How to get V bucks for free?

Article verified and updated on 26/11/2023

How to get V bucks for free?

INFORMATION:  To get free V bucks, you must perform tasks. So, please go to Discord and read the project! Thank you 🙂

The only scam-free server! Create by us: CLICK HERE

It's worth noting that the rest of the sites are scams. In fact, the risks are enormous, and if you try, you could even lose your Fortnite account. So be careful and never reveal your password!

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Get free V bucks with Alugift

How can I get free V bucks? Let's talk about Alugift. What's Alugift? It involves join a Discord server, of complete quests and then claim your prize ! To put it simply, you have to complete a series of simple missions, and then earn money.

These tasks can be anything from following me on a particular channel to installing and playing a particular game. Once you've earned your points, you can claim your prizes!

Get free V Bucks with Alugift:

  • First, go to this server: Join the Discord server
  • You'll then have access to a GDoc that tells you how much money you'll earn after each mission;
  • Then take the role: Discord Nitro ;
  • In Information to read: click on the corresponding star;
  • Then go to : How to get nitro (that's the name because I only do it for the nitro discord) but we've decided to do it for the Free vbucks ;
  • You will then understand how the discord works.

How many vbucks can I earn?

Normally in 1 month you can easily get 1,000 free vbucks. If you complete all the missions, you can move up to the next level very quickly.

What are the requirements for Vbucks?

The conditions to get Vbucks are very simple:

  • Making missions and reach the.
  • As soon as you have reached this level, you must contact me on Discord : Hey Alucare, I want my free v bucks, I have 12€ on the Gdoc.
  • And then I'll ask you to add me as a friend on Fortnite and wait 48 hours (the time it takes to send a gift to a new friend).
  • Then I buy the skin/the fighting pass of your choice !


Is this allowed/dangerous for my Fortnite account?

Your Epic Games account is therefore not in danger, because I'm not asking for your accountJust add me as a friend. The only possible danger is that I'll put you in the TOP 1 squad if I play again haha.

But beware, many other sites (especially those that place V BUCKS GENERATOR) are dangerous for your account. Or they will try to scam you. So always be careful, it's very important, because many of you are looking for ways to get V bucks, especially when it's free!

Especially since Fortnite and V bucks are used on PC, PS4, Xbox One , Switch and phone, in other words, many fairly young users.

Conclusion: Free V-Bucks on Fortnite

So I think I've explained a lot, if you want to come and get your free V bucks : DISCORD SERVER ALUCARE.FR

It is currently the only method that is no-fake and safe for you!

I invite you to come and see for yourself! You'll see that it works and many have already received prizes(I've already offered more than 75 nitros on my discord). I'm not a bank so please don't send me a private message saying: Give me V bucks. You must complete missions and you will be 'paid' for your task !

FYI if you want to share this page it's part of the missions and you earn a few cents thanks to that 🙂

So go share with your entourage!

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This page fully answers the questions of users who want to get free V-Bucks on the game Fortnite.

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