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Welcome to the Raid Shadow Legends mobile game guide. To play on PC, please scroll down to RSL on PC!

Start by installing the game on your PC:

Community RSL

For those interested, there's a RSL game on my discord, with clan recruitment, advice (with an S because advice wouldn't be top ;)) and discussion : ) We're also highlighting upcoming changes to the game.

How do I get 540 free gems?

For more information about these gems : Click here

Personal assistance and Coaching on your behalf:

Which first champion to choose?

Right from the start choose between 4 champions.

If you'd like more information, please follow this link to the next page, where you'll find all the information you need to know about the characters.

To sum up, you have to choose between :

In order (for new players): Kael, Athel or Elhain, Galek.

See also our guide for new players :

List of the strongest champions

Here, I'll link to a list of all Raid Shadow Legends's strongest champions, a complete guide to all champions :

How to pay less for RSL packs?

To save money via Paypal :

Get free rewards in the boss clan:

Get the rewards in the boss clan.

Faction Crypt:

Discover the teams used and example to finish the faction crypts:


The menu contains all the information about the RSL Doom Tower + how to fight the boss :

Information about the Doom tower

Auto-cliker on RSL :

Sale Artefact RSL :

Tip on selling artifacts in raid shadow legends:

RSL Arenas:

Compo that anyone can do and that helps to pass silver 1.


Artifacts and mastery

All about artifacts:

Buffs and debuffs

List of all buffs and debuffs in the game :

Buildings and game pages :

List of buildings and their uses in the game

Champion Affinities RSL

Find out all about the different affinities: Magic / Spirit / Force and Void.

Lexicon on the game Raid Shadow Legends:

All the information on the game's abbreviations :

Promo code on Raid!

You can have promo codes to earn rewards.

Patch notes:

List of game patch notes and information:

Additional information:

How to install Raid Shadow Legends on a PC

You can play RSL on your PC directly via the Plarium launcher, no need for an emulator, just follow the tutorial here :

Bugs and fixes

All the links to improve your game, talk about bugs and how to fix them:

History of Raid Shadow Legends:

Is there a story behind Raid Shadow Legends? Did you follow it?

Others ?

Thanks for tell me exactly what you're looking for as an aid in the commentsso I can help you.

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Tip Raid Shadow Legends

Thanks for reading Shadow Legends raid tips, feel free to share the page : ) and as mentioned above if you have any questions I'm here, on Twitch and Discord :


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69 commentaires on "Guide Raid Shadow Legend"

  1. Hi I need your advice to form the best team in attack and defense arena with the following champions in my possession;

    Mrs Serris


    I look forward to your suggestions because after many tests I have not yet managed to put together the best group

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for the translation of ayumilove it is practical for non-English speakers
    I think it might be useful to put on the cards why they are interesting, it's not easy to know for a beginner why stag knight is good or crushes skull
    a few lines to say this character must play last he is interesting because he will hit hard but the characters before have to put weaknesses
    or the one must play first because it poses weaknesses ….

    finally something that explains the advantage of the characters

    best wishes !

    • Hello and no worries ^^
      To be honest, currently I'm doing all the pages on each champion and I took Ayumi's tier list, but later I'll change it a bit (it's already done for some champions)
      Because currently a champion who can be ULTRA strong in the dungeon, can be marked as a draw just because his utility = only one place ^^.
      So yes, I'll do a little text, but I'm mainly thinking of making a classification afterwards of the champions useful for: the arena, the BDC, the dungeons.
      (and on the pages I will add as for that of BEUGLEUR if you want to look :), the advice so that he farms in 12/3 and 12/6 in 7 seconds ^^)

  3. Hello, I would like to know how the xp boosts work. Indeed here are 2 times that I recover in my trunk xp boosts of 100 for 100 for one day but that does not change the xp farmed by my champions. Thanks in advance.

    • Hey, look cb of time you have on your bonus +100% because it's a bonus that if you have two of 24h = 48h, so you will see the difference when you lose your bonuses of 100% of exp.

