and 500 energy.)
  • LookBehindYou (released 10/27/2022) (available until ???) (100 multibattles, xp boost 3 days, 3 energy potions, 250K silver)
  • Skeletoncrewforever (released 10/21/2022) (available until ???) (50 multibattles, xp boost 1 day, 2 classic arena refills, 3 energy potions)
  • raidtwitchcon22 (thanks bishop) (available until ???) (100 multi battles, 10 beers, 1 day xp, 5 energy potion + 1 000 000 money)
  • Plariumplay3 (out on 28/09/2022, thanks cyprien) (available until ???) (500 energy, 1Million money, 1 chicken 5* and 150 multibattles) Promo code Only usable on PC (plarium play)
  • NINJA (products and resources offering: 5refill energy, 500,000 money and 150 automatic battles) This code was found by the community. Which had to be shared for the NINJA op.
  • PLARIUMPLAY (Resources: +100% XP boost (1 day), 1 antique shard, 5 energy recharges, 50 multi-battle attempts (x3), 500,000 Silver).
  • GIFT1 (500 energy, 1 clan key boss, 5 arena refills, 1 3-day experience bonus)
  • spooky13 (Facebook image with hidden letters) (100 multibattles, 1 epic book, 1 exp day, 3 energy refills)
  • REALHELL (2 epic books, 1,000,000 silver, 500 energy and 150 multi-battle attempts (3×50))
  • s1mple (20 drinks/3 days double xp/4 energy potions/350k silver)
  • tgasale (Fayne, epic book, 200,000 silver, 10 spirit medium potions, 15 arcane medium potions)
  • 13yearsplarium (150 multi battles, 30 mugs, 1 xp 3 days, 100 energy)
  • 3yearsraid (100 multi battles + 20 choppes + book leg + 250K silver + 250 energies) (DISPO until 14/06/2022)
  • RETURN (50 multi battle, 999 energies, 1 XP boost 3 days), (Available until 15/07/2022)
  • RAIDSUMMERGIFT (100 multicombats, 3 days' exp, 200K silver and 500 energies (available until 15/08/2022)
  • DREAMTEAM (50 multicombats, 3 exp days, 100K silver, 100 energies) (available until 15/08/2022)
  • DKSKELETONCREW (Released on 26/08/2022, thanks Lfulgur (1 food 1* (the skeleton), 2 chicken 2*, 3 chicken 3*, 40 magic beers and 300K silver).
  • DKRISES (Released 08/25/2022) (50 Strength Potions, 10 Greater Arcane Potions, 5 Greater Arcane Potions, 15 Greater Strength Potions + 500K Silver).
  • brewmaiden (Released 09/22/2022) (available until October 3) (15 potions of each)
  • DRXRAID (100 multibattles, 2 energy refills, 200K silver) (I don't have the end date)
  • raidholiday (100 multibattles, 2 energy refills, 200K silver) (I don't have the end date)

Don't forget to join the discord to be notified of new active codes:

❗Join Discord to be alerted of promo codes❗

Attention : You can only activate one code every 24 hours.

How to activate a promotional code / How to enter a Raid Shadow Legends Code ? :

To do this :

  • Go to the home page (your village). Click on the 3 bars on left :

Click on the button on the left

  • Then click on "Promotional codes :

click on promotional code

  • Then, then enter your promo code then accept

Put the promo code

In fact, it's exactly the same for players on Plarium Play.

For IOS players:

  1. You must go to :
  2. Then you must enter your plarium ID (in your settings) and the promo code.

How can I get discounts on packs?

I can give you a way to pay less for your in-game offers, but otherwise there's nothing else! I'll let you read the page on in-store discounts:

For your information, on Raid Shadow Legends, we have no new awards, of promotional coupons or of reduction on in-game offers for in-store purchases. This is why I invite you to join us on discord if one day the community discovers or receives a discount code on in-store packs (boutique offer). It's also worth noting that promotional codes can be used on android and iOS or on PC.

Personally, I've had a look at other online websites where I've seen that some create counterfeit coupons. Afterwards, they invite you to click to see the discounts and then send you to Amazon boutique to earn money without your knowledge! So please be careful!

What promotional codes are available on RSL?

You can get resources and rewards for free, or you can save a few resources (especially gems). Players can have the promotional codes available at the top of this page. Games like Raid Shadow Legends offer promo codes to give gifts to their communities.

Don't hesitate to share the link to this page with your friends ! So if they spot a code on the website, they'll let you know too, and you won't miss out on any promotional coupons posted online.

Later, maybe we'll get heroes in the promo codes (fragments), or artifacts (artifacts would be weird).

Before Raid Shadow Legends patch 4.30 (for those who want to know before).

(attention this was the article written before patch 4.30)

Hi everyone! As you can see, since the beginning of 2021, a LOT of codes have been circulating in the chat rooms, and many new players are asking if they can get promotional codes or discounts on the RSL game. Certainly, there had been free rewards given when players linked their Plarium account to Amazon prime (gift).

The answer is: NO. The game has no codes to obtain free items, when Plarium wishes to offer gifts or prizes, it will do so in the player's inventory without providing anything. So why is there a code in the game chat, you might ask?
My opinion is as follows, they're bots to avoid being banned by Plarium when promoting their site! So he sends strange codes to make it look normal in the game.
Although in 2020, with Amazon Prime and via an install link during the YouTube promotion, there had been some offers, there was nothing else.

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  1. Hello everyone for the pro code "s1mple" the rewards are as follows:
    – 350K silver
    – 4 Energy
    – XP 3 days
    – x 20 Hero XP

    Thank you for sharing good luck ^^

    • On the discord you have to wait for the announcements, if no announcement no new code, you can assume that there is a code every 3 months.

  2. Hi,
    when you create a new account, you have 72 hours to use the "beginners" codes, but you have to wait 24 hours between each code, so you can only use 3 of the 5, if I've understood correctly.
    The Deacon Armstrong + Dame Quilen combo + the pack (150 multi-battles + 3 refills + tallia ) seems best to me, what's your opinion?
    thank you very much 😉


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