Moderator commands (modo) on twitch

To remember:

  • Use commands such as /mod, /vip, and /ban to add or remove moderators and VIPs, manage access and maintain order in discussions.
  • Set up Automod to filter out unwanted content and use /commercial to automatically insert ads during your streams.
  • Share channels with /host and /raidand engage your audience with polls and predictions via /poll and /prediction.

Moderator commands (modo) on twitch

Twitch brings together an entire community of viewers from all over the world. As a moderator, you need to offer quality content to every user. You can use automod to block inappropriate or harassing messages. This tool automatically eliminates spelling mistakes and misleading expressions.

If you make sure your brand is consistent between Twitch and the social networks you're present on, the results might surprise you.

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I hope you find the commands you need as a Twitch moderator in this article. Happy reading and if you need any help, I'm available at Discord 🙂

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All essential French commands without bot on Twitch :

You'll find the bots below:

Note that designates the person (user) to whom you want to do something (ban, modo or other). Thus,

  • For add a moderator on your stream: /mod
  • For remove/remove a mod from twitch: /unmod
  • To see the list of mods : /mods
  • For put a viewer in VIP : /VIP
  • For remove the vip has a viewer: /unvip
  • To see the list of VIPs : /vips
  • For ban a viewer from the Twitch channel (he will no longer be able to access any streaming content): /ban  you can also do a /ban
  • To timeout someone (temporary ban) done : /timeout   you can do that /timeout it will be TO 10 minutes
  • For remove a ban, done : /unban
  • For slow down the time between messages viewers:  /slow  if you don't put the default time is 2 minutes !!!! Be careful to enter a few seconds. To remove the /slow do : /slowoff
  • For forcing people to follow your channel before speaking (not recommended): /followers  for put in minute add 'm', hour = 'h', day = 'd', week = 'w', month = 'mo' so for 1 minute = /followers 1m
  • For remove this useless thing (I advise you not to put it on EXCEPT if you are being raided by bots spamming your chat) do : /followersoff
  • To have only the followers or subscribers (paying) who speaks do: /subscribers (the modos can still talk)
  • To remove the subscribers-only TO DO : /subscribersoff (everyone will be able to talk hereafter)
  • For clean the cat, deletes all chat messages : /clear
  • For put your chat en émote only (If it's useless or just for fun) : /emoteonly
  • For rstretch cat emoji only TO DO : /emoteonlyoff

How do I place automatic ads?

Time in Seconds (in addition, the streamer must give you specific rights and authorizations)  /sales <30|60|90|120|150|180> 

Now you can place ads automatically!

What commands can I use to help another streamer?

  • For share someone's channel on your channel at the end of your twitch stream: /host
  • For remove the host TO DO : /unhost
  • To raid your viewers : /raid
  • For cancel the raid /a raid

How to make a slogan in the chat?

You can make a slogan with the command: /chant from the menu.

Then theviewers should click on Slogan and the message will automatically !

Command to make a prediction or a poll on twitch

  • For make a prediction you have to order: /prediction

It's one of the most popular chat commands used by Twitch channel moderators. Next :

  1. you have to go to start prediction, name it (45 characters maximum), then there are only two possible answers, each with up to 25 characters.
  2. You can choose a time to make the prediction.

However, when you launch the prediction, be careful, there is a 15 to 25-second warning launch at the start of the chat, so 1 minute may be too short for some people).

  • To take a survey: /poll

Then select the poll questions and answers. You can define chain points or even bits for multiple voting. Choose a time period and click on submit.


nightbot logo

Nightbot control :

  • For a mod to change your title from twitch chat : !title
  • For a modo change the name of the game you are playing: !game
  • Authorization for create link in chat for a viewer. If you have disabled links you can make a !allowed it will only be able to post ONE link (beware of other bots who may still ban it)
  • If you have activated song request, your viewers can do : !songs request
  • Music commands always start with !songs

For other orders, here is the list current for Ia music today, delete for delete music, list for see the list, skip for switch to the following music, volume for change volume, pause for pause it and play for launch it if you haven't already.

  • For the viewer,  for see follow time is : !fc and !fc to see another person's.

Logo of wizebot

Wizebot control :

  • For the viewer, you can issue the command showing uptime, It is !uptime (and !uptimeg where you come from in the first place)
  • For the Wizebot controlsAll commands are identical to Twitch or other commands, simply replace the '/' with a '!

The other bot where I can do a Tuto:

  • Mikuia
  • moobot
  • StreamElement

For any other question about Twitch modo control, moderation advice or anything else, you can ask me, I'll answer (I read the comments before posting so if it's a more specific request, you can 🙂 ).

