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Please note that our website alucare.fr doesn't use AI to write our article texts.

We have a team of full-time copywriters who delve deeper into the subject to ensure that there is no fake news and of real information on the subject.
Our goal is to ensure that the information collected are real and do not pass through a robot that could distort answers, them comments or add false information.

On the other hand, we use AI to:

  • Make the menu more beautiful and more attractive (save time and all the information given is the same)
  • Create images on our site (the aim is to make our website more beautiful, with unique images representing each subject)
  • Create summaries verified by our editorial team (we've done this for the authors below by way of example)

Our editors' images have been processed by AI with a Gaming filter to stay in the alucare.fr universe and avoid photos that are too different from the frame.


Nanah Randrianantoandro

Expertise: video games, Internet, music, wellness



Nanah is a versatile copywriter and valuable for alucare.fr since April 2021. Nanah is the editor-in-chief of alucare.fr. It plays an essential role in supervisor and in guaranteeing product quality produced by her fellow editors. Thanks to her talent for writing and her eye for detail, Nanah ensures that each article complies with editorial standards of the site. It checks precision information, the content clarity and ensures that the tone and the perfectly match the editorial line of alucare.fr. In addition to her editorial coordination role, Nanah has a special touch that appeals to readers: she helps site visitors to receive free spins (free spins) every day. His expertise in the video game industry enables him to share tips and opportunities to take full advantage of these benefits in various games. By combining her passion for writing with her love of video games, Nanah brings added value for Alucare.fr readersby offering quality articles and helping to make the site experience even more engaging and rewarding.



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Narindra Andriamahefa

Expertise: computer software, high-tech products, video games

NarindraWith us since May 2022She's a passionate copywriter. For her, every day is a learning session, and as long as digital exists, she'll always be ready to learn and relearn. Narindra is expert in application testingWith a wealth of experience and in-depth expertise in the field. Thanks to its technical skills, it is able to test and evaluate functionality in depth, the safety and the application performance, including spy applications. Its ratings are clear, precise and impartialThis makes it an essential reference for anyone wishing to choose the best application for their needs. In addition to her skills in application testing, our expert is also an experienced copywriterable to provide in-depth analyzes and unbiased reviews of the most popular applications on the market. It is passionate about technology and the recent trendsand provides insightful commentary on the latest application developments. We're delighted to be able to count on the expertise of our expert to bring you the latest information on the best, safest and most practical applications.


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Rojo Randria

Expertise:  technology, Internet, video games



With us since September 2022, Rojo enjoys sharing with you topics related to new technologies and the world of the Internet in general, and finds her happiness in the world of online messaging. His lively pen and creative allows him to create engaging content and captivating for the site. What sets it apart is his love of emojisThese playful little symbols add a touch of emotion and conviviality to his writing. Thanks to her writing expertise and knowledge of the web, Rojo contributes to offer an enriching user experience and pleasant to site visitors of alucare.fr.





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Catuccia Anja

Expertise: computer software, high-tech products, social networks



Catucia Anja editor with us since August 2022, who works at alucare.fr. Her writing expertise enables her to produce high-quality productscovering a variety of subjects from news to personality profiles and practical guides. It stands out for its ability to captivate readers thanks to content rich in relevant information and interesting. Whether dissecting the success of a million-view YouTube channel, explaining how to contact Uber in Montreal, or profiling figures such as Maxime Donnay, Gwenael Sommier and Robert Guilmard, Catucia excels at making subjects accessible and exciting. Her work contributes to enrich the alucare.fr website by offering a variety of articles that engage readers' interest and keep them informed on a wide range of topical issues. His perceptive pen and well-documented bring a real added value to the visitor experience of the site.



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Princia Rajaonarivelo

Expertise: computer software, high-tech products, video games

Princia is a talented and specialized editor at alucare.fr since February 2023. Her skills enable her to create powerful and effective articles for our site. Thanks to her web expertise, Princia is also able to write a variety of content on different aspects of the digital world. Its main role is to update old articles to keep the site up to date.. Whether it's practical guides to SEO, tips for improving site visibility or analyses of the latest trends in online marketing, it offers relevant information and useful for readers. Her work helps to boost alucare.fr's online presence by attracting a targeted audience and by providing quality resources. By combining its writing skills with its in-depth knowledge of the web, Princia helps visitors find answers to their questions and better navigation in the digital world in constant evolution.

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Emily Mayor

Expertise: video games, Internet
Émeline is a creative and passionate copywriter working at alucare.fr since 2019. Its first article dates from November 16, 2019.
Specializing in writing game tutorials, she excels at explaining video game mechanics and tricks in clear, detailed detail. Her lively, enthusiastic style transports readers into the world of games, making them easier to understand and enabling them to make rapid progress. Considered the queen of daily games, Émeline is an expert in online games and daily challenges. Every day, she writes articles on Sutom, Cémantix, Pédantix and Sémantus, searching for the solution and then guiding you to find it. She is constantly on the lookout for the latest trends and new games, which enables her to share fresh, relevant content for gamers eager to discover new gaming experiences. Her expertise in video games and her talent as a writer make Émeline a valuable resource for alucare.fr visitorsWhether you're a novice looking to improve your skills, or a seasoned player looking for a more demanding challenge, Émeline can help. Through her informative and entertaining articles, Émeline contributes to enriching the experience of video game enthusiasts on the site.


Expertise: video games, Internet



Yann is a talented writer who has been working passionately at alucare.fr since April 2023. His area of expertise is mainly focused on video games, where he excels as a recognized professional. His in-depth knowledge of video games enables him to produce high-quality articles offering in-depth analysis, strategic advice and practical tips for gamers. Yann is an expert in "Raid Shadow Legends", a popular mobile game. His mastery of the gameplay, game mechanics and various strategies make him an indispensable reference for the community of players of this title. Yann is the one who replaced Alucare for the whole RSL part and allowed Alucare to save time to improve the alucare.fr website.. Thanks to his insightful and well-researched writing, Yann succeeds in to captivate readers and guide them towards a better understanding and improve their performance. Whether for beginners looking to embark on the "Raid Shadow Legends" adventure, or for more experienced players looking to push back their limits, Yann provides valuable and instructive resources. His expertise in video games, combined with his talent as a writer, contributes to strengthen the presence of alucare.fr as a a leading source of information for gamers eager for new knowledge and tips on their favorite games.



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Flandryo Ramarotafika (Ryo)

Expertise: computer software, high-tech products, social networks

Image gamifier by Flandryo


Ryo, a writer at Alucare.fr since September 2022, stands out for his solid expertise in IT. His in-depth knowledge of software, coupled with a passion for high-tech products, gives him a unique ability to decipher and analyze the latest innovations in the sector. In addition, his knowledge of social networks enables him to understand and explain current trendsmaking his articles both relevant and informative. Ryo, thanks to his curiosity and constant monitoring, is an essential pillar of the team Alucare.fr, offering readers precise, cutting-edge content.




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Noémie Moreau

Expertise: computer software, social networks


Noémie Moreau, talented editor at Alucare.fr since July 2023is renowned for her in-depth mastery of computer software and her flair for all things social networking. Her passion for technology and her ability to keep up with the latest trends make her a reliable source of information for all technology enthusiasts. Noémie combines sharp analysis with clear, accessible writing, enabling every reader to navigate with ease in the sometimes complex world of IT. Her expertise in social platforms also gives her a unique insight into the ever-changing digital landscape. At Alucare.fr, Noémie is an essential voiceguiding and informing his readers with precision and enthusiasm.



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