Discord Nitro generator are scams!

How do I know that the Discord Nitro generator is a scam?

Discord is freeware in its entirety, but it's not for sale. Discord offers an optional subscription to its service, Nitro. This allows users to enjoy several incredible benefitsincluding animated emoticons, a special profile badge and access to a huge online library with over $1,000 worth of free games.

Like all online applications and various social networks, there "exist" generators for Discord Nitro but, how do you know if the generator is a scam?

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Discord Nitro: phishing bait?

Simply put, con artists use the free Discord Nitro offer, the Discord premium subscription servicewhich offers several advantages. Since this subscription usually costs 10 $ per month, there's a good chance that these crooks will cheat you.

Recognizing this scam

To reach the target, an account controlled by a robot or one swindler sends unsolicited direct messages to the target.
This message usually contains something like " If you link your Steam account, you'll get a free month of Discord Nitro " or words that will have a similar effect on you!
Please note, if you click on this link in the phishing message, you would be redirected to a website claiming to be the official Discord Nitro pagewith a splash screen announcing a free one-month offer if you combine your Steam accounts, with the aim of steal sensitive information...

However, the Nitro Discrod is not freeSo don't be fooled by con artists who want you to believe that this is not the case.

How to get Nitro on Discord?

Indeed, it's first and foremost important to be connected to your account Discord to get Nitro.

How to activate your Discord nitro account?

Note that all the basic functions of Discord will remain free !

Nitro also includes bonus GAMES! Yes, video games, for you, from Nitro…

You can activate your account without asking for help or pay anywhere. Did you know that you can also change your username without the figures on Discord?

Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on user settings
  3. you go see a list and click Discord Nitro
  4. A choice list will appear for you, Select merely either the monthly plan or the annual plan
  5. fill in the means of payment you wish to

Upon successful payment, Wumpus and Co. will go all the way, win the prize, and you will be boosted with Nitro and ready to win the race too.

Image of someone wondering whether Discord Nitro is a scam
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Is it possible to boost for free?

With our generator nitro discord bot, you can create “free nitro discord” accounts and share the latest free nitro discord codes with the built-in features. Just follow the instructions to activate your nitro discord account!
Log in to your account and boost yourself your very own Discord! Just like that and you can see that it's not free.
So discord nitro generator is not free software, it's a scam and theft (to be avoided of course).
They use your ignorance to steal your credentials. Rob your servers and spam your pub friends.

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