What are Robux used for in the Roblox game?


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What are Robux used for in the Roblox game?

Robux are used to buy things in the game. The goal of roblox being that as many people as possible create games, that all developers or players want to create the best possible games for players to come to their game. Because the more people come to their game, the more robux they will earn. And the more robux they earn, the more they can advertise their game on the homepage to get more people.

Apart from the mini-games?

Apart from the mini-games, the robux allow you to buy everything that is cosmetic. On some servers you can buy bonuses or even VIPs. You can also buy custom avatars or other items:

  • Accessories
  • Animations (running or others)
  • faces
  • Equipment (weapons or other)
  • Sets (cosmetics)
  • Emotes (much like on Fortnite)

How to get free robux?

On our site we have a page which allows you to have free robux! You can also find sites like: Eldorado.gg which allows you to buy robux much cheaper! These are resellers who make mass prices on the number of robux to buy. The price is around 140 robux for 1€ currently. Be careful, on the internet you can come across robux generators, these are scams and you should never go to sites that ask you to enter your credit card or your Roblox email and password.

The price of robux.

On the official site or on resale sites like Amazon you very rarely exceed 100 robux for 1€! The price for 1€ on the official website, Roblox:

  • €4.99 → 400 Robux (so 80 Robux for €1)
  • €9.99 → 800 Robux (so 80 Robux for €1)
  • €20.99 → 1700 Robux (so 80 Robux for €1)
  • €49.99 → 4500 Robux (so 90 Robux for €1)
  • €99.99 → 10,000 Robux (so 100 Robux for €1)

On sites like Amazon and Instant Gaming we are around 90-100 robux for 1€ too).


Want free robux?

You can get some for free on our page:

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