Tier List of Raid Shadow Legends Champions by Rarity and Strength

List of Raid Shadow Legends champions by rarity and strength.


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Information: Raid Shadow Legends champions are ranked in 6 rarities (Mythical, Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon and Common) and sub-ranked according to the ranking. The list in alphabetical order to make it easier to search by champion name. So it's not the strongest in a category, it's alphabetical.

Warning It's not possible to create a perfect ranking list, because every champion can be useful in a certain situation, with the right team composition and excellent equipment with divine stats. The champions in this ranking list are ranked by comparing champions of similar rarity according to their usefulness. In addition, they are ranked according to their synergy with other champions in buffing allies and debuffing enemies, so that each can win the battle more effectively. It also takes into account their performance in multiple scenarios such as arena attack, arena defense, faction wars, campaign, clan leader and dungeons (spider lair, fire knight, ice golem, Minotaur). So before you take a look at the QUESTION from the raid shadow legends tier listIf you don't do this, you'll be able to food a super champion that's good in only one place! (And don't eat anything epic (except doubles) or legendary! Come and ask on the discord or in the streams before doing anything stupid.

The recommended stuff can be modified as you wish, but the most important thing is to look for the bonuses of an item, and not to finish a set with an artifact that's no good!

If you have any recommendations, each page can be updated. I remind you that the tier list is not numbered (it's to help you find your way around, but it's sorted in alphabetical order). If champions are poorly rated, it's because it's a GENERAL tierlist, so they may be GOD tier in arena but lousy in the rest.

List of F2P champions for those who are just starting out and don't have any good champions: Click here

Champions with: ★ = champion for fusion

New Champion 2023:

New November Champion:

  1. Xena: Warrior Princess, guide to Xena: Warrior Princess
  2. Colwyn Tridaim (Tribuck Colwyn), guide to Colwyn Tridaim
  3. Ugir Mange-dragon (Ugir the Wyrmeater), guide to Ugir Mange-dragon
  4. Hierophant Lazarius, guide to Hierophant Lazarius (Form 1: Support)
  5. Hierophant Lazarius, guide to Hierophant Lazarius (Form 2: Attack)
  6. Aphidus the Hivelord, guide to Aphidus the Hivelord (Form 1: Attack)
  7. Aphidus Hive Master (Aphidus the Hivelord), guide to Aphidus Hive Master (Form 2: Defense)

New October champion:

  1. Lady Mikage (Lady Mikage), guide to Lady Mikage (Form 1: Support)
  2. Dame Mikage (Lady Mikage), guide to Dame Mikage (Form 2: Support)
  3. Timit the Fool, guide to Timit the Fool
  4. Kaja l'Ironique (Kaja the Wry), guide to Kaja l'Ironique
  5. Neldor Lamegelée (Neldor Rimeblade), guide to Neldor Lamegelée
  6. Belletar Tue-mages (Belletar Mage-slayer), guide to Belletar Tue-mages
  7. Ostrox Glaive d'os (Ostrox Boneglaive), guide to Ostrox Glaive d'os
  8. Krok'mar the Devourer, guide to Krok'mar the Devourer
  9. Lanceval (Glenspear), guide to Lanceval
  10. Branchweaver, guide to Branchweaver
  11. Krixia Reine de Nuit (Night Queen Krixia), guide to Krixia Reine de Nuit (Form 1: Support)
  12. Krixia Reine de Nuit (Night Queen Krixia), guide to Krixia Reine de Nuit (Form 2: Support)

New champion September:

  1. Selinia Capenuit (Selinia Nightcloak), guide to Selinia Capenuit
  2. Vitrius the Anointed, guide to Vitrius the Anointed
  3. Togron the Conjoined, guide to Togron the Siamese
  4. Bambus Trèfle (Bambus Fourleaf), guide to Bambus Trèfle
  5. Tolog Tailleviande (Meatcarver Tolog), guide to Tolog Tailleviande
  6. Petrifya Racineroc (Petrifya Rockroot), guide to Petrifya Racineroc
  7. Malkith Afflux-Sang (Malkith Bloodflock), guide to Malkith Afflux-Sang
  8. Torrux Longuépée (Longsword Torrux), guide to Torrux Longuépée
  9. Pann le Corne-arc (Pann the Bowhorn), guide to Pann le Corne-arc
  10. Siegfrund le Nephel (Siegfrund the Nephilim), guide to Siegfrund le Nephel (Form 1: Attack)
  11. Siegfrund le Nephel (Siegfrund the Nephilim), guide to Siegfrund le Nephel (Form 2: Support)
  12. Gharol Bloodmaul, guide to Gharol Bloodmaul (Form 1: PV)
  13. Gharol Masse-Sang (Gharol Bloodmaul), guide to Gharol Masse-Sang (Form 2: Attack)
  14. Arbais Pierrépine (Arbais the Stonethorn), guide to Arbais Pierrépine (Form 1: Support)
  15. Arbais Pierrépine (Arbais the Stonethorn), guide to Arbais Pierrépine (Form 2: PV)
  16. Mezomel Croc-Loup (Mezomel Luperfang), guide to Mezomel Croc-Loup (Form 1: Attack)
  17. Mezomel Croc-Loup (Mezomel Luperfang), guide to Mezomel Croc-Loup (Form 2: Attack)
  18. Frolni the Mechanist, guide to Frolni the Mechanist (Form 1: PV)
  19. Frolni the Mechanist, guide to Frolni the Mechanist (Form 2: Defense)

MYTHIC CHAMPIONS RANKING: tier list raid shadow legend.

S | Mythical God Tier Champion


A | A-rank mythical champion (Excellent)


B | B-rank mythical champion (Good)


LEGENDARY CHAMPIONS RANKING: tier list raid shadow legend.

