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  1. Solutions to recover and secure your Amazon account : Learn how to reset your password, solve two-step verification problems, and unlock a suspended or locked account.
  2. Technical tips for accessing Amazon : Discover tips for checking your connection, deleting cookies, updating the application, and contacting technical support in the event of difficulties.
  3. Advanced Amazon account management : Understand the differences between a personal and business account, explore the benefits of Amazon Prime, and learn how to manage your security settings, addresses, payment options, and more.

Immersed in the vast world of Amazon, with everything at your fingertips, even the smallest obstacle seems immense! Imagine yourself facing a locked account or a Forgot your password. So many questions arise: how do you access your precious space, purchase history, card, order, Prime subscription? Before you give up, take a breath.

This article guides you through the steps to recover your Amazon account, secure your identity. Also discover the benefits of the services to avoid future problems. Find tips here on how to use your Amazon account safely, whether it's recovering it in case of problems or regarding the advanced management.

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Here are a few ways to securely retrieve our Amazon account:

Here are some of the most common problems and solutions for logging into your Amazon account:

As a reminder, to access your account, simply go to the platform, choose the "Accounts and lists" option and then click on "Log in". However, you may not have access to your account. What should you do?

Forgot your login details? How do I access my Amazon account?

That you are subscriber on Amazon Prime or on Amazon Prime Video, the loss of identifiers can seem frustrating. Here are the steps you need to take to recover your Amazon login and reset your password:

  1. First, visit the login page from Amazon ;
  2. Then click on the link "Forgot your password? ;
  3. Enter thee-mail address which is associated with your Amazon account;
  4. complete the process by following the instructions sent by e-mail ;
  5. Then create a new password well secured ;
  6. Then log on to your Amazon account using your new login details;
  7. Check and above all update security information to avoid future access problems.

Here is a video explaining how to quickly find an Amazon account:

Two-step verification failed : How do I get my Amazon account back?

To regain access to your account after the two-step verification process has failed, you will need to prove your identity by providing a scanned copy or photo of an identity document. Try logging in from a trusted device or using the saved backup method before proceeding to recover your account.

If you are still unable to log in, follow the steps below to recover your account:

  1. Go to Account recovery with two-step authentication.
  2. Load your ID by following the on-screen instructions. Your name and address, as well as the issuing authority (e.g. state or country) must be visible. Ensure that sensitive information, such as account or ID numbers, is masked or removed.

Once this has been completed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. You will then be able to access your Amazon account only with your password. This process may take 1 to 2 days. Once you have access to your account, you can choose and purchase prime gaming.

Suspended account: what should I do?

If Amazon detects a unusual payment activityyour account will be put on hold. This is a preventive security measure, and to examine your account, proceed as follows:

  1. Check if you have received an e-mail or SMS. Amazon sends you an "Account Pending" notification.
  2. Then log in to your Amazon account.
  3. Fill in the form and attach the necessary documents.

Blocked account: help to find your account

To unlock a locked Amazon account, follow these smart steps:

  1. Identify the reason, so see Amazon's notifications or messages, which usually tell you the cause of the account being paused.
  2. Contact Amazon Customer Service for specific information about the problem and to guide you through the process of recovering your account.
  3. Check your Amazon identity by providing the requested information (e.g. name, telephone number or recently used delivery addresses, etc.).
  4. Change your password to log in to your Amazon account again. Choose a new strong and unique password to strengthen the security of your account.
  5. Use Amazon's online help to solve account problems. It's in the "Help" section of the site's home page.
  6. Keep your Amazon identity information safe and up-to-date.

Here's a video interview with a woman who successfully unlocked her Amazon seller account:

Recovering my Amazon account following technical and access problems

Technical problems can arise, from a recalcitrant application to an inability to log in. Here are some solutions to help you make the most of your Amazon account:

  • Check Internet connection, login details (username, cell phone number, password ...) and password;
  • Clear cache and cookies to reload page;
  • Updating the application for better performance;
  • Try another browser or device if you can't access Amazon ;
  • Update the Amazon operating system to correct incompatibilities;
  • Check the security settings for proper Amazon operation.

Please contact technical support from the Amazon site if you can't make it.

Advanced Amazon account management

Now that you know how to retrieve your Amazon account, let's continue with advanced account management.

Business Account vs. Personal Account

An Amazon Business account is different from a personal Amazon account. It is specially designed to meet the needs of businesses, small and medium-sized enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises. professionals and sellers. In addition, a personal Amazon account is available for individual consumers.

Here is a comparison table to clarify the main differences between the two types of account:

Features Amazon Personal Account Amazon Business account
Customer types Individual consumers Businesses, professionals, vendors
Product prices Public rates Professional rates, volume discounts
Subscription fees None Amazon Business Prime annual subscription
Separate billing Not applicable Separate billing for professional acquisitions
Payment Options Standard Credit card, account
Wholesale quantities Not applicable Wholesale orders for companies
Shipping method Standard delivery Advanced shipping, delivery options
Vendor eligibility Buying products Buying and selling products
Customer Service Standard customer service Specialized customer service for companies

Understanding Amazon Prime

Illustration of Amazon business prime

This is a premium offer that goes beyond the standard Amazon account.

The difference between Amazon and Amazon Practialime

Amazon is the popular online sales platform forbuy a wide range of products. Amazon Prime, on the other hand, is a monthly or annual subscription that adds extra benefits for buyers, such as accelerated delivery and access to streaming movies, series and music, as well as exclusive offers.

Difference between Amazon Prime and Prime Video

Amazon Prime includes access to Prime Video, a streaming platform which offers films, series and original programs.

Prime Video can be subscribed to independently, but is included with the price of the Amazon Prime subscription, offering added value to members.

Managing my Amazon account :

From your Amazon customer area, you can access 9 different sections:

  • Your orders Order management
  • Login and security settings Modification of your personal information
  • Address address management
  • Payment options adding or deleting a credit card/payment method
  • Gift Vouchers & Refills Gift card and voucher management
  • Message center : messages between Amazon and you, seller and you
  • Assistance Help center for smooth site navigation
  • Bonus subscription management
  • Amazon mobile application link to download the app on your phone)

We hope you find this information helpful when using your Amazon account. Do you have any further questions? Don't hesitate to ask.

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