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Reviews and promo code Holy Energy
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Small update of 08/17/2022:

Holy Energy bECOMES We Are Holy. But nothing changes for you because it's the same promo codes. Just that they removed the Energy in the name. Now that's right Holy.

So the promo code We Are Holy is functional with the code: ALUCARE

If you are looking for another Holy promo code, you can find some on the website Kotag. Especially on the Holy promo codes page.

My Opinion Holy Energy = Holy (We are Holy):

So on my side I have never taken competing products or even coffee before. I had already had contacts for other competitors but I did not accept because I was not interested. What made me take the leap for Holy Energy is that everything is 100% natural. And after making a call, I wanted to test. So I received -48H, the starter pack + a shaker for free. (I prefer to say it, but that does not change my opinion of Holy or the sequel). If I don't like the products or the like I can say so.

Taste :

I tested the same day, the citrus cobra. I love anything lemonade. But I still prefer lemonade. Flavor level I still give it a 7/10. (I might try some sparkling water! I'll see if anyone else has tried it) The next day, I tested the Tropical Tiger (pineapple, passion fruit). I was not at all attracted but clearly it is TOO GOOD! It is ultra fruity, the flavor is very pronounced, it's 9/10. (because I haven't tested the last 2 yet!) On Thursday I tested the Strawberry Shark. I didn't like it at all, taste of medicine and I find it less soluble than the others. Friday I tested the last one: Raspberry Raptor (Raspberry). I give it a small 6/10. Not a big fan but much better than the Shark (my opinion). On the other hand, I find it less soluble. So for tastes it really depends on everyone, I'm saying my opinion but it's up to you to make your own for €14.99!

What is the best Holy Energy taste?

Tuesday 03/15/2022 = I tested the citrus cobra: 7/10
Wednesday 03/16/2022 = Tropical Tiger: 9/10 (it is too good and very fruity!)
Thursday 03/17/2022 = Strawberry Shark: 3/10 (I don't like the (medicinal) taste and I find it less soluble. With sparkling water, on the other hand, it is good.
Friday 03/18/2022 = Raspberry Raptor: 6/10 (The flavor is fine but I prefer the others, except the shark). And the same less soluble I find.
Wednesday 05/11/2022 = Lion's Lemonade: 8/10 (I like the flavor and find it refreshing)
Friday 05/13 and 05/14/2022 = Peach panther: 8/10 (same as the Lion's Lemonade, to see which one I prefer)
Month of June (7 thank you for the date of the photo) = Blueberry = 7/10 (I put the same note as the Citrus Cobra, the taste is weird at first then you get used to it, the same for some of my viewers. So to test and take 2-3 days in a row to get used to). The taste of coconut is pronounced towards the end, and that of blueberry much more at the beginning.
Month of July: Lemon Lizard: 6/10 but it's really good compared to what I expected, at first I was a little afraid of the taste but it's good. The more I drink, the more I want to raise the note.

December (Christmas): Baked Apple: 7/10 (10/10 for the smell and 5/10 for the taste): I tasted the 2 flavors that are only available at Christmas with the end of Christmas offers year, they smell super good (baked apple, it smells super good, the 2 smell really very good and they taste but I'm not a fan.

2023 :

Raspberry x Vanilla x Hibiscus Tea: 8/10, it's not bad but I prefer the Apple green tea.

HOLY Iced Tea Peach x Nectarine: 9.5/10 I drink more than that and this is the first “pot” that I finish so quickly.

Fruity Frog: I don't remember the taste haha, I'll let you test it (I didn't rate it after tasting my fault!)

HOLY Iced Tea® Red Grapes: 9.5/10 clearly one of my favourites!

Gorilla's (green) Grape: 8/10, I like it but I'm sticking with the Holy Ice Tea now to drink it at any time.

Lime x Matcha: Not tasted yet

Little Tips: If you don't like a flavor too much, with sparkling water it's perfect!

For the lion's, I find that it changes the color of the shakers, so be careful not to use your favorite shaker with it!


So I took my first shaker little by little for 1h30 in the afternoon. (Some take it dry). I had a boost and I was in good shape 20 minutes after tasting. In the evening normally I have a helm around 10:00 p.m. but nothing at all. I never take caffeine or energy drinks so I think the drink lasted much longer than average. I had to wait until 4:00 am to fall asleep. So for the next ones, I will only take it in the morning. For the second day I was in class, I always took a nap at noon. But not this time, and no fatigue during the day, no worries to follow the course!


