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Raid Shadow Legend guide to maitrîses

Mastery is something every champion possesses. They are obtained by spending skill scrolls that can be farmed from the minotaur dungeon. After each minotaur round, a champion will be randomly selected to receive mastery scrolls.

Each champion can obtain 100 basic scrolls, 600 advanced scrolls and 950 divine scrolls. You won't receive any divine scrolls until you've received all your advanced scrolls, and you won't receive any divine scrolls until you've received all your basic scrolls.

You can't get more than the maximum number of scrolls required to buy all your masteries; once a champion has received all their mastery scrolls (and whether you've spent them or stored them, the total is the maximum they can receive), they'll receive no more scrolls and the other champions on your team will.

This makes your first journey to mastery a long one, as your 5 champions will receive them at roughly the same rate, but once you've set 4 at most, the 5th will receive all the mastery scrolls that fall, making many new champions, faster.

You can master two of the three trees: Attack, Defense and Support. Once you've mastered two different trees, the third tree is locked. You can have masteries at two levels 1, three at two of levels 2 to 5 and a single mastery at level 6.

Farmer's Masters.

The Minotaur dungeon is where you can obtain mastery scrolls for your champions. Mastery scrolls are used to purchase masteries. Basic mastery can be exploited at any time. You can get them relatively quickly, even at low levels in the Minotaur dungeon. Levels 1 and 2 mastery can be obtained at any time if you feel like it, as they provide a modest gain in power without too much difficulty.

However, mastery becomes exponentially more difficult as you progress. The minotaur drops fewer advanced scrolls than basic, and fewer divine than advanced, while each level requires more scrolls to advance.

The cost of each level of mastery is as follows:

  • Level 1: 5 base scrolls
  • Level 2: 30 base scrolls
  • Level 3: 80 advanced scrolls
  • Level 4: 120 advanced scrolls
  • Tier 5: 200 Divine Scrolls
  • Tier 6: 350 Divine Scrolls

The level 15 Minotaur (you'll often see dungeons referenced by an abbreviation and a number indicating the stage; so, for example, this might be called in chat "mino 15") can yield 24-32 basic scrolls, 11-16 advanced scrolls or 6-12 divine scrolls. As you can imagine, accumulating 950 Divine Scrolls 6 to 12 at a time is quite a challenge!

Mastering your first team

Of course, it's impossible to complete your mastery before moving on to step 11, as this is the first step in receiving divine scrolls. However, if you need time and energy, assuming a 3-minute series to master your first five champions, there will be a range of energy and number of points, depending on the number of scrolls. forget it:

  • Stage 11: 2060-5545 passes, 24720 - 66540 energies, 103-277.25 hours.
  • Stage 12: 1550-3010 passes, 21700 - 42140 energy, 77.5 - 150.5 hours.
  • Stage 13: 1225 to 1990 passes, 17150 to 27 860 energy, 61.25 to 99.5 hours.
  • Stage 14: 765 to 1310 passes, 10710 to 18340 energy, 38.25 to 65.5 hours.
  • Stage 15: 610 - 1095 passes, 8540 - 15330 energies, 30.5 - 54.75 hours.

(for the first 5 characters, i.e. for one character you divide by 5) e.g. step 15 =

  • Stage 15: 122 - 219 passages, 1708 - 3066 energies, 6 - 11 hours.

With the new figures, stage 13 farming is slightly faster than the previous one, and should be achievable, although the later stages are obviously even faster. Even the farm of step 12 is feasible for someone determined to spend a ton of time and energy, only slightly slower than the previous step 14.

You can reset your mastery for free once, but it will cost you 150 gems. So try to get it right the first (or at least the second) time.

Attack tree

Level 1 :

Blade Adept: +75 Attack. This mastery is generally outclassed by its counterpart and will only be taken on champions with guaranteed criticals or who need pure attack value for some reason (a champion laying a bomb, for example). Generally only for niche use.

Deadly precision: critical rate of +5%. This mastery will be used on 99% champions using the offensive tree. Anyone who doesn't use the attack stat will get it automatically, and most of those who do will get it anyway. The reason is simple: even if you don't have a single critical element in terms of critical rate or critical damage, this mastery combined with Sharp Strike at level 2 increases damage caused by an average of 3%. This generally means that it will be better than blade adept if the champion has more than 2500 in attack power, which almost all attack-focused champions will have by the end.