For your information, I'm live streaming if you have any questions don't hesitate to come if I'm live 🙂 (I'll be happy to help you and watch your channel).

Other tutorials on twitch :

Streamlabs: a tool to make moderators' day-to-day work easier

Twitch moderators can use specific orders to personalize the user experience. For example, they can activate the "subscribers only" mode with the /subscribers command, whereby only subscribers to the channel are authorized to access the chat.

In addition to these controls, as a streamer you need to use the right tools to create a quality streaming experience. One such tool is Streamlabs, which offers numerous functions to facilitate live broadcasts. With Streamlabs, you can activate the streaming mode on various platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, obtaining the necessary authorization to broadcast your content live.

Once you have set up Streamlabs, you can interact with your audience on social networks using the integrated chatbot. This chatbot allows you to send messages and moderate users participating in your live broadcast. It also lets you activate specific actions based on the commands viewers use in chat.

Whether you broadcast on Twitch or YouTube, Streamlabs lets you create video clips from highlights of your live broadcast. These clips can be shared on social networks to draw attention to your content and attract new viewers.

To create a clip during your live broadcast, simply click on the dedicated button in Streamlabs, in moderation mode. What's more, Streamlabs offers a points system to reward your most loyal viewers.

Users earn points by watching your broadcasts and interacting in chat. These points can be used to carry out certain special actions, or to take part in prize draws you organize during your live broadcasts.

The platform hosts a wide variety of content: video games, food, art, the environment... If a particular topic catches a user's attention, they can contact the moderators of the channel that broadcast it. I've put together these commands precisely to help these moderators manage a channel's chat so that it remains safe, welcoming and enjoyable. Is there a particular command you use that hasn't been mentioned here? Leave us a comment.

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    • Hey, you didn't give any info so I'll send an email but the easiest way is to PM me on twitch or come on the discord (invitation on the widget at the bottom for those who wonder)

    • then there is /clear but it deletes ALL messages, so the way is to click on the nickname at the time of the message and have it deleted.
      Otherwise do a /timeout 1 (it will delete his messages and the ban for 1 second Répondre

  1. Hey do you know what the command is so that a mod can modify another command (I know it's possible but I forgot the command and it doesn't appear in the help of the commands of wizebot, nor those of twitch)

  2. Hello to you.
    I'm a moderator for a twitch partner who uses Moobot. She sometimes asks us to run ads when she's away for her, via her bot. It tells us that there is a "pub" button in the moobot moderator panel to do so, except that neither I nor the other moderators see it. I checked on my own channel and even I as a broadcaster didn't have that famous button. I even went to check the rights given to moderators on the moobot panel but I can't find anything in relation to pubs. Do you have an explanation or a solution for me? Thank you in advance and have a good day/evening.

    • Hey, for those who are interested: I searched but couldn't find moobot, maybe you have to add the bot as a channel editor, and on the panel it doesn't seem to work correctly anyway 🙂 If you know how to do it put a comment for others and I will update the article 🙂

  3. Hi ! Thank you for the commands it helps me a lot but I have a question about NightBot. Can a mod remove the fact that all caps are not allowed? The same for subsequent messages that result in a temporary ban for the person?
    Thanks in advance.

  4. I am a mod on 3 channels.. I would like to know if from mod mode it is possible to do raids. or only the broadcaster can do it. more have used Wisebot on the chat. Thanks for giving me a hand

  5. hi, it's to know if as a moderator we can put the emoji of the sub because the streamer has blocked the emoji and the sub can't put them and he asked me to put them but jsp if we can as a moderator (those of the sub get when they are sub) thank you in advance good end of the day

  6. hello I have recently been a moderator on a twitch channel and the streamer is as bad as me could you explain to me (if you don't mind) how the streamer can give access to a moderator in editor mode?
    thank you in advance for your answers

  7. Good evening ,
    I would like to know how we create an order so that the follower knows how long he has been following the channel. I don't know if it's clear enough?
    i am am wizbot

    thank you ^^

    • Hello then:
      – you have to be a mod
      – the channel must have access to /chant (not all channels have it as standard)
      – the streamer must not have blocked it
      Otherwise I don't see any other options.

  8. I would like to know how to do as a mod to put commands in the chat, but I would not like viewers to see the commands I perform. An example, I have commands for a death counter but I don't want people to see when I type the command to add more to the counter..

  9. Hello or good evening, can the mods or Artist change the streamer's game and if so what is the command? Example he plays at Fortnite and then he just talks and I want to change to Just Chatting.


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