That's why I decided to test Holy Energy, for the fact that it's more natural. Odor level no problem, the color there is a Natural dyes like beetroot. There are small lumps left on the bottom, 99% is soluble and there is a tiny bit of deposit left on the bottom (which doesn't change the taste too much except after a sip). But I remind you that it is a more natural product than Redbull or others, so I prefer that rather than everything being soluble but only chemical. For the Strawberry Shark, less soluble than the others?

In summary :

For those who are used to energy drinks, I strongly advise you to try it! You have to see if one of the tastes available suits you. If so, it's perfect otherwise you'll have to wait for future flavors! As a bonus, promo code of -10% with the code: ALUCARE


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Reviews and promo code Holy Energy
Use the PROMO code: ALUCARE5 for the discovery offer ALUCARE for the other packs!

Images of my various Holy Energy orders.

holy energy opinion on the peach panther
Jar of Peach Panther, with its shaker
pot holy energy lion's lemonade and Peach panther received in thailand.
Pot Holy Energy peach panther and Lion's Lemonade received when I was in Thailand
Discovery Pack won by Vaunted
Holy Energy discovery offer with Shaker from Vaunted that he won with my giveaway
blueberry holy energy review
Received June 7 in Thailand, tested live

Community reviews:

Not to give my own opinion. I will add the opinions of the community (contact by Discord). By the way, thank you to them for taking the time to answer the questions! PS: You may find some assets directly on the Official Holy Energy discord!

Succhaborez's review of Holy Energy:

Information: Known by Chance on TikTok.

What purchase? : Test package

The cost : cheap

The + compared to the competition: Very good taste. It's fruity, not sugary. Vegan. European. Delivered quickly.

The – compared to the competition : Nothing Others : I am in food rebalancing and since it is very low in calories, it allows me to drink refreshing things without swallowing sugar cubes with each sip. Talk about it to all his friends around him!

Dag974's review of Holy Energy:

What purchase? : advanced pack 2 jars + Cobra and Tiger shaker + a trial (test for his family) + shaker

Information : Discovered Holy while looking for natural energy products. User since August 2021. Life in Reunion, so order via Louis on discord.

The cost : it is very competitive because in real life I find it reasonable and in terms of quality and price, for a very affordable vegan product

The + compared to the competition: The + for me is vegan and 100% fruit

The – compared to the competition: Never tested competing products (just like me)

Others : Initially it was a test for me Holy, because the special gamers page, with substances etc. I didn't really agree. When I saw and read what was in the Holy, I went to inquire on the net and I found that it is healthier than other competitors. I am curious by nature so I look everywhere. I've tried it during games, I've tried it before, after, when I wake up, during the day, during sports and I recommend it because it's great!

Opinion of Vhelldrinn on Holy Energy:

What purchase? : Discovery pack with a shaker for €19.99.

Information: New user, Proper substitute for monster/redbull, effective in boosting energy. “Lets hold the night on a pound”.

The cost: Affordable remains to be seen if I will really switch to Holy (healthier and sugar free) than sticking to Monster (Taurine and other crap).

The + compared to the competition: The fact that it is more interesting on the doses because it seems to me that the jars of Holy drinks are intended to replace several cans of Monster and above all it is cheaper for the quantity (and the quality of the product). Alucare “For information the pot = 50 Monster. So yes for the price it is cheaper”

The – compared to the competition: More tastes available from the competition.

Opinion of Atlantica on Holy Energy:

Information: Tested by Chance in October 2021 with the test pack and then the jars a week later.

What purchase? : Test pack –> Multiple commands

The cost : very correct

The + compared to the competition: sugar free, taurine free, good flavor, easily accessible team on Discord, small business

The – compared to the competition : Not found – yet

Others : Didn't drink other energy drinks as don't like the taste nor the content. "I've always enjoyed testing stuff like that (energy drinks, Huel/Feed type powdered food) but it's rare that I really appreciate it"

Opinion of Yertu on Holy Energy:

Information: Consumer for 4 months, known from Twitch.

What purchase? :  Discovery pack then Rasberry raptor.

Favorite tastes: Raspberry with yuzu

The cost : Finds the price quite expensive (I think that as puts genkistar, at the dose it is profitable but you have to go out 39€ for a pot)

The + compared to the competition: I find the drink gives energy fast and effective compared to powered.

