What are the little eyes on SNAP?

To ensure user satisfaction and keep them engaged, Snapchat continues to offer various functions. It's easy, for example, to grab snapchatters' attention with emojis, such as the little eyes on the story. However, it's not always easy for people to understand these little changes. In fact, the little eye emojis introduce a new feature that only Snapchat Plus users can take advantage of. But what is Snapchat Plus? How do you subscribe? And what are those little eyes? A closer look.

(Illustration of the little eyes on the Snap story)

What do the little eyes mean in the SNAP story?

We're back to our question: what do the little eyes in SNAP mean? SNAP is one of the new features offered by Snapchat Plus. These include the story revision indicator, or "story rewatchwhich means that one or more people has take a look at your story Snapchat more than once.

However, note that the number next to the little emoji eyes does not correspond to the number of times other users have viewed your story. This number only represents the total number of times it was seen again. As a result, you will not know how many times such or such a person has reviewed your story.

Snapchat Plus: what is it exactly?

Given that over 332 million people are on Snapchat every day, the platform has launched a subscription service to enable all these users to benefit from exclusive, experimental and pre-release features on this social network. It's called Snapchat Plus.

Many features are available on Snapchat plus, if we would only mention " the story revision indicator which lets you know that your story has been viewed more than once. Then there's the feature to see where your friends have been in the past 24 hours. However, called " ghost trails on the map », this specific function will not be available if the other user has not activated it on his side. Next, Snapchat Plus also offers the “ best friends forever, allowing you to pin your best friend. Then there is also the " friend solar system ". This is a group of "best friends" or " friends being added to the profile. Finally, with Snapchat Plus, you have the option to create custom app icons and receive a Plus badge.

(Illustration of the little eyes on the Snap story)

How to subscribe to Snapchat Plus?

Many people are reluctant to pay for social media services. However, the fact of paying always rhymes with an axis of improvement.

For example, to get Snapchat Plus, you need to pay a monthly subscription of 3.99 USD, which is equal to 21.99 USD for 6 months and 39.99 USD for a year. At this price, you will be entitled to features that allow you to personalize, but above all to improve your " snapchat experience ". The subscription price has not changed since then.

To subscribe, you just have to follow 3 small steps:

  1. Go to your SNAP profile;
  2. Normally, you have at the top "Snapchat+ banner card", tap on it;
  3. Choose the subscription that's right for you and start your free trial (which lasts 7 days).

All things considered, this Snapchat Plus feature allows users to detect that one or more people have viewed their story several times. Someone close to you spends a lot of time on Snapchat? We have an article on how to hack a Snapchat accountto help you! Indeed, many caring parents want to know who their children are in contact with via social networks, especially Snapchat. Sometimes, monitoring their account is the only way to find out.

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