Glossary on Raid Shadow Legends

Glossary on Raid Shadow Legends:

Many people ask during streams or other information about certain words that we use:

Most popular words :


Food is the act of sacrificing null champions (1-2*) or champions you don't want (rare in doubles) in other champions. Of course, an Epic or Legendary cannot be food (except in certain cases for Epics, so don't sacrifice them!!!).

Mount food:

Climbing food means taking champions and sacrificing them in another. Often, you'll start with a 1-2* champion and work your way up to 5* level 1, then food (sacrifice) it into a 5* level 50 champion you want to move up to 6*. Initially, this is what you need to do to raise your Starter to 6*.


He's the starting champion, KaelElhain, Athel or Galek. Kael is best to start with, but if it's too late you should ride your 6* starter. With the Stuff we give you for the first 6 days. To raise your food, you'll go for the 12-3 brutal. Or farmer virgin warrior by raising your food to get your zone def break.

Break def:

A break def is a character who uses a defense reduction debuff. So your team can do more damage!


Stuff is the game artifacts. Weapon, Helmet, Shield, Gloves, Armor and Boots. Each artifact gives stats, you can have more information: On this page.

You have to take the best possible artifacts and not necessarily complete Sets.


Artifact sets give bonuses according to the number of pieces of equipment, i.e. 2 pieces of equipment or 4 pieces of equipment give a bonus. It's advisable not to complete all artifact sets. And take the best artifacts with the best sub-stats you're looking for. So go for a Break Set.

Break set:

The Break Set is the fact of breaking a set to put only the best artifacts, we don't care about the bonus of the set to look for the best possible sub stats.
To farm your artifacts, you'll need to visit the following dungeons: Ice Golem, Drake and FK. Especially the drake at first. Of course, we sell Flat stats ;).


Flat stats are stats without any percentage. For example ATQ –> ATQ%. ATQ = flat stats. While ATQ% is a percentage stats.

Stats are always flat on items: speed + precision + resistance.


FK is French for "knight of fire".

12-3 rough:

This is the place in the campaign where you mount food. Chapter 12 in the brutal tab, 3rd battle (the one where you stuff shields). You wax shields because they're more expensive and you earn a lot of XP (a little less than 12-6, but in terms of money it's better). In 12-3, you don't have to worry about the affinity of your starter.

Affinities :

There are 4 affinities: Magic, Strength, Spirit and Void. For more information, read : All about RSL affinity

Be careful with counter affinity, you have a 35% chance of making a weak move that won't cause Debuffs.

Debuffs and Buffs:

Debuffs are maluses you apply to opponents. Bonuses are called Buffs. You can see them on the shadow legends raid buffs and debuffs list.

For example, for debuffs, poison is very useful on the BDC.


The clan boss, (not BDK as Alban (Boss De Klan) would say), when you join a clan, you can type the boss, for high level you're looking to kill the BDC NM and UNM. This means Ultra nightmare and Nightmare. For BDC, avoid using champions that will boost the ATB of your champions if you're making a SpeedTune team. Or even a Team UK (except with researchers, certain teams can be useful).


Attack turn bar, the bar below your HP that lets you know which champion is going to play after you. The more speed you have, the more it fills up. Very useful in the arena, and don't forget that Speed is one of the most important stats.


Speed is speed, so don't forget that all your champions must have speed boots. In the arena, you have Speed Teams, who won't want to be OutSpeed'd (that the other team has more speed than yours). If you make a Speedtune team = you set the speed so precisely that you need 254 and not 255, for example. And that's on your 5 champions for the BDC, for example.


In the chat you often see UK, which stands for Unkillable, increasingly used in the BDC. The very first compounds = double ME.


Me = man Eater in French.


Bek = Bad El Kazar. He can solo the drake with no problem with good stuff. Really a monster that hits in AOE.


Dragon is a dungeon in the game, the one you have to farm first! If you're having trouble, sign up at the bottom of the site for the beginner's ebook and get the next ones!


Area attack, an attack that hits ALL enemies, e.g. BEK hits all enemies on his A1. Those who do damage are NUKERs.


The nuker is the one that will do the most damage, and we often want an area nuker (AOE) to kill the whole opposing team in one go.


The lead is the champion you're going to put first, and will have a lead aura (look carefully at the bonus and make sure it's specific to the place you're putting it).

For the BDC you need an aura: All fights.


Refill means paying 40 gems to buy 130 energies.


A review is the fact of connecting to a person's account to advise him, help him on his account. For example, I do reviews every Sunday on my Twitch channel.

F2P and Whale:

2 totally different types of player: a F2P is a player who plays in Free To Play mode, who won't put any money into the game. You need to be patient, and make as few mistakes as possible to avoid wasting time.

Whales, on the other hand, will spend smic on the game so that they can move forward quickly and not get stuck. Thanks to whales, F2P players can play for free. So instead of judging them, thank them.


Faction Wars, the faction crypts, was the end-game content before the release of the Doom Tower.


Doom Tower, the Doom tower is the end game content of the game currently.


Putting skill books in a champion means putting rare books in a rare champion, an epic book in an epic champion and legendary books in a legendary champion.

WM and GS:

Warmaster and giant slayer mastery in English. These are the T6


T6 masteries are the last line of masteries, and you need to be a 6* champion to be able to do T6 masteries.


When you freeze an opponent

The champions and their names:

Gorgo = Gorgorab (epic horde)

Banshee = Frozen banshee (rare horde)

MMC = Monstre Mal créé (Revenants epic)

ME = man eater

BEK = bad el kazar



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