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Last name Brakus the Shifter
Notice  Read Alucare's review of : Brakus the shapeshifter
Masters  Mastery for : Brakus the shapeshifter
Graces Graces for : Brakus the shapeshifter
Brakus the Shifter masteries, grace and artifact guide on RSL
Champion Image: Brakus the Shifter on Raid Shadow Legends


NAME: Brakus the Shifter
FACTION: Skinwalker
SCARCITY: Legendary
ROLE: Attack

Total Stats (6 Stars)

Health points (HP): 19815
Attack (ATK): 1465
Defense (DEF): 793
Speed (SPD): 101
Critical Rate (C. Rate): 15%
Crit Damage (C. DMG): 63%
Resistance (RESIST): 40
Precision (PRÉ): 0

Battle of the

Campaign :
Faction Crypt:
Arena defense:
Arena attack:
Clan Boss:
Hydra :☆☆


Minotaur's Labyrinth :
Spider's lair:☆☆☆☆
Castle of the Fire Knight :
The dragon's lair:☆☆
Ice Golem Peak:☆☆
Fort Jumeaux de Fer :☆☆☆
Demon Necropolis:☆☆☆
Shogun Wood:☆☆☆☆


Wave Tower of Woe:
Magma Dragon:👍
Frost Spider:✔️
Spider of nothingness (poison):👍
Scarab :✔️

(Doom Tower)

Dragon Eternel :👍
Griffon :👍
Dark Fairy :
Secret room :?
Annotations :
"Mandatory - Strongly recommended = ✔️
Usable - recommended = 👍
Unusable - not recommended =

Alucare's review of: Brakus the Shifter

What I advise you on the champion:

To mount it 6*. Very useful for the arena since it revives it can one shoot an enemy. And in the knight of fire because type many times. But in the early game not sure to really advise him except for his absolute fears.

I will use it in: Arena, Faction Crypt, Fire Knight
Use for : Its "Utility" debuffs (Break Def, Atq, precision, etc...), Control Debuff (Stun, Freeze, etc...), Single Target Nuker, Rez, Support (Heal, Debuff your team, buff)
When to use the champion (Playtime):
Champion to ride 6*: Yes
Champion you can book: Yes
Book value (skills book) and number of books : Value = 7 and number of books = 16
Book priority (random books):
Champion you can master: Yes
Can I feed it: No, we never eat epic or legendary
Other information : If necessary, come to the streams to ask for information or on the discord:

Lexicon of RSL if you do not understand certain words: Glossary on RSL

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Skills of : Brakus the shapeshifter

A1 = Blood of Innocent

Attack an enemy. Heals this champion for 15% of the damage inflicted.

  • Level 2: Damage + 5%
  • Level 3: Damage + 5%
  • Level 4: Damage + 5%
  • Level 5: Damage + 5%

Damage based on : ATQ
Multiplier: 3.75*ATK,HEAL 0.15*DEALT_DMG

A2 = Full Moon Fury | CD = 5 spins

Attack an enemy 6 times. The first strike has a 75% chance to place a [Weakening] of 25% for 3 turns. Heals this champion for 25% of the damage inflicted. Instead heals this champion for 50% of damage inflicted if the target is afflicted with a [Fear] Or [Absolute Fear].

  • Level 2: Damage + 10%
  • Level 3: Damage + 15%
  • Level 4: Chance of Buff/Debuff + 10%
  • Level 5: Chance of Buff/Debuff + 15%
  • Level 6: Cooldown -1 turn
  • Level 7: Cooldown -1 turn

Damage based on : ATQ
Multiplier: 0.97*ATK,5x 0.97*ATKHEAL 0.25*DEALT_DMG*!RelationTargetHasEffectOfKind(Fear_KindId)+0.5*DEALT_DMG*RelationTargetHasEffectOfKind(Fear_KindId)

A3 = Hunter's howl | CD = 5 turns

Places, for 3 turns, a buff [ATK Increase] of 50% on all allies, then attacks an enemy 3 times. Each hit has 50% to place a debuff [Absolute Fear] by 1 turn. Has a 50% chance to place a debuff [Fear] by 1 all on 2 random enemies if the debuff [Absolute Fear] is placed.

  • Level 2: Damage + 10%
  • Level 3: Chance of Buff/Debuff + 10%
  • Level 4: Chance of Buff/Debuff + 15%
  • Level 5: Cooldown -1 turn

Damage based on : ATQ
Multiplier: 3x2.3

[P] Bestial mode

[Passive Effect]: Damage increased by 40% when this Champion's HP drops below 40%. [Effect Active]: Revives this champion with 20% HP when killed. Immediately grants an Extra turn.

Which artifacts / set for : Brakus the Shifter

Artifacts BEFORE sets! Always the most important thing to know! We explain it in real detail in the ebook available here:

Which set for : Brakus the shapeshifter

Set of equipment that I advise you on the champion: (Finishing a set is a bonus, not an obligation)
  • Speed, Vivacious Parry, Perception, Accuracy, Lifesteal, Cruel, Savage, Crit Rate, Attack

Which statistics should I look for in : Brakus the shapeshifter

Priority of stats and sub-stats of artifacts:
  • Speed, Critical Rate, Critical Damage, Attack%, Accuracy
    • Weapon (Attack)
    • Helmet (HP)
    • Shield (Defense)
    • Gloves (Critical Rate)
    • Torso (ATK%)
    • Boots (Speed)
    • Ring (ATK)
    • Amulet (Critical Damage)
    • Banner (Accuracy)

Which masteries for Brakus the Shifter?