Level 2 :

Heart of glory: + 5% damage when attacking at full health. This mastery is generally only useful on arena champions to boost their initial attack and increase their chances of making a one-shot. In prolonged battles, this is much less useful, unless the champion can always be in full health thanks to his healing techniques or other methods.

Quick Strike: + 10% critical damage. The best offensive mastery of rank 2 for each build, combined with a decent critical rate, increases damage considerably.

Shield Breaker: + 25% damage to targets affected by a [Shield]. Especially an arena mastery, as shields are very common there. Most top arena teams will have one person in the shield set. It's a very strong mastery in these situations, but less useful outside the arena, where shields are less common. However, utile against the boss of the magic dungeon.

Determination Unshakable: + 5% damage when you attack at 50% of its life or less. This mastery is best in prolonged battles and combines well with life-stealing, increasing your damage when you reach low HP, which increases your healing.

Level 3:

Target: Increases damage inflicted on targets with less than 40% of HP by 8%. Great control for the boss clan, as it will spend a lot of time below 40%.

Life Drinker: Heals 5% of damage inflicted by attacks with 50% of HP or less. Before getting Giant Killer, this mastery is nothing very special, it's just a small amount of extra HP for most champions (although on clan boss a CoeurFroid who hits with her A3 can easily heal herself by 8 to 10k, just with this mastery). a very useful regeneration tool on clan boss. Highly recommended.

Whirlwind of Death: increases speed by 6 for each enemy you kill, accumulated over the rounds during a battle, up to a maximum speed of 18. Good in arena, good for solo farmers in the countryside and decent in dungeons. Not needed on clan boss. Use accordingly.

Ruthless Ambush: Increases the damage inflicted by 8% on the first attack on each enemy. Like Heart of Glory, this mastery is best used in the arena to amplify your initial attack.

Level 4:

Slaughter : Increases damage inflicted by 6% when attacking targets with more MAX HP. Absolutely essential for clan bosss and dungeons, where bosss will always have more HP than you, so it's a free 6% damage bonus. Also suitable for most squishy damage distibutor to help kill tanky champions in the arena.

Wrath of the slain : Increases damage by 5% for each dead ally, up to 10%. Necessity for farmer in single-player campaign and well for tanky champions who will outlast the rest of your team on the clan boss.

Cycle of Abuse: has a 30% chance to decrease the cooldown of a random skill by 1 turn if the damage inflicted by the skill exceeds 30% of the target's max HP. of the target. Occurs once per turn. This skill is useful in arenas and campaigns, where you can use it to speed up the cooldown times of recovery zone abilities, helping to farmer faster. Not very useful on bosss.

Opportunist: Increases damage inflicted on targets affected by stun, sleep or freeze effects by 12%. This one is arena-only. All bosss are immune to these effects. Even in an arena, take this only if you have someone on the team who can easily inflict some of these effects.

Level 5:

Methodical : increases the damage inflicted by this champion's default skill by 2% each time it is used in combat. Accumulates on every turn in a battle, up to 10%. A great skill for those who use their default skill a lot. Perfect for clan bosss, as fights last long enough to limit damage, ideal for solitary closers like Relickeeper who will simply keep increasing it and making their operation easier. Less useful in an arena, where you'll rarely be able to use a basic attack as often.

Serial Killer: Increases damage inflicted by 6% in the arena and 3% in all other locations for each enemy killed by this champion in combat. Accumulates with each turn, up to 12%. Generally only good for farmer's arena and campaign, but quite good at both. Put it on your lone farmer to help them farm, and in the arena, place it on your champion who is most likely to deliver the killing blow to help them.

Blood Shield: places a [Shield] buff on this champion for 1 turn when this champion kills an enemy. The value of [Shield] is equal to 15% of this champion's maximum life. Occurs once per turn. Like Serial Killer, it's mainly for the arena and farming.

Attenuated Fury: Increases damage inflicted by 4% for each weakening of this champion. S'empile up to 12%. Mainly used in arena, but commonly used in builds to combat clan boss, mainly because it can lead to Giant Killer, and Bloody Shield and Serial Killer are useless on clan boss. Clan boss, in all its forms, always has a weakening it can apply to you. So you need at least a 4% increase in damage inflicted if one of these affects you.

