Hack and Cheat for Pokémon Go

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How do I cheat in Pokémon Go?

As you know, Pokémon Go is a game played on smartphones. The game is based on a positioning system. It uses your smartphone's GPS location and a virtual map to pinpoint the location of Pokémon. To play Pokémon Go, you need to move from one geographical location to another to capture the Pokémons. As it happens, some people don't have the means to travel or to cross thousands of kilometers to get Pokémons. On the other hand, many players dream of becoming the game's superheroes. But the more you play, the more difficult the game becomes.

As a result, the idea of cheating and cheating on Pokémon Go is crossing the minds of some players who find themselves in trouble. Indeed, if you're a fan who's not thinking of stopping playing the game, it is possible to cheat in Pokémon Go. It's important to know that cheating in Pokémon Go is illegal and unjust to other players who play by the rules. Moreover, players who cheat can be sanctioned and banned of the game. So, to progress in a different way, why not discover the coupon code Pokémon Go ? However, if you want to take the risk, let's take a look at some cheating techniques in Pokémon Go, whether it's an Android or iPhone device.

Image illustration for our article "Hack and Cheat for Pokémon Go".
Illustration of the Hack and Cheat for Pokémon Go. Source : Alucare.fr

Hacking and Cheating Pokémon Go with Samboking fake GPS on Android

To cheat in the game and play more easily, you can use a GPS spoofing system as Samboking faux GPS. This will enable you to define a false location in the game. This can therefore help you cheat by misleading Pokémon Go about your actual location. To do this, you need to follow these steps:

  1. First, download and install the "Samboking faux GPS free.
  2. Open the application, then access thedevelopment optionselect the "Test the location application and click on "False GPS.
  3. Then go to the phone settings and select "Precision location or GPS in the "Location" menu.
  4. Then enter Google settings and select the option "Location to activate your Smartphone's location history.
  5. Once you have completed these steps, you must launch the application and select location where you wish to be displayed on the map.
  6. To continue, tick the box that appears on your screen, select "Start GPS service and click on "Use in Pokémon Go.
  7. Now use Virtual joystick which appears on your smartphone screen as a floating button for easy access to application settings.

So you can enjoy the Pokémon Go game by hunting Pokémon without having to move. Finally, you can disable false GPS location at any time by clicking on the floating button, exit the application and confirm. Normally, your phone goes back to the way it was before and you can legally play Pokémon Go again.

Illustration of Fake Gps
Illustration of a false Gps location. Image taken from the Internet

Cheat in Pokémon GO with Itools on your iPhone

A program that spoofs your iPhone's location, iTools is a tool that lets you cheat at the Pokémon game. What's more, the application is free, but only valid for one day. So, to use it for hacking and cheating in your Pokémon Go game, follow these steps:

  1. Download iTools on your computer.
  2. Next, use a cable to connect your iPhone to your computer.
  3. Open the program, click on "Toolboxthen click on "Virtual locations.
  4. Select the developer mode when invited.
  5. At the top of the screen, you'll find a text box for add a false location on the map, click on "Enter to keep going!

And now you can spoof your iPhone's position when you play Pokemon Go !

Things to know before doing a hack and cheat in Pokémon Go

It is important to know that cheating in Pokémon Go is considered a identity theft. Since the game is based on positioning in the real world, cheaters use apps or other means to falsify their locations in order to advance faster in the game. For Nantic, any individual who falsifies their coordinates in Pokémon Go can be sanctioned by depriving all illegally obtained Pokémons. In fact, they can even be banned from their accounts.

What's more, some players quickly fill their gyms with the accounts of their teammates, friends or families. But, as Nantic knows from its analysis of "Multi-compatibility it's not about using Spoofing or Fake GPS, but it's perhaps the smartest way to create several accounts at once.

Players also think about winning by playing two-sided by creating several accounts. In this case, the first is their main account and they use the other accounts to be a mole in the other teams. The latter's aim is to steal the opposing team's Pokémon. But to avoid this, the developers have introduced recharge time by preventing players from taking up his position once the attack is over.

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