The training arena on Raid Shadow Legends

The Training Arena is the former name of the Keeper's Ring. It is now located directly in the Keeper's Ring, and allows a champion's experience to be automatically increased by 5 slots.

Should the training arena be unlocked?

If you play a lot and are always connected, it will pay off after a while.

But I advise you to unlock the arena but not to upgrade it. Put food (champion 1* or 2*) or champions that you don't expect to climb right away. Don't put champions you need quickly, as they take a long time to build up.

What is the purpose of the training arena?

Your champions gain exp.

Level :

  1. 2000 to 2500 exp per hour.
  2. 3000 to 3500 exp per hour.
  3. 4000 to 4500 exp per hour.

What to put in?

As put above:

Food or champions who are not good at the moment (legendaries) are likely to take a UP.

Guardian Ring video:

Other questions ?

That's what the comments area at the bottom is for.


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  1. When the level is available for the champion in the arena does the exp continue to go up or does it have to level up to start making the next level?


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