S | God Tier legendary champion

  1. Acrizia, Guide to Acrizia
  2. Referee (Arbiter), guide on referee
  3. Artak (Artak), guide to Artak
  4. Bad-el-Kazar, Bad-el-Kazar guild
  5. Ba Satha, guide on Ba Satha
  6. Candraphon, guide to Candraphon
  7. Cardiel, guide to Cardiel
  8. Dame Kimi (Lady Kimi), guide on Dame Kimi
  9. Deacon Brogni (Underpriest Brogni), guide on Deacon Brogni
  10. Dracomorph, guide on dracomorph
  11. Duchess Lilitu (Duchess Lilitu), guide on Duchess Lilitu
  12. Elva l'Automnale (Elva Autumnborn), guide to Elva l'Automnale
  13. Mighty Ukko, Guide to Mighty Ukko
  14. Gaïus le joyeux (gaïus the gleeful), guide to gaïus the gleeful
  15. Georgid le Casseur (Georgid the Breaker), guide on Georgid le Casseur
  16. Gnut, guide to Gnut
  17. Graazur Ironbelly (Graazur Irongut), guide to Graazur Ironbelly
  18. Helicath, guide to Helicath
  19. Hephraak, guide to Hephraak
  20. Hurndig, guide to Hurndig
  21. Ithos, guide to Ithos
  22. Jintoro, guide to Jintoro
  23. Supreme Kael, guide to Supreme Kael
  24. Kalvalax, guide to Kalvalax
  25. Kreela Witch-Arm, guide to Kreela Witch-Arm
  26. Krisk the Ageless, guide to Krisk the Ageless
  27. Kyoku, guide to Kyoku
  28. Leorius the proud, guide to Leorius the proud
  29. Lydia Sirène de Mort (Lydia the Deathsiren), guide to Lydia Sirène de Mort (SS TIER)
  30. Marichka the Robust (Marichka the Unbreakable), guide on Marichka the Robust
  31. Martyre (Martyr), Martyre guide
  32. Ma'Shalled, guide on Ma'Shalled
  33. Mithrala Fléaudevie (mithrala lifebane), guide to Mithrala Fléaudevie
  34. Nekhret the Great (Nekhret the Great), guide to Nekhret the Terrible
  35. Nekmo Thaar, guide on Nekmo Thaar
  36. Nethril, guide to Nethril
  37. ninja ninja guide (Character for the Streamer Ninja)
  38. Prince Kymar, guide to Prince Kymar
  39. Pythion, Pythion guide
  40. Quintus le Triomphal (Quintus the Triumphant), guide on Quintus le Triomphal
  41. Ragash, guide to Ragash
  42. Raglin, guide to Raglin
  43. Ramantu Sang-Drake (Ramantu Drakesblood), guide on Ramantu Sang-Drake
  44. Rotos the Lost Groom, guide to Rotos the Lost Groom
  45. Scyl des Drakes (Scyl of the Drakes), guide on Scyl des Drakes
  46. Warlord (warlord), guide on the Warlord
  47. Tomb Lord, Tomb Lord guide
  48. Sicia Flametongue (Sicia Flametongue), guide to Sicia Flametongue
  49. Sieur Nicolas (Sir Nicholas), guide on Sir Nicholas
  50. Siphi the Lost Bride, guide to Siphi the Lost Bride
  51. Staltus Fléau-dragon (Staltus Dragonbane), Guide to Staltus Fléau-dragon
  52. Sulfuryion, guide to Sulfuryion
  53. Taras the Fierce, Taras the Fierce guide
  54. Teumesia, guide to Teumesia
  55. Teodor the Savant, Guide to Teodor the Savant
  56. Tormin the cold, guide to Tormin the Cold
  57. Trunda MailletDoré (Trunda Giltmallet), guide to Trunda MailletDoré
  58. Turvold, guide to Turvold
  59. Urost Capturâme (Urost The Soulcage), guide to Urost Capturâme
  60. Ursuga Warcaller (Ursuga Warcaller), Ursuga Warcaller guide
  61. Valkyrie, guide on Valkyrie
  62. Venus, guide to Venus
  63. Yumeko, guide to Yumeko
  64. Zavia, guide to Zavia

A | Legendary champion, rank A (Excellent)

  1. Abbess (abbess), Abbess guide
  2. Ailil, guide to Ailil
  3. Alsgor Crimsonhorn (Alsgor Crimsonhorn), guide to Alsgor Crimsonhorn
  4. Altan, guide to Altan
  5. Angar, guide to Angar
  6. Archbishop Pinthroy, guide to Archbishop Pinthroy
  7. Astralon, guide to Astralon
  8. Baron, guide on Baron
  9. Belanor, guide to Belanor
  10. Bivald de l'Épine (Bivald of the Thorn), guide to Bivald de l'Épine
  11. Boragar the Elder, guide to Boragar the Elder
  12. Brago d'Acier (Iron Brago), guide on Brago d'Acier
  13. Brakus the shapeshifter (Brakus the Shifter), guide Brakus the Shifter
  14. Chaagur, guide to Chaagur
  15. Royal Hunter (Royal Huntsman), guide on Royal Hunter
  16. Chevalier Suprême (Ultimate Deathknight), Guide to Chevalier Suprême
  17. Claidna, Guide to Claidna
  18. Cleopterix, guide to Cleopterix
  19. Countess Lix (Countess Lix), guide to Countess Lix
  20. Corvis The Corruptor (Corvis the Corruptor), guide on Corvis The Corruptor
  21. Crohnam, Guide to Crohnam
  22. Cruetraxa, guide to Cruetraxa
  23. Cupid (Cupidus), guide on Cupid
  24. Dame Ireth (Lady Of Ireth), guide on Dame Ireth
  25. Danag Skullreap, guide to Danag Skullreap
  26. Dreng La Tombe (Walking Tomb Dreng), guide on Dreng La Tombe
  27. Drexthar Doubleblood (Drexthar Bloodtwin), guide to Drexthar Doubleblood
  28. Supreme Elhain, guide to Supreme Elhain
  29. Emic Coeur-Tronc (Emic Trunkheart), guide on Emic Coeur-Tronc
  30. Foli, guide on Foli
  31. Fortus, Guide to Fortus
  32. Fu-Shan, guide to Fu-Shan
  33. Gamuran, a guide to Gamuran
  34. Genzin, guide to Genzin
  35. Gliseah Soulguide, guide to Gliseah Soulguide
  36. Gnishak Mouse-king (Gnishak Verminlord), guide on Gnishak Mouse-king
  37. Goffred Brassclad, guide to Goffred Brassclad
  38. Gorgédesang (Bloodgorged), guide to Gorgédesang
  39. Gros Bill (Big 'Un), guide to Gros Bill
  40. Gurgoth the Augur (Gurgoh the Augur), guide to Gurgoth the Augur
  41. Harima, guide on Harima
  42. Hegemon, guide to Hegemon
  43. Helior, guide to Hélior
  44. Ignatius, guide to Ignatius
  45. Inithwe Doubleblood (Inithwe Bloodtwin), guide to Inithwe Doubleblood
  46. Jagg Bonesaw, guide on Jagg Bonesaw
  47. Jetni the Giant, guide to Jetni the Giant
  48. Kantra le Cyclone (Kantra the Cyclone), guide on Kantra le Cyclone
  49. Karato the Hunter (Karato Foxhunter), guide on Karato the Hunter
  50. Keeyra the Watcher, Keeyra the Watcher guide
  51. Khoronar, guide to Khoronar
  52. Konstantin le Diurne (Konstantin the Dayborn), guide on Konstantin le Diurne
  53. Korugar Deadbell (Korugar Death-Bell), guide on Korugar Deadbell
  54. Lanakis the Chosen, guide to Lanakis the Chosen
  55. Longbeard, Longbeard guide
  56. Lyssandra, guide to Lyssandra
  57. Maranix, Guide to Maranix
  58. Maulie Chope (Maulie Tankard), guide on Maulie Chope
  59. Mother Cybele, guide to Mother Cybele
  60. Michinaki, guide on Michinaki
  61. Morrigaine, guide to Morrigaine
  62. Nari the lucky (Nari The Lucky), guide on Nari the lucky
  63. Narma the Returned, guide to Narma the Returned
  64. Néspectre (Ghostborn), guide to Néspectre
  65. Oella, guide to Oella
  66. Blind Seer, guide to Blind Seer
  67. Raé, guide to Raé
  68. Raf-Matab, guide to Raf-Matab
  69. Rakka Vilevague (Rakka Viletide), Guide to Rakka Vilevague
  70. Rhazin Peaumarquée (Rhazin Scarhide), guide to Rhazin Peaumarquée
  71. Riho Bonespear (Riho Bonespear), Riho Bonespear guide
  72. Robar, guide to Robar
  73. Roi Gallcobar (King Gallcobar), guide on Roi Gallcobar
  74. Ronda, Guide to Ronda
  75. Roshcard the tower (Roshcard the Tower), guide on Roshcard the tower
  76. Roxam, guide to Roxam
  77. Ruarc Gardienvert (Greenwarden Ruarc), guide on Ruarc Gardienvert
  78. Ruel the Hunmaster, guide to Ruel the Hunmaster
  79. Saito, guide to Saito
  80. Soulless, guide to Soulless
  81. Searsha the Charred, guide to Searsha the Charred
  82. Septimus, guide to Septimus
  83. Séthallia, guide to Séthallia
  84. Shemnath, guide to Shemnath
  85. Shu-Zhen la Brave (Shu-Zhen the Valorous), guide to Shu-Zhen la Brave
  86. Sigmund the Highshield, guide on Sigmund the Shield
  87. Sniktraak, Guide on Sniktraak
  88. Sun Wukong, guide to Sun Wukong
  89. Overlord Katonn, Overlord Katonn guide
  90. Tatura Frostskin (Tarura Rimehide), guide to Tatura Frostskin
  91. Truath, guide to Truath
  92. Tuhanarak, guide on Tuhanarak
  93. Tyran Ixlimor, guide to Tyran Ixlimor
  94. Valkanen, guide to Valkanen
  95. Vasal of the seal, guide to Vasal of the seal
  96. Versulf the Lugubrious (Versulf the Grim), guide to Versulf the Lugubrious
  97. Vizir Ovelis, guide to Vizir Ovelis
  98. Vlad le nocturne (Vlad the Nightborn), guide on Vlad le Nocturne
  99. Wythir the Crowned, guide to Wythir the Crowned
  100. Yakarl the Scourge, guide to Yakarl the Scourge
  101. Yannica, guide to Yannica