Level 6:

Master Of war : has a 60% chance to inflict additional damage when attacked. Additional damage is equal to 10% of the targeted champion's maximum life or 4% of the target's maximum life when attacking boss. Additional damage can only occur once per skill and does not count as an additional attack. Damage based on: [MAX HP of enemy]. This is the equivalent of Giant Killer, but is intended for champions who don't strike multiple times per skill.

Helmsmasher: has a 50% chance of ignoring 25% of your targets' DEF. In the case of jurisdictions that ignore CED, these 15% are added to the amount ignored by the jurisdiction. Limited use for tank breaking in the arena. Not commonly chosen due to its inconsistency and the fact that even a 25% drop leaves most tanks in the arena. EDIT: Slightly buffered in patch 1.7, perhaps worth using on a tank, but still inconsistent for my taste.

Giant Killer : has a 30% chance of inflicting additional damage when attacked. Additional damage is equal to 5% of the target's maximum life or 2% of the Boss's maximum life. Additional damage can be inflicted with each strike of a skill, but does not constitute an additional attack. Damage based on: [MAX HP of enemy].

Impeccable execution: Critical damage + 20%. Generally, you used on anyone who doesn't become a giant killer.

Defense tree

A note on the defense tree: with offensive having giant killer and support with accuracy help, as well as extended buff and debuff skills, incredibly useful, the defense tree is generally considered to be quite underpowered and is not used by many champions, even defensive ones. . As a general rule, you'll only use it for champions who have no buff or debuff and who don't need precision. Even defending champions generally take offense and support each other to increase their damage and improve their performance!

Level 1:

Hard skin: defense + 75. This is generally a good choice for defense champions taking this tree.

Provocative: Resistance + 10. If you're not a champion of defense and you take this tree, take this one.

Level 2:

Explosion-proof : reduces area attack damage by 5%. Good for the Arena to avoid an explosion, but also for most PvE, as most bosss inflict area damage.

Rejuvenation: increases the amount of healing and [Shield] enhancement buffs received by this champion by 5%. Good if you have a healer or a shield-laying champion on your team. This also applies to self-healing and personal shielding, so it's worth considering. I'm not sure at the moment whether or not this improves the healing of the life flight. If you find out for sure, let me know!

Superb Stamina: Reduces damage received by 10% if this champion has [stun], [sleep] or [freeze] impairments. Very much in control of the situation, it is therefore generally overshadowed by Anti-deflagration, Improved Parry and Rejuvenation.

Improved parade : reduces the damage received by this champion by 8% when this champion is hit with a critical strike. Rather used in arena only, but very good, as critical hits are very common.

Level 3:

Care ghost : Heals this champion by 6% of its maximum HP each time an enemy is healed. Occurs once per turn. Decent on tank champions facing a care team, but still quite situational. Not much use in PvE.

Reborn: has a 50% chance to remove 1 random debuff from this champion when it loses 25% of its MAX HP or more from a single opposing skill. Really useful in PvP, and even then, rather incoherent.

Bloodlust: Heals this champion for 10% of his maximum HP when he kills an enemy target. Refill: 1 round. Good capacity for solitary closing, and in the arena for certain occasions.

Battle Wisdom: has a 30% chance to place a [Debuff Blacage] buff on this champion for 1 turn when the [Stun], [Sleep] or [Freeze] debuffs expire on this champion. Extremely inconsistent and extremely situational, not generally recommended.

Level 4:

Solidarity : Increases the resistance of allies by 5 for each buff placed on them by this champion. This is not a bad mastery if your champion has several upgrades to launch.

Delayed death: Reduces the damage suffered by this champion from a specific enemy by 0.75% for each strike hit by that enemy. Damage reduction accumulates up to 6% for each enemy. Better on tank champions who can survive long battles. A maximum of 8 moves is required, and squishier champions will be dead long before they reach maximum mastery.

Harvest of Despair: has a 60% chance to place a [Leech] debuff for 1 turn when you place a [Stun], [Sleep] or [Freeze] debuff. For those who don't know, a [Leech] debuff means that any champion who attacks the champion bearing the leech debuff heals 10% of the damage it inflicts. It's like a life buff, but only against a specific target. Very good control... if you can place one of these 3 buffs. And once again, since these improvements cannot be applied to bosss, this mastery is reserved for the arena.

