Which console to choose to play with the family?

Which console to choose for family games 2024 ?

Are you a video game fan? Do you want to spend time with your family and share your passion with them? There are consoles suitable for family gaming and good times. In this article, we'll find out which console to choose for family gaming. We suggest 3 consoles to suit all tastes and you will be prompted to choose the one that suits you best.

There are game consoles that offer family games such as : Switch for example. Indeed, most family titles are offered by Switch. These include Lego games as an illustration, it appears on 3 consoles. Below, we'll show you which consoles you can play with your family:

Choice No. 1: The Switch console

Switch console picture
Illustration of the Switch console. Source : Internet

Switch offers exclusive games, that's what sets this console apart from the rest. It offers countless games from class E to E 10, perfect for the whole family. There are also quiz games perfect for family play, discover in our article What are the best quiz games on Switch?. In particular :

  • Animal Crossing;
  • Super Smash Bros.;
  • utility;
  • Mario Kart;
  • Pokemon Shield;

The Switch Console offers several optionsfor consoles with Joy-Con of cneon blue color and neon red for example, the following options are available:

  • It exists 3 styles of the game: the Tv mode, mode table and especially the mobile ;
  • It has a 6.2-inch touchscreen ;
  • The battery life is between 4 to 9 hours depending on use;
  • This type of console is compatible with a Wi-fi network to enable a multiplayer function. What's more, the console can receive 6, even 8 players.

For the Switch Switch Joy-Con color gray, features are as follows:

  • It also has 3 playing styles just like the first model;
  • His 6.2-inch touch screen ;
  • The battery life is about 4 to 9 hours.

Choice No. 2: Playstation 4

 Playstation 4
Illustrative image of the PS4. Source : Internet

To this day, the PS4 is the most popular console. The PS4 is thealliance between power and price. In fact, it's one of Sony's showcase products. It offers a wide range of video gamesthe PS4's reputation, soccer games are on these consoles. It also has a virtual reality headset. It offers a whole new dimension to gaming. The advantages of this console are numerous, including :

  • His countless new features games ;
  • And above all quality accessories and unsurpassed.

However, like any other product, it also has its drawbacks. Indeed, many users have implored a faulty optical system of the device.

Choice No. 3: Xbox One

The Xbox One
Image of the Xbox One. Source : Internet

The Xbox One is a benchmark console for home console fans. It is multimedia-oriented. Its features will enable you to access certain applications in the Windows Store, so you can use them properly. There are also Xboxes for children. Find out more in our article Xbox microsoft for kids: built-in parental controls and family settings. Here are the advantages of the Xbox One :

  • It's a versatile product ;
  • This type of console suitable for everyone : toddler, teenager, adult. What's more, it has a parental control function.

However, it also has drawbacks such as:

  • His use is somewhat complicated;
  • Compared to other models, the performance of this console is limited.

Switch, PS4 and Xbox are all powerful devices that are ideal for gaming with family and friends. Switch for its part a wide range of team games for families who love video games.

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