The – compared to the competition : Nothing

Others : I started with a discovery pack to try the tastes to see which ones I like, then today I buy every first day of the month, and the Rasberry Rapace. I find it very good, a very good taste, you quickly find an overflowing energy, no sugar no taurine, the fruits really have a flavor of fresh fruit as if we were squeezing them ourselves. The price is still expensive, I buy 2 packs per month so 80€ per month. (It couldn't take as much from the competition)

Opinion of GenkiStar on Holy Energy:

Information: 1 week thanks to Twitch.

What purchase? :  Discovery package.

The cost : it is interesting by calculating the dose but the total cost can put off (especially minors I understand that it is complicated to negotiate with their parents to put a minimum of 39€ for drinks).

The + compared to the competition: Ecological (no cans, disposable bottles etc). Everything made in EU.

The – compared to the competition : Remember to shake each time because the caffeine quickly sinks to the bottom

Others : Crazy packaging (even the box of the mdr package). Holy coins that allow reductions (or goodies but everyone sees) in addition to the minus 10%. Encourages you to drink more water without realizing it. The tastes are great and surprising for “just powder”. Ultra-fast delivery times (for France anyway). Vitamins that provide almost all daily needs at least 100%. Quality of the shaker ++ (design but above all sealing)

Captaiin's opinion on Holy Energy:

Information: User since mid March 2022. Will order the lion's drink and other flavors.
What purchase? : Discovery package.
The cost : Discovery pack a bit expensive but still reasonable to try to enter the Holy community x) The jars seem quite reasonable to me, let's look at the biggest pack. For 3 jars + a shaker it costs 99.99 euros or 32 euros per jar (for 50 shakes) a ridiculous sum if you take 1 shake a day, even for two.
The + compared to the competition: Ecological, No sugar, No taurine. A great packaging both in terms of packages received and in terms of animal designs. Diverse and varied tastes + a multitude that should arrive (in particular the Lion's) An almost non-existent delivery expectation (almost too fast) and on top of that free
The – compared to the competition: Nothing particularly negative to say but a small idea which I think does not take place (to be checked) When a new flavor comes out it would be interesting to put a discovery bag in the package to encourage tasting.
Others : All you have to do is resume the sport or start and let's go become a Lion's.

Gorrock's opinion on Holy Energy:

Information: Consumer since mid-April 2022. I got to know Holy Energy through a Twitch streamer, Djboucherie, who drinks it during his streams, I tried out of curiosity with the discovery offer, never consuming energy drinks, I felt like to try after having inquired directly on the Holy Energy site. Without being vegan, the list of components, all natural, and especially that it is sugar-free, reassured me, compared to competing brands. I then ordered a Blueberry Bear and Peach Panther that I hadn't tasted yet, both very good!
Personal use: I drink half a shaker or a whole shaker per day maximum depending on my needs, and I highly recommend it, it gives a quick and long-lasting energy boost!
Value for money: Very good in taste, natural ingredients, very complete information on the official website very interesting price for the duration of the 350 gram cans (about 50 shakers but more can be done by reducing the dose of powder needed without losing flavor intensity or in efficiency), it is therefore validated for me.

Kasim's review of Holy Energy:

Information: I discovered holy energy through krolay (streamer on twitch) and I let myself be tempted by the discovery pack.
What purchase? : The lemonade flavor, I didn't like the other 3 flavors however, it's a killer with a big preference for the tropical Tiger which explodes in the mouth radically.
Then came the panther which I did not test (normal I am not a fan of ice tea and obviously it looks like it) but I was able to test the youngest of the band, namely the blueberry bear and it is a crazy… you can really smell the blueberry which bursts in the mouth without my slightly acidic side, is not too sweet then only once after you can feel the voluptuousness of the coconut which remains in the mouth… in short, I am under the spell of this flavor which this mix very well.

Alucare review of Holy Iced Tea:

In September 2022, the brand decided to release sugar-free iced teas. That's why they renamed themselves We are Holy. Because Holy Energy becomes the name for all energy drinks and Holy Iced Tea for tea-based ones.

Image of Holy based tea.

iced tea holy energy

The different flavors available are really good, I was able to test them and clearly, if you drink Iced Tea every day or occasionally, I advise you to try it! Since it's sugar-free, it's much healthier and tastes really good, in addition to being cheaper than that in the supermarkets!

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Reviews and promo code Holy Energy
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I will add other feedback later, those of my viewers who have tested. For me it is really a product to test. The only thing that will make someone dislike will be the flavors available. After Holy Energy is creating new flavors so in the end I think everyone will be happy. If you want to order on the Holy Energy website, take advantage of a promo code of -10% with the code: ALUCARE

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