Stubbornness : Increases resistance by 10 for each weakening of this champion, Stacks up to 30. Resistant to weakening spam, but not so common. A useful situation for the arena.

Level 5:

Altruistic Defender : reduces the damage received by an ally from the first enemy hit by 20% each turn. This champion will receive this damage instead. Good for a champion tanker to mitigate some of the damage to your trickier targets. Don't put it on squishy champions or they'll just explode faster.

Revenge Cycle: has a 50% chance to increase the turn counter by 15% when an ally is attacked with a critical strike. The turn counter will only be increased once if an ally receives multiple critical hits from the same skill. Good for the arena, to speed up a slower champion, but for limited use outside the arena where critical hits are rarer.

Punishment : has a 50% chance to counter-attack when this champion loses 25% of its maximum HP or more from the same enemy skill. The best skill in the defense tree is very useful in both arena and PvE, especially if combined with life theft. Get hit, counterattack, heal again.

Deterrence: has a 20% chance to counter-attack an enemy when applying a [Stun], [Sleep] or [Freeze] debuff to an ally. Very situational, probably not worth repeating the other 3 masteries in this level.

Level 6:

Iron Skin: Def + 200. Good on a defense champion who doesn't take giant killer.

Bulwark: Reduces damage to all allies by 5%. This champion will receive this damage instead. Combines well with Altruistic Defender to mitigate damage to squishy targets.

A formidable presence: Increases the chance of inflicting a weakening [stun], [sleep], [freeze] or [provoke] from skills or artifacts by 5%. Great in arenas if you have them. They generally have a low chance of being placed, so having a helping hand is good. As always, this doesn't apply to bosss, so it's Arena only.

Unshakable: Resistance + 50. You don't need that much resistance. Pass.

Support shaft

Level 1:

Closed : Max HP + 810. Solid mastery, but if you need to place debuffs, Surgical Precision is more useful. But for those without debuffs, it's the choice.

Surgical precision : Acc + 10. The choice is almost automatic if you have debuffs to place.

Level 2 :

Laying on of hands: Increases the value of healing this champion casts by 5%. Do you care? Get that mastery. Note: Continuous care buffs do not count as "care" for the purposes of this mastery. They place the buff, then the BUFF heals them based on their max HP, not the champion directly. Sir Nick, for example, won't heal any better with this mastery.

Shield Holder: Increases the value of [Shield] buffs this champion casts by 5%. Do you have shields? Get that mastery.

Praise of death: heals this champion of 10% of its maximum HP the first time an enemy is killed each turn. Look, it's rank 3 defense mastery, but even better, because you don't even have to deliver the killing blow. You only get it once per turn, but it's still great for solo and arena closures.

Tenfold attention: Increases EWP by 20 when this champion has no recharge time skills. Ideal for applying your opening debuff and generally worth taking.

Level 3:

Healing Savior: Increases the amount of healing provided by the [Shield] champion and its protection bonus by 10% if the targeted ally has 40% of HP or less. Do you have a shield or healings? Get that mastery.

Quick answer: has a 30% chance of increasing the turn counter by 10% when a buff cast by this champion is removed or expires. Increased free spins counter for buff-based champions. An excellent choice.

Swarm Striker: Increases Accuracy by 4 for each living enemy. Stacks up to 16 times. Ideal for the arena, decent elsewhere. Even on the boss clan, this is gratuitous precision. Good if you have debuffs to place.

Arcane speed : has a 30% chance of increasing the turn counter by 10% when a debuff launched by this champion is removed or expires. This is just a quick answer for debuffers, and worth getting if you're more focused on debuffs than buffs.

Level 4:

Merciful help: Increases the amount of healing and the value of [Shield] upgrades placed by this champion by 15% if the targeted ally has [Stun], [Sleep] or [Freeze] impairments. Much more limited, as these debuffs are relatively rare in PvE. Limited use in PvP.

Magic cycle: has a 5% chance to reduce the cooldown of a random skill by 1 turn at the beginning of each round. It's a small chance, but it can be very useful. If you have a champion with a long cooldown on a skill and use it in long fights like the clan boss, this can be useful!

