How do I promote a character in Deep Rock Galactic?

Deep Rock Galactic is a multiplayer shooter released in May 2020 that lets you play as space dwarves.

Above all, it's a captivating video game that involves plunging into the darkness of an insect-infested planet to exploit precious resources while fighting for survival.

The game offers four distinct classes with varied, upgradeable roles. Once you've reached the maximum level, you have the opportunity to promote your character. Yet this mechanic may seem disconcerting to some players.

However, to help you promote your dwarf, here is a guide to help you understand how to promote a character in Deep Rock Galactic. We'll also talk about what a promotion in Deep Rock Galactic ? Why promote dwarfs ? And what are the benefits of promoting characters in this game?

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How do I promote characters in Deep Rock Galactic?

When you reach level 25 in one of your classes in Deep Rock Galactic, a promotion opportunity unlocks on your assignment board. Mission Control then notifies you of this availability. For each class, this promotion requires completion of a series of four distinct mission types, each highlighting the class's specific skills. From mining expeditions to egg hunts, from on-site refining to escort missions, dwarves' unique abilities will be put to good use.

Of course, you have total control over the level of danger you wish to face during these missions. However, the greater the challenge, the greater the reward. Once you've completed these missions, here's what to do:

  1. Head for Memorial Hall and access the console at the back, the promotion terminal.
  2. Use the console to activate the promotion button. Then, for a fee in credits and resources, you'll be officially promoted to Deep Rock Galactic.
  3. Note that you need to be in an empty lounge to perform this promotion. If you're playing with friends, you'll need to temporarily withdraw from the group to complete this step.

What is a Deep Rock Galactic promotion?

Deep Rock Galactic presents four distinct classes to play, including :

  • The driller: the Tanky Deep Rock galactic class;
  • Soldier: the Deep Rock galactic class, focused on support;
  • The engineer: the best galactic Deep Rock solo class;
  • The Scout: the most mobile Deep Rock galactic class.

To strengthen these characters, it's important to level them up to a maximum level of 25. Once this level has been reached, an interesting option opens up: promoting your dwarf.

This promotion is equivalent to prestige in Deep Rock Galactic. It becomes available once your dwarf reaches level 25. This system offers several prestige levels, allowing you to continue progressing even after reaching the maximum level. If you're looking for all these prestige ranks, you might be interested in how to unlock them, even after you've reached the maximum level.

It should be noted that this game is available on PC but is not among the free PC games. This is a paid game available for purchase on platforms such as Steam. However, it regularly offers promotions where you can get it at a reduced price.

Why promote dwarf classes in Deep Rock Galactic?

Promoting dwarf classes in Deep Rock Galactic goes far beyond simple badges of honor, those impressive banners and stars around player icons. The benefits associated with promoting a dwarf are considerable:

  • An additional active advantage slot for this class.
  • The ability to activate machine events.
  • An increase in player rank.
  • Access to the Forge.
  • New missions and deeper expeditions.

Promoting a dwarf class resets it to level 1, but the benefits are well worth the effort. Returning to the initial level is not as restrictive as it may seem. Promoting a class several times has the added benefit of increasing your player rank and earning more honor badges. All these gains are worth starting from the base level.

What are the advantages of promoting a character in Deep Rock Galactic?

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Image illustration of our article "How to promote a character in Deep Rock Galactic", which shows how to promote a character in Deep Rock Galactic.

Promotions in Deep Rock Galactic offer a series of important benefits once you've reached level 25, completed your qualifying mission and paid the required fees. Whichever class you've been promoted to, you'll receive a badge of honor above your portrait, available in three levels, from Bronze to Legendary. Each level represents a progressively more demanding challenge.

On your first promotion to Bronze level for a class, you gain a valuable advantage: an additional active perk slot. The ability to use two active perks such as Field Medic, Iron Will, Dash or Shield Link will give you a feeling of power. What's more, resetting your dwarf's level to level one has a hidden benefit. This is to help increase your player rank. The higher your rank, the greater the range of upgrades, cosmetics and rank titles available to you.

So accumulating several promotions in Deep Rock Galactic means even more powerful space dwarfs in your future adventures!

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