B | Legendary champion rank B (Good)

  1. Aleksandr the Sharpshooter, guide to Aleksandr the Sharpshooter (S1mple)
  2. Arix, Arix guide
  3. Astralithe (Astralith), guide to Astralithe
  4. Supreme Athel, guide to Supreme Athel
  5. Basileus Roanas, guide to Basileus Roanas
  6. Bystophus, guide to Bystophus
  7. Warchief (Warchief), guide on Warchief
  8. Black Knight, guide on Black Knight
  9. Cillian the Lucky (Cillian the Lucky), guide on Cillian the Lucky
  10. Cromax Sanglune (Cromax Moonblood), guide on Cromax Sanglune
  11. Damoiselle Annie (Little Miss Annie), guide on Damoiselle Annie
  12. Déliana, guide to Déliana
  13. Drokgul the Gaunt, guide to Drokgul the Gaunt
  14. Elegaius, guide to Elegaius
  15. Elénaril, guide to Elénaril
  16. Errol, guide to Errol
  17. Ginro the Stork (Ginro the Stork), guide on Ginro the Stork
  18. Graal King of Crypt (Crypt-King Graal), guide on Crypt-King Graal
  19. Gurptuk Moss-Beard (Gurptuk Moss-Beard), guide to Gurptuk Moss-Beard
  20. Hakkorhn Fracapacha (Hakkorhn Smashlord), guide on Hakkorhn
  21. Holsring, guide to Holsring
  22. Jack the Harvester (Harvest Jack), guide on Jack the Harvester
  23. Lonatharil, Guide to Lonatharil
  24. Lord champfort, guide on Lord Champfort
  25. Lord Shazar, guide to Lord Shazar
  26. Loriaca Beau-Sabot (Greathoof Loriaca), guide to Loriaca Beau-Sabot
  27. Lugan l'Inébranlable (Lugan the Steadfast), guide to Lugan l'Inébranlable
  28. Mère de Guerre (War Mother), guide to Mother of War
  29. Minaya, guide to Minaya
  30. Nobel, guide to Nobel (without mashalled)
  31. Noct the Paralyzer, guide on Noct the Paralyzer
  32. Norog, guide to Norog
  33. Opardin Clanfather, Opardin Clanfather guide
  34. Pyxniel, guide to Pyxniel
  35. Razelvarg, Guide to Razelvarg
  36. Reine éva (Queen Eva), guide to Reine éva
  37. Richtoff the Bold, guide to Richtoff the Bold
  38. Mountain King, guide to Mountain King
  39. Roi Garog (King Garog), guide on Roi Garog
  40. Roric Poison-dragon (Roric Wyrmbane), guide to Roric Poison-dragon
  41. Samar Maudigemme (Samar Gemcursed), Samar Maudigemme guide
  42. Samson le Pilon (Samson the Masher), guide on Samson le Pilon
  43. Shirimani, guide on Shirimani
  44. Skarg the Elder (Elder Skarg), guide to Skarg the Elder
  45. Skartorsis, guide to Skartorsis
  46. Teela Toisongore (Teela Goremane), guide to Teela Toisongore
  47. Thea the Tomb Angel, guide to Thea the Tomb Angel
  48. Tramaria, guide to Tramaria
  49. Shamrock, guide to Shamrock
  50. Ultan of the Shell, Ultan of the Shell guide
  51. Varl the destroyer, guide on Varl the destroyer
  52. Visix l'Insoumise (Visix the Unbowed), guide on Visix l'Insoumise
  53. Wurlim Frostking (Wurlim Frostking), guide on Wurlim Frostking
  54. Yoshi the Drunkard, guide on Yoshi the Drunkard

C | Legendary champion rank C (Bad) (NO FOOD)

  1. Gomlok Skyhide, guide to Gomlok Skyhide
  2. Grohak the Bloodied, guide to Grohak the Bloody
  3. Guurda Brassemarais (Guurda Bogbrew), guide on Guurda Brassemarais
  4. Lord crâne var-Gall (Skull lord var-Gall), guide to Lord crâne var-Gall
  5. Mortu-Macaab, guide to Mortu-Macaab (God Tier Arena)
  6. Nogdar the Headhunter, guide to Nogdar the Headhunter
  7. Vergumkaar, guide to Vergumkaar

D | Legendary champion rank D (Terribly lousy) (NO FOOD)


S | God Tier Epic Champion

  1. Stag Knight, guide on Stag Knight
  2. CouronneCrâne (Skullcrown), guide to CouronneCrâne (Skullcrown)
  3. Dhukk the Pierced, guide to Dhukk the Pierced
  4. Deacon Armstrong (Deacon Armstrong), guide on Deacon Armstrong
  5. Skullcrusher, skullcrusher guide
  6. Geomancer, guide to Geomancer
  7. Gorgorab, guide to Gorgorab
  8. Madame Serris, guide on Madame Serris
  9. Mausoleum Mage, guide to the Mausoleum Mage
  10. Man Eater, guide on Man Eater
  11. Miscreated Monster, guide to Miscreated Monster
  12. Prophetess (Seer), guide to Prophetess
  13. Rian the Conjurer, guide to Rian the Conjurer
  14. Sombre Kael (Dark Kael), guide on Sombre Kael
  15. Tayrel, guide to Tayrel
  16. Urogrim, guide on Urogrim

A | A-rank Epic Champion (Excellent)

