The market on Raid Shadow Legends.

The market on Raid Shadow Legends.

The market provides access to 12 slots with shards (mysterious or antique), champions or artifacts.

What's the market for?

As mentioned above, it allows you to buy certain things. But don't buy all the artifacts, in 1 year and 3 months of gaming, I've only bought 7!!!!

Should the market be unblocked?

Yes, after your gem mine you have to unlock it. You have antique chips every month in it.

What can you find in the market?

You can find 5 antique splinters in the market every month. So buy them.

What to buy in the market?

I advise you:

  • the 5 antique sparkles
  • mysterious shards for food (and for missions)
  • 5* epic artifacts (minimum) with good main stats and sub-stats.
  • Champions if you need them (I'm thinking of armorié, for example)

How much does it cost to unlock the market?

To unlock it costs about 250 gems from memory (I want the prices for those who will unlock it to write it here please) please put it in the comment area below :).

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  1. Hola me gustaría saber si una vez que compre las casillas, no desapareceran después de actualizarse ( me gaste 50 gemas desbloqueando 1 casilla, no me gustaría perder esa casilla)


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