Pokémon Go, how to get Metamorph Shiny?

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How to capture Metamorph Shiny in Pokémon Go?

Image illustration for our article "Pokémon Go, how to get Metamorph Shiny"
Illustration of Metamorph Shiny in Pokémon Go. Source : Alucare.fr

The hardest creatures to capture aren't necessarily the ones you think in Pokemon Go. "Metamorph", a small creature from the first generation, is much harder to find than the toughest Pokémon. With the ability to change its appearance (as its name suggests), it remains difficult to catch. How do you catch it? Let's take a closer look at the characteristics of this Pokémon, as well as the techniques that have already been revealed for hunting it.

Métamorph Shiny: what will it look like in December 2023?

According to the latest information, here is the list of Pokémon that Ditto can take on the appearance:

Generation coded Last name Kind Description
First Tadmorv 088 Poison Purple in color, its body
is muddy and gelatinous and shaped like a mud torrent
First Mole catcher 050 Floor A red or pink nose, depending on the illustration. Its body has a brownish but brighter complexion. Only the
this mole's head is visible
Second Snubbull 209 Fairy With a pink and sky-blue body, it is similar to a bulldog.
Its body resembles a skirt with 4 round blue marks, and its pasterns are like those of a puppy.
Third Erapince 341 Water Resembles an orange crustacean, its head is marked by 3 points
and its body is leathery. Its belly and underside are pale yellow
Fourth Stunned 396 Normal/flight Inspired by a gray starling, it has a white marking on its face, which takes
the shape of a mask and a round white marking on its torso. Half the feathers on its wings and head are black.
Fifth Tritonde 535 Water Round in shape, it resembles a tadpole, and its head is circular and of
beige color. His eyebrows are shaped like musical notes, and he has
no body. Its eyes are black and its mouth is wide and curved.
sixth Hélionceau 667 Fire/normal With a Leonine appearance, its body is generally dark brown in color.
but his legs, ears, tail tip and face are light brown. Between his ears, he has a tuft of orange-red fur like a fire.
Seventh Nodulite 524 rock Its body is marked by a round bluish rock. It has 2 feet and a
brown rock growth on the head


Also as part of the Pokémon Go Beyond Time event, precisely from Monday, December 11 at 10 a.m. to Friday, December 15, 2023, Metamorph can also take the form of of the following Pokémon :

Generation Last name Coded Kind Description
First Mystherbe 43 plant/poison A round, dark-blue Pokémon with red eyes. It has a mouth, two feet and green leaves on its head.
First Poissirene 118 Water White in color, it looks like a fish. Its fin, back and tail have orange markings.
First Rhinocorne 111 Soil/Rock Resembles an Indian rhinoceros. It has a grayish body and powerful claws on its legs.
First Smogo 109 Poison Spherical Pokémon filled with toxic gases, its mouth is quite wide, and two sharp teeth can be seen on its jaw.


Now that you know what forms this strange purple creature might be hiding in, keep an eye on the Exploration Tracker.
Note, however, that catching one of the Pokémon mentioned above does not necessarily mean that a Metamorph is hiding behind it.

It's worth noting that when Metamorph Shiny was created, it was linked to a Special Search. So, to obtain them, you have two options:

  • To be exchanged ;
  • Or wait for future special research to bring it to light.

However, you can always try to catch it by catching the Pokémon mentioned in this article! Because yes, it's possible that a Metamorph Shiny is hiding behind it!

How to recognize a Metamorph Shiny?

Available in a chromatic version from the Kanto circuit of Pokémon Go, on February 20, 2021, Ditto can be recognized by its sky blue color instead of pink, with small stars that appear near its name. The Shiny in the Wild version has been available since September 1, 2021. There are, however, details that can help recognize a Ditto Pokémon:

  • If the Pokémon does not appear in its chromatic form, its Ditto may or may not be chromatic.
  • On the other hand, if the Pokémon is already in a chromatic version, the Ditto cannot have taken its form and is an ordinary Pokémon.
  • Clearly, Ditto cannot be chromatic if the Pokémon it can take on is already chromatic when captured. However, there is a chance that the Pokémon's normal appearance may hide Shiny Ditto upon capture. Provided, of course, that the Pokémon is one of Ditto's possible disguises.

These are just a few of the techniques you can use to effectively catch Metamorph Shiny in Pokemon Go.

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