  4. Hi! already thank you for your guide it is super useful for a beginner. I would like to know what is the most profitable way to use its gems, do you have to save? what resources to buy? thanks in advance

    • Thank you 🙂
      The gems:
      – purchase of the mine
      – purchase of the entire market
      – purchase of masteries for the starter
      – energy refill (energy purchase) for 40 gems, if you are very often connecting the training arena can be good ^^

  5. Hello,
    Already a big thank you for all the advice live / on this site, it's really very useful for beginners!
    I was wondering if it was possible to add a comment in the description of the heroes like "Very useful hero for his 1 thanks to his def debuff" or even your personal opinion on the hero
    And if it were also possible to have a guide per dungeon with a very useful list of heroes for the dungeon. This “idea” comes to me mainly from a thought I had when I had to farm the magic dungeon: “I need a debuff / shield theft, which character in fact? Given the number of characters, it will be long and complex to look at all the characters to find out who would be good. No choice right now but if a guide exists, it would have been faster/reliable! »

    In any case, thank you very much for what you are already doing, it helps a lot!

  6. Hi, would it be possible to have pages dedicated to boss to know what we are looking for in our personalities to increase our chances of progress? like” for X boss it is advisable to have a debuffer…” or “This boss works like that but you can manage it easily with a character who does X thing” 

  7. Hi, I have a mission that asks me to equip 2 champions with 3 star or higher artifact sets. And no way to get there, and I tried everything!
    If anyone can help me it will save my life!!

  8. hey how are you moderators, infact g a problem i am starting raid and as i am a son of a putty and well i want codes to earn money for free so i would be grateful if you could add a "codes" tab or you give them currently active codes.
    Sincerely, and thanking you for your
    understanding, Sir Sirius Autaurus.

  9. Hello,

    You say the word “food” quite a bit, what does that mean lol?

    I'm looking for it but I can't find it and you use it often XD

    Thank you, a pleasure to read you 🙂

  10. Hello, to begin, thank you for the work provided on this page. We can honestly say that these my bible RSL ^^
    Without this page I will be completely confused to know which legend to keep or not because I come to my second subject, I would like to know when the new legends of the month of October will be classified under tier because I would really like to know who I have to feed and who to keep. I seethe importance of knowing.
    Once again, a thousand thanks for what you do on this page, don't give up and keep it up, you're doing a great job.


    • Hi, so already I hope you don't eat your legendary ones even the bad ones ;).
      I'm going to do them when I have a little time because it's personal time and right now I prefer to resume the streams a little more but it will be done soon :).

      • Dsl I got confused. I wanted to put legends instead of legendary looool…
        Damn corrector…haha.
        Too many to have the thirds of the legend of the month of October.

  11. Hi ,
    I wanted to know if you planned to add categories for each dungeon, clan boss, ….
    For example, to make a ranking of the best for the dragon, spider … the same for the BDC
    I think it would help everyone and for characters who are bad at everything except dragon, it would allow new players to keep it and not the feed

    Thank you 😀

    • The big problem is that I wanted to do that EXCEPT that some like in the BDC that I had done only put the top third characters (and therefore did not make a team that could combo well) so if you have 5 good champions in the dragon but which have no synergy you can not advance ^^

  12. Hello,

    I'm looking to make 3 teams for the team arenas as well as a team for the Clan Boss.

    Here are the champions I have:

    Siphi Bride 2parked
    Krisk the Eternal
    Zavia (in x2)
    Scyl of the Drakes
    Septimus (in x2)
    Mortu Macaab
    Visix the rebellious
    Teela fleecegore

    Epic :
    Gala long braids
    Evil Created Monster
    Aox the Memorable
    golden reaper
    high khatun
    Zahrakin the fat
    Masked Spook
    balthus drauglord
    Haarken Greatblade
    Bound by oath
    noble legionnaire
    Rector Drath
    Rearguard Sergeant
    Old Hermit Jorrg
    Catacomb Councilor
    Sandlashed Survivor
    mistress of hymns
    Painted Woad

    Rare :
    Frozen Banshee
    and many other.