  1. Achak le Wendarin (Achak the Wendarin), guide on Achak le Wendarin
  2. Akemtum, guide to Akemtum
  3. Akoth the Seared, guide to Akoth the Seared
  4. Aniri Prie-Dieu (Godseeker Aniri), guide on Aniri Prie-Dieu
  5. Aothar, guide to Aothar
  6. Aox the Rememberer, guide to Aox the Rememberer
  7. Archimage Hellmut (Archmage Hellmut), guide to Archimage Hellmut
  8. Armina, guide on Armina
  9. Arndulf, guide to Arndulf
  10. Rearguard Sergeant, Rearguard guide
  11. Cardinale (cardinal), guide on Cardinale
  12. Ceez, guide to Ceez
  13. Sepulcher Sentinel, guide to Sepulcher Sentinel
  14. Hornbeam (Alure), Hornbeam guide
  15. Seeker, guide on Seeker
  16. Chonoru, guide to Chonoru
  17. Basher, guide on Basher
  18. Crânedacier (Steelskull), guide to Crânedacier (Steelskull)
  19. Criodan Bleu (Criodan the Blue), guide on Criodan Bleu
  20. Daithi the Misty (Mistrider Daithi), guide on Daithi the Misty
  21. Demytha, guide to Demytha
  22. Devotee of Light (Lightsworn), guide to Devotee of Light
  23. Djamarsa, Guide to Djamarsa
  24. Fahrakin le Gras (Fahrakin the fat), guide to Fahrakin le Gras
  25. Golden Reaper, guide to Golden Reaper
  26. Fayne, guide to Fayne
  27. Fenshi, guide to Fenshi
  28. Fodbor the Bard (Fodbor the Bard), guide to Fodbor the Bard
  29. Supreme Galek, guide to Supreme Galek
  30. Garde Royal (Royal Guard), guide on Royal Guard
  31. Genbo the Dishonored, guide to Genbo the Dishonored
  32. Gerhard la Pierre (Gerhard the Stone), guide on Gerhard la Pierre
  33. Giscard au Sceau (Giscard the Sigiled), guide to Giscard au Sceau
  34. Grush the Mangler, Grush the Mangler guide
  35. Hoskarul, guide to Hoskarul
  36. Inquisitor Shamaêl, guide to Inquisitor Shamaêl
  37. Isbeil le Fusyl (Fyr-gun Isbeil), guide to Isbeil le Fusyl
  38. Jareg, guide to jareg
  39. Kaiden, guide to Kaiden
  40. Kinagashi, guide to Kinagashi
  41. Klodd Gave-Bêtes (Klodd Beastfeeder), guide to Klodd Gave-Bêtes
  42. Kunoichi, guide on Kunoichi
  43. Largemouth (Broadmaw), guide to Largemouth
  44. Lodric Falconheart, guide to Lodric Falconheart
  45. Lua, guide on Lua
  46. Magnarr, guide to Magnarr
  47. Malabar de Siège (Siegehulk), guide to Malabar de Siège
  48. Melga Gainacier (melga steelgirdle), guide on Melga Gainacier
  49. Mordecai (Mordecai), guide to Mordecai
  50. Nazana, guide on Nazana
  51. Nia White Dryad (White Dryad Nia), guide on Nia White Dryad
  52. Myciliac Priest Orn, guide to Myciliac Priest Orn
  53. Peydma, guide on Peydma
  54. Priestess of Ruin (Doompriest), guide to Priestess of Ruin (Doompriest)
  55. Psylar, guide to Psylar
  56. Rector Drath, guide to Rector Drath
  57. Renne Bestial (Reinbeast), guide on Renne Bestial
  58. Roméro, guide to Roméro
  59. Ruella, a guide to Ruella
  60. Rugnor Orluisant (Rugnor Goldleam), guide to Rugnor Orluisant
  61. Sachi, guide to Sachi
  62. Sageguerre (Battlesage), guide on Sageguerre
  63. Scabrius, guide to Scabrius
  64. Skathix, guide to Skathix
  65. Skraank, Guide to Skraank
  66. Sinesha, guide on Sinesha
  67. Sombre Elhain (Dark Elhain), guide to Sombre Elhain
  68. Dark Enchantress (Umbreal Enchantress), Dark Enchantress guide
  69. Thénasil, guide to Thénasil
  70. Thylessia, guide to Thylessia
  71. Ursala the Mourner (Ursala the Mourner), guide to Ursala the Mourner
  72. Uugo, guide on Uugo
  73. Old Hermit Jorrg, Old Hermit Jorrg guide
  74. Old Ghrukkus (Old Ghrukkus), guide to Old Ghrukkus
  75. Visionary, guide on Visionary
  76. Vogoth, guide to Vogoth
  77. Vrask, guide to Vrask
  78. Zargala, guide to Zargala
  79. Zelotah, guide to Zelotah

B | Epic Champion rank B (Good)

  1. Adriel, guide to Adriel
  2. Aeshma, guide on Aeshma
  3. Aeila Tressevie (Aeila Lifebraid), guide on Aeila Tressevie
  4. Alaric the Hooded, guide to Alaric the Hooded
  5. Ambassador Lethelin (Ambassador Lethelin), guide on Ambassador Lethelin
  6. Anax, guide to Anax
  7. Andryssia, guide to Andryssia
  8. Spider, Spider guide
  9. Archetype (Exemplar), guide to Archetype
  10. Azur (azure), guide to Azur
  11. Baerdal Cruelhammer (Baerdal Fellhammer), Baerdal Cruelhammer guide
  12. Balthus Drauglord, guide to Balthus Drauglord
  13. Baronne Infernale (Infernal Baroness), guide on Baronne Infernale
  14. Basilisk (Basilisk), guide on Basilisk
  15. Bergoth the Malformed, guide to Bergoth the Malformed
  16. Cagebreaker, Cagebreaker guide
  17. Brise-pierre (Rock Breaker), guide on Brise-pierre
  18. Brisos (Shatterbones), guide on Brisos
  19. Burangiri, guide to Burangiri
  20. Souldrinker, guide to Souldrinker
  21. Captain Temila, guide to Captain Temila
  22. Carlinia, Guide to Carlinia
  23. Skytouched Shaman, guide to Skytouched Shaman
  24. Chancellor Jasmine (Chancellor Yasmin), guide to Chancellor Jasmine
  25. Chani, guide to Chani
  26. Chasse-Grelot (Jinglehunter), guide on Chasse-Grelot
  27. Chevalier Errant (Knight-Errant), guide on Chevalier Errant
  28. Conellia, guide to Conellia
  29. Cormac le Hautpic (Cormac the Highpeak), guide to Cormac le Hautpic
  30. Pod (Husk), guide on Pod
  31. Dame Annabelle (Lady Annabelle), guide on Dame Annabelle
  32. Lady Quilen (Lady Quilen), guide on Lady Quilen
  33. Dazdurk Garderunes (Runekeeper Dazdurk), guide on Dazdurk Garderunes
  34. Flesh-Tearer, guide to Flesh-Tearer
  35. Delaaja, guide to Delaaja
  36. Duedan the Runic (Duedan the Runic), guide on Duedan the Runic
  37. Duhr the Hungerer, Duhr the Hungerer guide
  38. Eolfrig, guide to Eolfrig
  39. Masked Fearmonger, guide to Masked Fearmonger
  40. Endalia, guide to Endalia
  41. Enda Rayon-lune (Enda Moonbeam), guide on Enda Rayon-lune
  42. Erinye (Erinyes), guide to Erinye
  43. Ethlen the Golden, guide to Ethlen the Golden
  44. Fenax, guide to Fenax
  45. Fren'zi la Ricaneuse (Fren'zi the Cackler), guide on Fren'zi la Ricaneuse
  46. Fylja, guide to Fylja
  47. Gala Longuenattes (Gala Longbraids), guide to Gala Longuenattes
  48. Galek Ultime (ultimate galek), Ultimate Galek guide
  49. Galkut, guide to Galkut
  50. Garderelique (Relickeeper), guide on Garderelique
  51. Guardian (Warden), guide on Guardian
  52. Gore (Gory), guide to Gore
  53. Gorlos Gouffrenfer (Gorlos Hellmaw), guide to Gorlos Gouffrenfer
  54. Gronjarr, guide to Gronjarr
  55. Gwynneth, Gwynneth Guide
  56. Kellan the Magpie (Kellan the Shrike), guide on Kellan the Magpie
  57. Krakarth, guide to Krakarth
  58. Haarken Terriblelame (Haarken Greatblade), guide to Haarken Terriblelame
  59. Haute Khatun (high khatun), guide to Haute Khatun
  60. Crimson Helm (rimson Helm), guide to Crimson Helm
  61. Hoforées la Défense (Hoforees the Tusked), guide to Hoforées la défense
  62. Hordin, guide to Hordin
  63. Hotatsu, guide on Hotatsu
  64. Ilysinya (Ilysinya), guide on Ilysinya
  65. Huge Titan (Towering Titan), guide on Huge Titan
  66. Immortelle (Deathless), Immortelle guide
  67. Jarang, guide to Jarang
  68. Jarl Grizzled (Grizzled Jarl), guide on Jarl Grizzled
  69. Juliana, guide to Juliana
  70. Jurojin, guide to Jurojin
  71. Kallia, guide to Kallia
  72. Karam, guide to Karam
  73. Warcaster (Warcaster), guide on Warcaster
  74. Liburga, guide to Liburga
  75. Lich (lich), guide on Liche
  76. Oathbound, guide to Oathbound
  77. Locwain, Guide to Locwain
  78. Lorn the Mutilator (Lorn the Cutter), guide on Lorn the Mutilator
  79. Luria, guide to Luria
  80. Luthiéa, guide to Luthiéa
  81. Mistress of Hymns, guide to Mistress of Hymns
  82. Masamoto, guide on Masamoto
  83. Merouka, guide to Merouka
  84. Necrohunter, guide to Necrohunter
  85. Oboro, guide on Oboro
  86. Ours Peaudefer (Ursine Ironhide), guide to Ours Peaudefer
  87. Defiled Sinner, guide to Defiled Sinner
  88. Pestilus, guide to Pestilus
  89. Pharsalas Gravedirt, guide to Pharsalas Gravedirt
  90. Bloodfeather (Bloodfeather), Bloodfeather guide
  91. Prêtre Croc (Fang Cleric), guide to Prêtre Croc
  92. Quargan the Crowned, guide to Quargan the Crowned
  93. Corpse Collector (Corpse Collector), Corpse Collector Guide
  94. Rowan, guide to Rowan
  95. Sanguinia, guide to Sanguinia
  96. Sikara, guide on Sikara
  97. Sir Artimage, guide on Sir Artimage
  98. Skimfos the Consumed , guide to Skimfos the Consumed
  99. Skeuramis, guide on skeuramis
  100. Sombre Athel (Dark Athel), guide on Sombre Athel
  101. Crypt Witch, guide to Crypt Witch
  102. Suiren, guide to Suiren
  103. Sandlashed Survivor, guide to Sandlashed Survivor
  104. Tagoar, Tagoar guide
  105. Tainix Haïfleur (Tainix Hateflower), guide to Tainix Haïfleur
  106. Tallia, guide to Tallia
  107. Tarshon, guide to Tarshon
  108. Tatsu, guide to Tatsu
  109. Taya, guide on Taya
  110. Théresc, guide to Théresc
  111. Tomoe, Guide to Tomoe
  112. Toragi the Frog (Toragi the Frog), guide on Toragi the Frog
  113. Torturer (Excruciator), guide on Torturer
  114. Trumborr, guide to Trumborr
  115. Tuhak the wanderer, guide to Tuhak the wanderer
  116. Umetogi, guide to Umetogi
  117. Urticata, guide to Urticata
  118. Valla, guide to Valla
  119. Venimage (Venomage), guide on Venimage
  120. Vergis, guide to Vergis
  121. Vildrax, guide to Vildrax
  122. Weregren the Cursed (Weregren Suncursed), guide to Weregren the cursed
  123. Wuji, Guide to Wuji
  124. Wuzgar (Wuzgar), guide to Wuzgar
  125. Wyrennon the Silken, Guide to Wyrennon the Silken
  126. Yelagirna, Guide to Yelagirna

