How to sort your artifacts on Raid Shadow Legends?

What are the artifacts that must be sold on Raid Shadow Legends?

As promised, here is the list of artifacts you can sell without any problem.

First of all, don't forget that artifacts should be used BEFORE sets, as I remind you every Sunday in Review on raid shadow legends :).

Need help, no time or lazy to sort it out?

Don't have time to sort through all 1,300 artifacts? You're going to spend 8 hours doing it, and you want someone else to do it for you?

I can do this for you on paid reviews. Make a Artifact trie request here.

Artifacts with flat main stats:

Artifacts that have primary stats in FLAT = trash!!!

What are flat stats?

Flat stats = those that are not in percentages, e.g. ATQ instead of ATQ%.


Some Legendary artifacts with speed sub-stats you can try to raise to level 4-8 to see if there are any speed procs. If there are no speed procs, you sell them. (I advise you to do this during artifact upgrade events).

The stats flats for sale are as in the picture, only the GLOVES, PANSIERE and BOOTS.

Why ?

When you build a Level 60 champion, he will gain a lot more stats with % than Flat.

Image of trie on RSL:

flat stats

ATQ % gloves:

You must keep a single ATQ % glove (to bomb them like lord shazar). I advise you to keep a 6* atq % glove with sub-stats:

  • critical rate
  • Speed
  • Precision

And all the rest of the gloves = sold.

Why ?

You're always going to put Critical Rate or Critical Damage gloves on your champions who do damage. So why have ATQ % gloves?

Image of trie on RSL:

gloves atq%

The PV% / DEF% and ATQ% boots:

Why ?

Because speed is life?
Speed on your champions is ESSENTIAL! So we sell boots that are other than Vitesse.

I advise you to keep 2-3 ATQ% 6* boots with good sub stats for a farmer or a big DSP if you have champions like longuebarbe/kreela/lanakis/etcs... for Sinesha and Couronnecrâne stuff.

For PV% and DEF% one boot each. Useful for the BDC if you have too much speed in the rest of your artifacts, it can be useful for Speed Tune.

Image of trie on RSL:

boots %

Precision and resistance 4* and 5* panels:


Watch where you are in the game!!!

Why ?

For 4* and 5* you lose a lot of precision and resistance compared to a 6*.
If you're a beginner, keep the torsos precise.
Torso resistances sell 5* (unless very, very good sub stats).

Image of trie on RSL:

torso precision and resistance

Rare artifacts with Resistance sub stats:

Here it's case by case, you have to look at each item so as not to sell good ones

Why ?

Resistance is useful in END GAME, so having a rare artifact with resistance sub-stats is a shame. If you have a very good sub-stat, I'd advise you to go up to level 4 and see if it proc resist or not.

Image of trie on RSL:


I finally do the dragon 20 in car!

Great you can sell all your 4* stuff!!! Great news right?

As soon as you make the dragon 20 by car, sell all your 4* and lower stuff that will be of no use to you.

I'd also advise you to sell anything 5* rare and inferior (you're going to have a mess of them later). Keep the good artifacts just in case.


Last tip:

Think about it! On which champion could I put this artifact? If you don't think it will be useful on any known champion, sell it! (but you need to know the champions).

Another little tip: all 5 and 6* epic artifacts with speed sub-stats can be used to get triple proc speed 😉 which can make a great item. If it doesn't proc before level 8 = sold (unless other sub stats are good.)


In any case, the more you get used to selling items, the more you'll know how to sort them out. Then it's up to you to know your items after a while ;). As soon as you make a dragon, sort it into the new artifacts and think about who you can sell it to. At first, ask for advice if you're not sure, and look at what your champions need most.


Don't hesitate to share the page 😉 If you want, you can post a comment, about what you're doing or anything else. And if you think some information is missing.


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14 commentaires on "How to sort your artifacts on Raid Shadow Legends?"

  1. On epic 5-6* artifacts with crit rate under stats, I always try to double or triple roll on crit rate, because otherwise it's a hassle when you want to switch to crit damage gloves

    • on the artifacts of the top pq not, if there are good under stats but if there is only critical I do not do it because I want a minimum of speed, critical damage see accuracy but after yes it depends on what we are looking for 🙂

  2. Hi, in this page you say that all artifacts with stat flat is trash but yet in the character sheets you put this:

    weapon = Attack
    helmet = HP
    Shield = Defense
    gloves = Defense % or PV %
    Armor = Defense % or HP %
    boots = speed
    ring = Defense or HP
    amulet = Defense or HP
    banner = Precision

    Which means we have to take artifacts with stat flat? I don't understand

    • Hi Brice,
      The sale of flat stats only applies to the middle row (gloves-chest-boots) because the top row (weapon-helmet-shield) always have flat main stats.
      Alucare recommends speed boots because it is one of the most important stats, which only exists as a main stat on boots, and only on flat.
      ~Hope it helps!

    • Yo me pregunto lo mismo… Ya lo releí varias veces y no logro compreer bien. Yo la seguí de manera literal y con suposiciones y me fue bien, pero si todo lo que sea “plano” es basura… igual, creo que habla desde un punto de vista de “end game”.

  3. Hello,
    Often when you put except if very good sub stats m, but how do you know if the artifact in question has good sub stats because you don't indicate which ones are good. From what I've seen in your advice, will each champion need different sub-stats?


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