The tavern in Raid Shadow Legends

The tavern in Raid Shadow Legends

The tavern is the place to improve your champions.

Upgrade your champions in the tavern.

You can upgrade your champions in the tavern.

With beers or other champions, only do it with beers or common and uncommon champions max.

Improve your champions' rank in the tavern.

Raise food to increase your champions!

This is the place to take your champions to the next level:

  • 1* –>2*
  • 2* –>3*
  • 3*–>4*
  • 4*–>5*
  • 5*–>6*

You'll need to build food, and remember that you can't build epic or legendary food.

Move up from food 1 and 2* to upgrade other champions.

Improve your champions' skills.

Book your champions is important to increase the bonus of your spells.

  • More damage
  • No more healing or shield
  • Less recharge time
  • No more chance to set debuffs or proc a bonus.

You must use rare books for rare champions.

Epic books for epic champions.

And legendary books for legendary champions. So be careful not to use books for an inferior rarity.

Hone your champions in the Tavern.

You can perfect your champions. To do so, you need to farmer the potion dungeons of your champion's affinity + arcane dungeons.

Perfecting a champion slightly improves its basic stats and gives it a 3* perfecting bonus on one of its spells (or unlocks its aura).

You can also unlock accessories to improve it.

  • 5* = amulet
  • 6* = the banner

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