C | Epic Champion rank C (Bad) (NO FOOD)

  1. Anchorite, Guide to Anchorite
  2. Elite Archer (Marksman), guide to Elite Archer
  3. Atur, guide to Atur
  4. Baroth the Bloodsoaked, guide to Baroth the Bloodsoaked
  5. Terrorbeast, guide to Terrorbeast
  6. Occult Brawler (Occult brawler), guide to Occult Castagner (Top tier bdc)
  7. Shaman (Shaman), guide on Shaman
  8. Catacomb Councilor Guide to Catacomb Councilor
  9. Lady Eresh (Lady Eresh), guide on Lady Eresh
  10. Dame Etessa (Lady Etessa), guide on Dame Etessa
  11. Dirandil, Guide to Dirandil
  12. Hope (hope), guide on Hope
  13. Digger (delver), guide on Digger
  14. Guardians (Bonekeeper), guide to Guardians
  15. Grunch Killjoy (Grunch Killjoy), Grunch Killjoy guide
  16. Hexia, guide to Hexia
  17. Pitiless, guide on Pitiless
  18. Jizoh, guide to Jizoh
  19. Kytis, guide to Kytis
  20. Morag Bouclairin (Morag Bronzelock), guide on Morag Bouclairin
  21. Whisper, Whisper Guide (Whisper, twitch prime custom (January 2020))
  22. Noble Legionnaire (Lordly Legionary), guide to Noble Legionnaire
  23. Nogoryo, guide to Nogoryo
  24. Pile-Ice Bear (Ursine Icecrusher), guide on Pile-Ice Bear
  25. Darkskin (Grimskin), Darkskin guide
  26. Perceneige (Frostbringer), guide to Perceneige
  27. Phranox, Guide to Phranox
  28. Prundar, guide to Prundar
  29. Scion, guide on scion
  30. Broodlord, guide to Broodlord
  31. Sénéchal (Seneschal), guide to Sénéchal
  32. Tolf l'Estropié (Tolf the maimed), guide to Tolf l'Estropié
  33. Yaga the Insatiable, guide to Yaga
  34. Zii Ixchi, guide on Zii Ixchi

D | Epic Champion rank D (Terribly lousy) (WE DO NOT FOOD)

  1. Aina, guide on Aina
  2. Alika, guide on Alika
  3. Bushi, guide to Bushi
  4. Brute Bougonne (Snorting Thug), Brute Bougonne guide
  5. Chanoinesse (Canoiness), guide on Chanoinesse
  6. Drake, guide on Drake
  7. Ripper, Ripper guide
  8. Guède-Peinte (Woad-Painted), guide to Guède-Peinte
  9. Torturehelm (Torturehelm), Torturehelm guide
  10. Jotun, guide to Jotun
  11. Maève, guide to Maève
  12. Mirenfer (Hellgazer), guide on Mirenfer
  13. Missionary (Missionary), guide on Missionary
  14. Faceless, guide to Faceless
  15. Suwai the Elder (Suwai Firstborn), guide to Suwai the Elder
  16. Taurus, guide to Taurus
  17. Téshada, guide to Téshada


Uncategorized :

  1. Paragon (Paragon), guide on Paragon

S | God Tier Rare Champion

  1. Apothecary, Apothecary Guide
  2. Bellower, guide on Bellower
  3. CoeurFroid (Coldheart), guide on CoeurFroid
  4. Reliquary Tender, Reliquary Tender guide
  5. Kael, Guide to Kael (early character)
  6. Renegade, Renegade guide
  7. Virgin warrior (Warmaiden), guide to Virgin warrior (warmaiden)

A | Champion Rare rank A (Excellent)

  1. Athel, Guide to Athel (early character)
  2. Frozen Banshee, Frozen Banshee guide (best poison)
  3. Executioner, guide on Executioner
  4. Chien Cruel (Fellhound), guide on Chien Cruel
  5. Doomscreech, Doomscreech guide
  6. Diabolist (diabolist), guide on Diabolist
  7. Coffin Smasher, Coffin Smasher guide
  8. Elhain, Guide to Elhain (early character)
  9. Pain Guard, Pain Guard guide
  10. Hôtesprit (Spirithost), guide to Hôtesprit
  11. Rampart (bulwark), guide on Rampart
  12. Seducer, guide to Seducer

B | Rank B Rare Champion (Good)