Masteries for: Dungeon, Clan Boss

Mastery RSL Array for Brakus the Shifter

Skills for: Arena

RSL Array for Brakus the Shifter

What you need to know about master's degrees.

We give you advice on mastery. These master's degrees will help you in 95 % of cases, but you have to try to understand why a particular choice was made. The best thing would be to understand why certain masteries have been recommended to you, so that you can modify 1 or 2 masteries in your choice according to your needs.

Which Grace for Brakus the Shifter?

We advise you :
  • Light Cage Light Cage
  • Phantom Touch Phantom Touch
  • Sulfur (2 level 1 ,2 or 3 max per team) Sulfur (2 level 1 ,2 or 3 max per team)

Story of Brakus the shapeshifter

One of the most persistent misconceptions about Skinwalkers is that they are constantly transforming, sometimes appearing in human form to live among communities of Humans and only taking on the appearance of a hybrid beast under certain conditions. One archetypal myth has it that Skinwalkers are forced to transform with the arrival of the full moon. Other legends describe totems or rituals that enable them to switch from one form to another. Historically, many Frostheim residents revered "beta-morphs" as beings blessed by deities, and called on them to wage war. It is said that these Bersekers wore enchanted capes to transform themselves into bears, wolves and other beasts. Brakus, a young man from the Kingdom of Frostheim, grew up with a passion for these tales.

Some elements of the Lumayan Church who intervene in Frostheim still adopt a more tolerant stance towards the Skinwalkers because of this history. It was to their isolated huts that Brakus first headed to satisfy his curiosity about the Bersekers of old. But he was told that the age of the Bersekers was over, and that the archaic rituals used to generate their unique powers were no longer practiced, most of the knowledge relating to their specificities having been lost during the Red Crusade. The priests encouraged him to live by the example of his heroes of yesteryear, but not so literally. And they firmly warned him not to treat the Skinwalkers lightly. Their faith may have respected them, and hoped to guide them along the right path, but each and every one of them was nonetheless a grave potential danger, and that's a fact the people of Frostheim and even the Norr of old would agree with.

Brakus refused to accept this answer. He was totally convinced that the Bersekers of yesteryear were true shapeshifters who retained their noble souls, and equally convinced that their glory days could return in the present age. Abandoning theology, he turned to other sources of knowledge. Folklore and rumors, ancient ballads and cycles of legends, crumbling texts and the mutterings of decrepit elders: no source was too obscure or unbelievable for Brakus. Abandoning all else, l traveled throughout Anhelt, following one trail after another until, at last, he found a hermit Dark Elf in the depths of Durham Forest who claimed to be the guardian of an ancient spirit-wolf. The hermit, Khadarak, told Brakus that the creature had once been his companion, but was now too wild and could neither be tamed nor calmed again. Khadarak asserted that the wolf was a descendant of the wolves with which the Old Norr had created the Bersekers, the bearer of an ever-pure magical bloodline. He asked Brakus to kill the spirit-wolf and this, he assured the stubborn Frostheim native, would transform Brakus into the pure, noble shifter of old.

Brakus didn't hesitate for a second, but prepared himself and set off to find his prey. Thinking himself guided by destiny to bring renewed honor and glory to his ancestors, he used his keen senses and instincts, which a lifetime of searching had developed in him, and quickly found the creature's lair. He struck by the light of the full moon and took the huge, strangely luminous creature by surprise, and although it tried to defend itself, it didn't recover from Brakus' first savage blow. Brakus stood over the bloodied form of the glowing spirit-wolf and with a deadly strike of his axe, his dream began to come true. But in a way he hadn't anticipated at all, it turned into an ordeal and a nightmare.

As the hermit had promised, the wolf triggered the Skinwalker curse in Braku, as if he'd been born and bred for it. But while the returning spirit of the wolf was supposed to be rather pure, it was nevertheless impure enough to invade that of the young and naive Brakus. He expected to be covered in glory, but instead his soul was assailed and he was forced to fight an inner battle far more intense than anything his own body had ever known. This wolf had accumulated centuries of hunger in his cursed being, and Brakus felt each of his memories and facets torn apart, as if attacked by thousands of jaws. Brakus the Shifter was born and a cruel affront to Teleria created. A tragic beast that was the exception to a rule of Skinwalkers.

Brakus does indeed metamorphose, for very brief moments, on nights when the clouds are thick or when a storm is raging. Naked, frigid, frightened, he feels his humanity reform for just a moment, and he curses his old self, his pride, long enough to remember his endless distress. Then, once again, the wolves of madness fall upon him and this brief moment of weakness comes to an end. Brakus the Metamorph becomes once again a terrifying beast whose violence is legendary.

How to get Brakus the shapeshifter

You can have the champion: Antique Splinters, Primordial Splinters, Sacred Splinters

List of buffs and debuff of : Brakus the shapeshifter

Team buffs list:

The buffs the champion puts on the whole team:
  • +50% attack

The champion's debuff list:

The debuffs the champion puts on opponents:
  • 30% debuff, Fear, Absolute Fear

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