    For the moment here are my teams:
    1) Siphi Stray Bride, Krisk the Eternal, Zavia, Sinesha
    2) Zavia, Drakes Scyl, Seeker, Adriel
    3) Paragon, Kael, Gala Longuenattes, Apothecary

    For the Clan Boss:
    Siphi Lost Bride, Krisk the Eternal, Zavia, Frozen Banchee, Kael

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    PS: one last question, what do you think of the new artifact sets? because you don't mention it in your guides ^^

  13. Hello, I'm brand new to RSL. I crossed the 1st level is when I want to start the 2nd the game informs me that my champions do not have auras. I don't really understand what to do to get them to equip them on my champions. how should i do?

  14. Hello Alucare,
    I am new on RSL for 12 days, I discovered your site quite early. Yesterday I followed your Twitch for the first time and even if the reviews you made are for very high level accounts, I still learned a lot of things.
    Your site helps me a lot to choose the right characters. On the other hand for the artifacts I have the impression that your advice is mainly aimed at end-gamers, equip these characters correctly given the huge amount of boss totally different at the level of the strats, you need several teams stuffed completely differently and often you only mention the basic sets. Even if it is better to correctly equip a champion in disparate, the sets still bring a lot.
    Would it be possible that in your site for artifacts, you mention the stats to prefer according to the types of champions as well as the possible sets?
    We can find this kind of info but by looking at a specific champion, not a general notion for a type of champion.
    Anyway, thanks for your time.

    • Hi, if you have to look at each champion and the recommended stats, some must have precision and others don't. Then the High level reviews, yesterday I did level 30–>72 account reviews including a lot of level 45 including very low level ^^

  15. Hello,
    The site is very complete and very good advice, take the time to read, and we have the answers to our questions.
    I found my champions very easily, I started the game a short time ago, there are still mysteries 🙂
    I understand gradually, and if we have questions, you are here for us.
    Thanks for all your advice.

  16. Hello,
    First thank you! Your site is fantastic!

    My question concerns the Team Leader:
    >> Why is there a leader? (What is his role? Does placing one champion over another as 'leader' have any particular effect on the battle?)
    Thank you in advance for your answer 🙂

    • For his Aura, you have to put him in team leader, if you have 2 champions who have the same speed, he will play first. Certain champions will boost him first with his spells and during counterattacks he will play. And often he who will focus first also with the AI.

  17. Hello,
    I would like to build an invu team for arena and boss clan but I don't know how to optimize this one. Could you do a little tutorial on the subject?
    Thank you and congratulations for your site which helps beginners and +

    Mimur (in game)

  18. Hi,
    Just a quick message to say THANK YOU. If I had discovered your bible RSL long before, I'm not saying that I would have finished the game, in any case it's sure that I wouldn't have HAD as much as I struggled to end up not advancing, being frustrated and for the first time in life, to put money in a video game. Well, I didn't ruin myself, but around 40€, mainly to buy silvers. So really, really thank you. I start a new game but with your advice.
    PS: I would make you see my 1st account so that you can see this disaster. Tell me how to do it if you want to see it.

      • Ok I'll try to schedule this, so I can do it during your stream times. It's not up to the minute either, especially since now that I've discovered you, I don't stop. Between the progress of my new game under cover of your guide, I try to do well so I play , I read your bible at the same time to see if it's okay etc etc, I don't know when it will be. Anyway I'll come back to you to do it. who awaits me. Good luck see you soon and again THANK YOU and congratulations for your investment in all this.

  19. Hello,

    Thank you for this site, and the work provided!
    Like many, I discovered it maybe a bit too late…
    I have just seen the promo codes that allow you to have free epics….
    Hence my question: knowing that I have 2 months of play, in F2P, and that I have recovered Fu-Shan and Madame Serris (and also others but much less interesting…), is it worth the start over to get Armstrong and the others back?
    Thank you in advance for your review(s).

  20. Hola, exculpa Alu, game sporadically in the pc and también quiero hacerlo en mi celular, pero me come entre el 75% y 85% de la ram del fono, baje y elimine resolución, sonidos, pero sigue igual. Tienes idea de como solucionar mi problema. Thank you. hope you resist


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