  1. Âme de Tigre (Tigersoul), guide to Âme de Tigre
  2. Arcanist (Arcanist), guide on Arcanist
  3. Archer Chaînâme (Soulbond Bowyer), guide to Archer Chaînâme
  4. Assassin, guide on Assassin (new faction)
  5. Vanguard, guide on Vanguard
  6. Avir the archmage (Avir the alchemage), guide on Avir the archmage
  7. Brawler (Grappler), guide on Brawler
  8. Berserker, guide to Berserker
  9. Geargrinder Guide to Geargrinder
  10. Pathfinder Cait, guide to Pathfinder Cait
  11. Caverneux (Hollow), guide to Caverneux
  12. Bone Knight, guide on Bone Knight
  13. Conquerer, guide to Conquerer
  14. Dagger (dagger), guide on Dagger
  15. Dilgol, guide to Dilgol
  16. Maid (Retainer), guide on Maid
  17. Encagé (Cagebound), guide on Encagé
  18. Skirmisher, Skirmisher guide
  19. Fanatic (Fanatic), guide on Fanatic
  20. Fauche-vie (Lifetaker), guide on Fauche-vie
  21. Galek, guide to Galek
  22. Gator, guide to Gator
  23. Gladiator (gladiator), guide on Gladiator
  24. Haruspex, guide to Haruspex
  25. Héritière (Heiress), guide to Héritière
  26. Hyrie (Hyria), guide to Hyrie
  27. Judge (Judge), guide on Judge
  28. Knott Treeshield Knott, guide on Knott Treeshield
  29. Kurzad Big Heart (Kurzad Deep heart), guide on Kurzad Big Heart
  30. Butcher (Fleshmonger), guide on butcher (Fleshmonger)
  31. Mystic Hand (Mystic Hand), guide on Mystical Hand
  32. Swampwalker (Bogwalker), Swampwalker (Bogwalker) guide
  33. Daywalker (Daywalker, guide on Daywalker
  34. Marked, guide to Marked
  35. Marquis, guide on Marquis
  36. Médicus, guide to Médicus
  37. Channeler, guide about Channeler
  38. Mother Superior, guide to Mother Superior
  39. Miséricorde (Misericord), guide to Miséricorde
  40. Harvester, guide on Harvester
  41. Nomade du Tertre (Hill Nomad), guide on Nomade du Tertre
  42. Odachi, guide to Odachi
  43. Anointed, guide on Anointed
  44. Ordinator, guide on Ordinator
  45. Pushing (Ragemonger), guide on Pushing
  46. Preserver, guide to Preserver
  47. Priestess of War (warpriest), guide to Priestess of War
  48. Punisher (Castigator), guide on Punisher
  49. Rictus (Grinner), guide on Rictus
  50. Sculptemétal (Metalshaper), guide to Sculptemétal
  51. SoutierFurieux (Furystoker), guide on SoutierFurieux
  52. Tirlac Arc d'Ombre (Shadowbow Tirlac), guide on Tirlac Arc d'Ombre
  53. Tissesortilège (Hexweaver), guide to Tissesortilège
  54. Gravechill Killer, Guide to Icetomb Killer
  55. Incarnate Slayer (Crimson Slayer), guide on Incarnate Slayer
  56. Vagabond, guide on Vagabond (new faction)
  57. Valérie, guide to Valérie
  58. Veteran, guide to veterans

C | C-Rank Rare Champion (Evil)

  1. Abyssal, guide to Abyssal
  2. Adjudicator, guide on Adjudicatrice
  3. Elder Guide to Elder
  4. Pounder guide
  5. Aumônière (Chaplain), guide to Aumônière
  6. Banshee, guide on Banshee
  7. Barbegrise (Graybeard), guide to Barbegrise
  8. Baroudeur (Scrapper), guide on Baroudeur
  9. Bâtonneur (Cudgeler), guide to Bâtonneur
  10. Bête Infernale (Hellfreak), guide to Bête Infernale
  11. Siegebreaker, Siegebreaker guide
  12. Brutondulante (Slitherbrute), Brutondulante guide
  13. Lumberer, guide to Lumberer
  14. Corpulent Cadaver, Corpulent Corpse Guide
  15. Deathsinger (Deathchanter), guide on Deathsinger
  16. Knight, guide on Knight
  17. Confesseuse (Confessor), guide on Confesseuse
  18. Cornenoueuse (Gnarlhorn), guide on Cornenoueuse
  19. Courtisan (Broker), Courtesan guide
  20. Dreadnought (Ironclad), guide to Dreadnought
  21. Teethstone (Rocktooth), Teethstone guide
  22. Disciple Deuxclaws (Twinclaw Disciple), guide on Disciple Deuxclaws
  23. Dolor Gardelore (Dolor lorekeeper), guide on Dolor Gardelore
  24. Draconis, guide to Draconis
  25. Fencer, guide on Fencer
  26. Eviscerator, guide to Eviscerator
  27. Rugged Splitter (Stout Axeman), Rugged Splitter Guide
  28. Failer, guide to Failer
  29. Forge-Carreau (Boltsmith), guide on Forge-Carreau
  30. Candleguard, Candleguard guide
  31. Watcher (Guardian), guide on Watcher
  32. Runic Warder, Runic Warder guide
  33. Ogryn Jailer, guide to Ogryn Jailer
  34. Gloril Fléaubrutal (Gloril Brutebane), guide to Gloril Fléaubrutal
  35. Chopper, guide on Chopper
  36. Halberdier (Halberdier), guide on Halberdier
  37. Howler (Howler), howler guide
  38. Ifrit, guide to Ifrit
  39. Itinerant, guide to Itinerant
  40. Lamibur, guide to Lamibur
  41. Launcher (Flinger), guide on Launcher
  42. Mage Ensorceleuse (Magus), guide to renowned Mage Ensorceleuse
  43. Rotting Mage, guide on Rotting Mage
  44. Magician (Sorceress), guide on Magician
  45. Magister, guide to Magister
  46. Meshes (Lamellar), meshes guide
  47. Master Butcher, guide to Master Butcher
  48. Spymaster, guide to Spymaster
  49. Ashwalker, guide to Ashwalker
  50. Marchedune (Dunestrider), guide on Marchedune
  51. Margrave Fauconvert (Margrave Greenhawk), Guide on Margrave Fauconvert
  52. Marauder (Marauder), guide on Marauder
  53. Bloodmask, Bloodmask guide
  54. Myrmidon, guide to Myrmidon
  55. Nattesang (Bloodbraid), guide on Nattesang
  56. Panther (Panthera), panther guide
  57. Pauvre Hère (Wretch), guide to Pauvre Hère
  58. Paintersang (Bloodpainter), guide on Paintersang
  59. Penitent (Penitent), guide to Penitent
  60. Pierre Hirsute (Ruffstone), guide on Pierre Hirsute
  61. Pillarde (Raider), guide on Pillarde
  62. Pique Porc (pigsticker), Pique Porc guide
  63. Ripperfist guide to Ripper Fist
  64. Skullsworn, guide to Skullsworn
  65. Prosecutore (prosecutor), Guide on Prosecutore
  66. Sanctum Protector, guide to Sanctum Protector
  67. Grumbler, guide to Grumbler
  68. Riab Lame-Solitaire (Loneblade Riab), Riab Lame-Solitaire guide
  69. Riscarm, Riscarm guide
  70. Skink (Skink), guide on Skink
  71. Sentinel (Sentinel), guide on Sentinel
  72. Drowned Bloatwraith, guide to Drowned Bloatwraith
  73. Purple Skeleton (amaratin skeleton), guide on Purple Skeleton
  74. Solaris, guide to Solaris
  75. Witness, guide to Witness
  76. Templar, guide to Templar
  77. Temptress (Temptress), guide on Temptress
  78. Theurgist, guide to Theurgist
  79. Totem, guide to Totem
  80. Trugorr, Trugorr Guide
  81. Vengeresse (Avenger), guide on Vengeresse
  82. Vouivre du Fléau (Wyvernbane), guide to Vouivre du Fléau
  83. Traveler (wanderer), guide on Traveler
  84. Wagon du Fléau (Wagonbane), guide to Wagon du Fléau
  85. Yak (Ox), guide on Yak