Customs of steel : Increases bonuses to basic artifact sets by 15%. This increase is multiplicative, not additive. The only problem with this one is that the game never defines a "core artifact set", but it seems to be the sets that increase your core stats and don't produce additional effects. So: Attack, Life, Defense, Critical hit rate, Critical hit damage, Speed, Resistance, Accuracy. This is a multiplicative bonus. So, for example, the bonus for an attack set will increase from 15% to 17.25%. But still, these are free statistics. Quite good control.

Evil eye: decreases the target's turn counter when this champion touches the target for the first time with the default skill. Reduces turn counter by 20% with single-target skills and by 5% with area-of-effect skills. This isn't great, because you generally don't want to open with your default skill, and it's a one-off effect. Generally, this mastery is outclassed by steel custom and Cycle of Magic. Can be useful with specific strategies in the arena or to prevent a specific champion from having a turn. EDIT: This mastery has been improved in version 1.7 and now applies the turn counter reduction to the default skill, whether used first or not. As such, it's much more viable in the arena. For PvE, however, it remains outclassed by Custom of Steel and Cycle of Magic.

Level 5:

Sustainable Gifts: has a 30% chance of extending the duration of a buff by one turn. It will not extend [Damage blocking], [Invincible] or [Reanimate after death] enhancements. Fantastic mastery and an absolute must for any buff-based champion. This greatly increases the efficiency and availability of team enthusiasts. Note the three buffs that cannot be extended!

Spiritual haste: increases ITV by 8 for each dead ally. S'empile up to 24. A bit like the wrath of attacking kills, but for speed. Good for tank champions who will last longer than the rest of your team, but also for someone like Gorgorab to get a speed boost that will allow him to revive his area of effect!

Sniper: Increases the chance of placing a weakening from skills or artifacts by 5%. This will not increase the chance of placing [stun], [sleep], [freeze] or [provoke] debuffs. Great mastery of debuffers. But please note which debuffs are not improved, and also note your champion's accuracy. If they have 100% of chances, this mastery won't help them!

Master spells : has a 30% chance of extending the duration of any debuff attack by this champion by one turn. It will not extend [Stun], [Veil], [Freeze] or [Provoke] debuffs. Just like lasting gifts for amateurs, this mastery is essential for beginners! Note the limitations, as always.

Level 6:

Elixir of life: Max HP + 3000. Good buff for HP champions, but there are better masteries.

Timely intervention: increases this champion's turn counter by 20% when an allied hero falls below 25% of HP. Perfect for speeding up a healer to save a weakened ally.

Oppressor: Increases turn meter fill rate by 2.5% for each active debuff the champion applies. Adds up up to 10%. Essentially an improvement in speed from 10% to maximum, which isn't bad if you can rule out a lot of debuffs consistently.

Sharp eye : Pre + 50. Probably the best mastery for debuff-focused champions, to make sure you apply them.

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  1. Hi, I had a question regarding the Slaughtering mastery in the attack branch. On the site it says “Increases damage dealt by 6% when attacking targets with more MAX HP. »
    In the game, on this mastery I read “Increases by 6% the damage inflicted when attacking targets WHILE HAVING more MAX HP. »
    The difference is very important since on the site, it is written that the mastery takes into account the PV of the enemy while on the game it is written that the mastery takes into account the PV of our champion.
    Therefore I was wondering if you had made a mistake on the site or if the game had made a translation error.

    • I invite you to come to my streams for reviews, masteries are not made for this or that type of champion but champion by champion.

  2. Hi, first of all thank you for your helpful guides! I see that you say that the “unshakable” mastery is to be forgotten, but I see that you recommend it for Duchess Lilitu? Even in PVP, wouldn't "Timely Intervention" be more useful?

  3. Slaut, I started the game not long ago and at the stage where I am, I have elhain and kael the 2 to 5 stars and I am about to pass one of the 2 levels 6, but my elhain is mastered but not my kael. But as I see everywhere that Kael is better than elhain I hesitate to also master Kael to rather pass Kael to 6 stars, but I don't know if it's worth spending 800 gems again on a rare (it's still my best champ). Please guide me 🙂

    • hello, says Elhain since you have his mastery on it. On the other hand, go on the stream in the evening at 9:00 p.m. so that we can see who else you will have to go up after.

  4. Si quiero comprarlas por 800 gemas pero mi campeón no esta a 6* igual me dan los pergaminos para completar una vez a 6*
    Pd: ya tengo mi mina de gemas al max


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