How to play Pokemon on PC?

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Play Pokemon on PC!

Don't wait a game console to play your favorite Pokémon game. It's now possible to play Pokémon on your computer. You'll love the PC version of the game. But first, let's find out how. And off you go!

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How to get the game on your PC?

There is a Pokémon game for PC. The latest version is easy to install. However, to play it, you'll need a good command of the DS and Gameboy.

There are two ways to install Pokémon on your PC:

  • Use emulator software to mimic the game OS
  • Use the emulator.

In both cases, here are the steps to take:

Download an emulator

For it :

  1. You can use VBA-M, which is the the most updated and, what's more, it comes with its own open-source code.
  2. You must then extract .zip file. Choose a location that you can easily remember them.
  3. Run the Visualboyadvance-m.exe file. The emulator is now ready to play the game.

Connecting to the Internet

But it's not over yet. You must go online to get a good online ROM. On the other hand, you should know that a ROM describes the virtual version of the game you need to load onto the emulator. This is not to be confused.

Make a choice

You'll be presented with a long list of games to choose from.

  • When you've decided, register it.
  • There will be a automatic ROM download on your .zip file. However, you don't have to save it.
  • Then return to the Visualboyadvance-m.exe and click on File then, Open.
  • To save, click on File then Save status.
  • Be sure to load file from File and Load State.

 Playing Pokémon on your PC: discover another technique

Person who plays Pokémon on PC

Despite the fact that the Android operating system has a vast collection of games compared to Windows, it is possible to play mobile games including Pokémon on the PC using a professional tool. Wondershare MirrorGo for a better PC gaming experience. It's a tool with a gaming keyboard function. It maps the keys, which are then used to play the game competently on the computer. The advantage of this tool is that :

  • You won't no need to download games on your PC ;
  • You can play PC games without buying an emulator ;
  • You can also map keyboard keys to any application on the phone screen.

To get access to Wondershare Mirror Go, here are the steps you need to take.

Connect the phone to your laptop

The first step is to connect your phone to your laptop. Use a genuine USB cable. Then, activate the USB debugging function on your smartphone.

Install and then run the game on your smartphone

Then, download and open the game on your Android device. After that, your smartphone screen will be shared on your PC.

Change game keys to your preference

Normally, the gaming keyboard includes 5 kinds of buttons including:

  • Joystick to move up, down, right and left;
  • The seen to look around ;
  • The fire to shoot ;
  • The telescope to get a close-up of the target;
  • The key personalized for an extra touch of your choice.

However, if you want to modify or add keys during the game, here's what you need to do:

  1. Open the mobile gaming keyboard;
  2. Left-click the joystick button on the screen and wait for a moment;
  3. Tap "Save" to edit the process.

And there you have it: the methods you need to enjoy Pokémon Go on your PC.

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