D | D-Rank Rare Champion (Terrible)

  1. Abatarbre (Treefeller), guide on Abatarbre
  2. Abjurer (Renouncer), guide on Abjurer
  3. Acolyte, guide on Acolyte
  4. Arbalester, guide to Arbalester
  5. Arbaletrier (Crossbowman), guide on Arbaletrier
  6. Archere d'Acier (Steel Bowyer), Archere d'Acier guide
  7. Assassin (Slayer), guide on Assassin
  8. Slasher Guide to Slasher
  9. Stitched Beast, guide to Stitched Beast
  10. Bombardier, guide to Bombardier
  11. Cataphract (Cataphract), guide on Cataphract
  12. Centurion, guide on Centurion
  13. Huntress, Huntress guide
  14. Bloodhorn (Bloodhorn), guide on Bloodhorn
  15. Infernal Fang (Hellfang), guide on Infernal Fang
  16. Désaxé (Madman), guide to Désaxé
  17. Dompte-Beasts (Beast Wrestler), guide on Dompte-Beasts
  18. Headsman, guide to Headsman
  19. Painforge (Painsmith), Painforge guide
  20. Honor Guard, guide on Honor Guard
  21. Grandmaster (Grandmaster), guide to Grandmaster
  22. Harrier, Harrier guide
  23. Hospitaliere (Hospitaller), guide to Hospitaliere
  24. Infernale génie (Hellborn Sprite), guide to Infernale génie Infernale génie
  25. Interceptor (Interceptor), guide on Interceptor
  26. Jouvencelle (Maiden), guide on Jouvencelle
  27. Justiciar, guide on Justiciar
  28. Hatchet Slinger Guide to Hatchet Slinger
  29. Magistrate(Judicator), guide on Magistrate
  30. Malbranche, guide to Malbranche
  31. Mangechair (Flesheater), Mangechair guide
  32. Marquise (Marquess), guide on Marquise
  33. Masquegore (Goremask), Guide to Masquegore
  34. Mycolus, guide to Mycolus
  35. Peaupierre (Stoneskin), guide to Peaupierre | Beast of rock
  36. Perforator, guide on Perforator
  37. Tormentor guide, Tormentor guide
  38. Pistegadoue (Muckstalker), guide on Pistegadoue
  39. Steadfast Marshal, guide to Steadfast Marshal
  40. Purgator, guide on Purgator
  41. Quaestor, guide on Quaestor
  42. Ranger Macabre (Ghoulish Ranger), guide on Ranger Macabre
  43. Cabot's Spawn, Cabot's Spawn guide
  44. Sangmagma (magmablood), guide on Sangmagma
  45. Fortress Goon, guide on Fortress Goon
  46. Tetepic (Spikehead), guide on Tetepic


(you can eat them all from here 🙂 )

S | S-rank Uncommon Champion (God Tier for Uncommon)

  1. Armorie (Armiger), guide to Armorié
  2. Commandeur (Commander), Commander guide
  3. Dhampire, Dhampire guide
  4. Skinner, Skinner Guide
  5. Shieldguard guide on Shieldguard
  6. Outlaw Monk, guide on Outlaw Monk
  7. Saurus, guide to saurus
  8. Sniper Zephyr (Zephyr Sniper), guide on sniper Zephyr

A | A-rank Uncommon Champion (Excellent for Uncommon)

  1. Archère (archer), guide to Archère
  2. Crusader, Crusader guide
  3. Dervish (Dervish), guide to Dervish
  4. Gardelfe (Elfguard), guide on Gardelfe
  5. Lamardente (Fireblade), guide on Lamardente
  6. Ritualist (Ritualist), guide on Ritualist
  7. Sergent (Sergeant), guide on Sergent
  8. Cranecuyer (Skullsquire), guide on Cranecuyer
  9. Sniper, guide on Sniper
  10. Spiritwalker (Spiritwalker), Spiritwalker Guide
  11. Vigilante (Vigilante), guide on Vigilante

B | Rank B Uncommon Champion (Good for Uncommon)

  1. Aristocrat (Aristocrat), guide on Aristocrat
  2. Duelist, guide on Duelist
  3. Héraut (Herald), Heraut guide
  4. Hungerer guide to Hungerer
  5. Icebound Prospector Guide to Icebound Prospector
  6. Instructor (Drillmaster), guide on Instructor 
  7. foreigner (Outlander), foreigner guide
  8. Guide (Outrider), guide on Guide (lil)
  9. Pilgrim, guide to Pelerin
  10. Satyr (satyr), guide on Satyr
  11. Skeleton (Skellag), guide on Skeleton
  12. Sun tribe, Sun tribe guide
  13. Vulpin (Vulpine), guide to Vulpin
  14. Warsong (Warchanter), guide to Warsong
  15. Parlevent (Windtalker), guide on parlevent
  16. Word Bearer, guide on Word Bearer

C | C-rank Uncommon Champion (Evil)

  1. Arc de sable (sandbow), Arc de sable guide
  2. Battle Sister, guide on Battle Sister
  3. Brute, guide to Brute 
  4. Chemist (Chemist), guide Chemist
  5. Conscript (Conscript), guide on Conscript
  6. Crusher, guide on Crusher
  7. Dead Crusader, guide to Dead Crusader
  8. Frontline Warrior guide to Frontline Warrior
  9. Durécaille (Hardscale), guide to Durécaille
  10. Infiltrated (Infiltrator), guide to Infiltrated
  11. Intercessor (Intercessor), guide on Intercessor
  12. Jaeger, guide to Jaeger
  13. Line Infantry, Line Infantry Guide
  14. Arena Warrior (Pit Fighter), guide to Arena Warrior
  15. Minespawn (Pitspawn), guide on Minespawn
  16. Redemptrice (Redeemer), guide on Redemptrice
  17. Ecuyer (Squire), guide on Ecuyer
  18. Partisan (Stalwart), guide on Partisan
  19. Tunnel Steward, guide on Tunnel Steward
  20. Vil Spawn (Vilspawn), guide on Vil Spawn

D | Rank D Uncommon Champion (Terrible)

  1. Admonitor, guide on Overseer
  2. Cultist (Cultist), guide on Cultist
  3. Frostskin, Frostskin guide
  4. Head Taker, guide to Head Taker
  5. Heartpiercer, guide to Heartpiercer
  6. Incubus (Incubus), guide on Incubus
  7. Lemur (lemure), lemur guide
  8. Vieillebarbe (Oldbeard), guide to Vieillebarbe
  9. Bâtard d'Arène (Pit Cur), guide to Bâtard d'Arène
  10. Militia (Militia), guide on Militia
  11. Slicer, guide on slicer
  12. Stalker guide to Stalker
  13. Thrasher, guide on Thrasher
  14. Throatcutter, Throatcutter Guide
  15. Tracker, guide on Tracker


S | Champion Communs of rank S (God Tier for a commun...)

  1. Chien du Trépas (death hound), guide on Chien du Trépas

A | Champion A-rank commons (Excellent for a common...)

  1. Sister Militant, guide to Sister Militant

B | Rank B Commons Champion (Good for a Common…)

  1. Bandit, guide on Bandit
  2. Swordman, guide to Swordman
  3. Pikeman, guide on Pikeman
  4. Ribaud, guide to Ribaud

C | C-rank Common Champion (Evil)

  1. Deathknight, Deathknight guide
  2. Novice (Novitiate), guide on Novice
  3. Lurker, lurker guide

D | D-rank Commons Champion (Terrible)

  1. Hellhound, Hellhound guide
  2. Despote (Bully) guide on Despote
  3. Splitter (Axeman), guide on Splitter
  4. Garçon guerrier (warboy), guide to Garçon guerrier
  5. Prédicatrice (Preacher), guide to Prédicatrice
  6. Tidy up, guide to tidying up
  7. Servant (Knecht), guide on Servant
  8. Troglodyte, guide to Troglodyte
  9. Tueuse de Mage (magekiller), guide to Tueuse de Mage
  10. Vassal (Thrall), Vassal guide

How are champions rated for the raid shadow legends tier list?


★★★★★ Very good champion who does the right thing efficiently.
★★★★✰ Good champion that's pretty effective.
★★★✰✰ Can be interesting if not better.
★★✰✰✰ A little useful. Will not be used if you have other champions.
★✰✰✰✰ Lame champion that doesn't work at all.

Legendary, Epic and Rare classification

Rank S - GOD Level (Suitable for all areas. Significantly increases team efficiency)
Rank A- Excellent (Suitable in almost all areas. Able to stand alone)
Rank B - Medium (Suitable in certain cases. Provides decent support for allies)
Rank C - Poor (doesn't offer much compared to champions of the same rarity, or only in one place)
Rank D – Terrible (Useless)

You can find the list of heroes in this guide. If you click on the links, you'll be taken to the skills guide for dwarf heroes, barbarians, lords, hordes of the undead, orcs, shadow clans, dark elves, lizardmen, demonic offspring, revenant knights, ogryn tribes and high elves, whether epic or legendary (such as dark knights).
Which ones will do the most damage (we've added damage multipliers to the champions), you've got the champions' stats (their speed, for example), a guide to each champion's skills and their stats. The number of cooldown turns on skills. Find out who boosts the turn counter, or increases speed, for example.

Even if you don't have the best legendaries in the game, I'd advise you to check out all the champions in the game. Especially if you run into enemies in the arena and don't know what they do. For example, Valkyrie is a barbarian spirit defender whose passive reduces your turn counter. (she needs precision) so if you put buffs on yourself, she'll reduce your team's speed. And it can be cute, so it's always useful to know the characters in the game. Even the epic ones, so take a look at the website or the in-game catalog.


The four affinities are :
- Strength
– Magic
- Spirit
- None

Information on the best tribes:

The factions:
– Lords
– High Elves
- the Sacred Order
– Barbarians
– Ogryn Tribes
- Lizard men
– Skin Walkers
– Orcs
- Demonic offspring
– Living hordes
– Dark Elves
– Returning Knights
– Dwarfs
- Clan de l'Ombre (Clan de l'ombre is a new faction, with some good epic stuff in it)

If you're looking for a clan, feel free to join our discord server. There's even a bot that lets you put in the champion's name and gives you the link directly. It also gives you info on skills, skill damage, the number of cooldown turns, the link to the best epic tier list, for example.

Be careful not to eat good champions; even bad rare or epic champions can be good, even UP (especially a legendary champion can be UP).
Example apothecary, best rare magic champion in the game at the start, High Elves who surpass even epics, he constantly increases the turn counter, heals and taps his A1 3 times.
Banshee gelée who came out later, perso hordes des morts vivants magic, puts full poison on her A1 after putting sensitivity to poison, she destroys drake and bdc (except those with strength affinity, but strong against spirit, magic and nothingness).
Merging can be useful, for example: Largegueule, super champion Lizardmen, affinities nil, it allows you to rez and increase the Turn counter from its up. I used it for the Lizardmen faction crypt, but now recommend it to almost all newcomers.
In the free characters, among the best we have scyl of the drakes, legendary barbarian magic, his skills are great with a rez + zone stun, his passive allows you to heal your team to keep them alive.


Thank you for reading theraid shadow legends tier list, I invite you to share it as much as possible to help the newcomers and save all the apothecaries! (1 minute of silence for all the apo who were food 🙁 )


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92 commentaires on "Tier List of Raid Shadow Legends champions by rarity and strength"

  1. Hello,

    First of all thank you for this very interesting support.
    I have a question: is an epic champion, even bad, necessarily better than a rare champion, even excellent or better? Same case for a legendary versus an epic…
    I did not find the following rare champions in the list: Huntress, Beast Tamer, Slasher, Infernal Fang, Fencer and Honor Guard.

    • Hi,

      Thank you 🙂
      For your questions then a tier list is never precise at 100%, this tierlist is to know which champion is good everywhere or almost (so it's rarely what we're looking for ^^) but it gives an idea, for Next I will make tier lists for each thing (BDC, campaign, Arena and Dungeon, but first I want to finish the champions ^^). So you have to look at the pages of each character to see where they are strong (normally you know it with the spells they have)
      So to answer your question a legendary can be worse than a rare haha, that's why there are UPs on some characters, but you really have to be careful because champions can be very useful in a dungeon but nowhere else ^^.

      For rare champions I will add them 😉 (but I will do the pages later)

    • Hi, don't hesitate to come on the discord and ask for the page so that I don't forget, it will be done but at the moment I admit that I'm pretty taken haha 🙂

    • Yes, of course, just for your lead ARENA composition, it's brilliant. You don't have to have Sinesha to play a Skullcrown (otherwise we wouldn't see so many in the arena haha)

  2. Hi all. I already asked the question about 1 week ago or a little more I can't remember because my comment was deleted… weird!!
    So my question is and was: when will October's Legends of the Month be ranked?

  3. Hello Alucare,

    I have a question about the Shaman. In this list you classify it as bad (Class C) while in its description you give it a plethora of stars (56 in all) which could make some Class A pale. I think there is a point to review...

    • Hi; chamane had his booster stars by the time I did the entire tier list (because otherwise everyone wouldn't stop eating)
      Now that everything is done I go put a description thank you for the return (we only use it for faction crypts)

  4. Hello, first of all, your site is great, it really helps me a lot!
    There seems to be an error in your list:
    – “Marked” which is in place 36 should be in place 28 in your listing
    – Apparently missing “Blood Mask” (ShadowClan) Rare

  5. Hello,

    Thanks again Alu, following a review made on my account 2 weeks ago because I didn't pass Drak 16. I followed your advice and today I just finished my first drak 20 🙂 🙂

    • The goals of the review is the post drak20 and team spider to up my stats and optimize my time on the drak20 because currently I have a win rate of 99% (Test on 500 run) but an average time of 4 minutes 20... is still very long :slight_smile:

      The review made me optimize the run speed in drak20 and the passage in auto of the spider 16 (+ in evolution to be expected from a Paragon for the passage of the spider 20)

      Thank you for your help and your pedagogy

  6. Hello,
    I'm stuck at challenge 3.1, I don't know which champion to use to remove the BUFF (shield) from the Boss of the Magic Dungeon...
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  7. He is THE best Raid Shadow streamer, support him he does a very very good review and helps new and old players and his site helps me so much every day, so reward his incredible work (hope my comment will be useful ;))))

    • Hi, we're bosse on the site right now, you can send me a discord PM screen of the page with the ads that we see what it looks like at home 🙂 thank you!

      • I wanted to find a leaderboard to quickly help me keep some champions to advance in faction warfare...
        I regularly go around all your info but I'm an impatient "advanced I think" beginner and I admit that I can't do it anymore with all the champions 😂😂
        I'm going back to study your advice 😉

  8. Hello,
    Among the list below, which champion do you recommend me to level 60 first?
    Rearguard Sergeant
    Sepulcher Sentinel
    Dark Elhain
    Quargan the Crowned
    Toragi the Frog

    Thank you in advance for your help

  9. Hello, I am an Italian RSL player and I use your site because it is extremely detailed, but I noticed that some champion names are not translated correctly from French/English to Italian, for example Ashwalker in the Italian version of the game and Cinerario.
    Is it possible to change the names of the champions so that they are translated correctly?
    Thank you.


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