Is it possible to see deleted messages on discord?

Discord is today a well-known application used by many users, including young people, to exchange messages. Sometimes, however, you accidentally delete a message from your account. You'd like to see this message, and you're wondering whether it's possible to see it even if you've already deleted it. To answer this question, let's find out in this article how to view deleted messages on discord.

Is it possible to view a deleted message on Discord?

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There's no built-in functionality that allows you to see a deleted message on Discord, but there's still a possibility to retrieve and view the message, this by using BetterDiscord or Bot Dyno. These allow you to view and retrieve messages you've deleted on the platform. So you'll need to install an app or bot to be able to view deleted messages on Discord. The most popular application for recovering messages on discord is BetterDiscord. Bot Dyno is often used to view deleted messages on your own discord.

How do I view a deleted message on Discord?

Without installing a plug-in or bot, it's impossible to see deleted messages. Indeed, once deleted from your computer or smartphone, they will be lost forever. What's more, discord considers having access to private messages to be a violation of users' privacy. However, as already mentioned, it is possible to view deleted messages on discord, but this requires the installation of certain applications. Here are a few methods you can use to recover and view messages you've deleted on the platform.

First method: use BetterDiscord

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BetterDiscord is one of the best applications for recovering and viewing deleted messages on Discord. To use it, start by :

Step 1: Install betterDiscord

Download the BetterDiscord installation file, the application will automatically determine the operating system you're using, whether Windows, Linux or Mac, and will suggest the appropriate file once you've clicked on download.

  1. Then install the file by double-clicking on the file you've downloaded.
  2. Accept the license and click Next.
  3.  Then click on Install BetterDiscord, then Next.
  4.  Select the current version of discord you are using.
  5. Click on install to continue
  6.  If discord is already open, BetterDiscord will be downloaded and discord will restart automatically.

Step 2: Download messagelogger V2

BetterDiscord works with the MessageLoggerV2 plug-in. Once you've installed betterDiscord on your PC, start by installing this plugin.

  1.  Start by downloading MessageLoggerV2 onto any web browser.
  2.  Choose the right file location.
  3. You'll get a remark warning you that the file is unsafe, but you needn't worry, because the file is correct.
  4.  Then press keep to make sure the file has been saved.

Step 3: Include MessageLoggerV2 in your plug-ins

It is not enough to download the messageloggerV2, integrate it on discord by following these steps:

  1. Open the Discord application on your PC.
  2.  Click on the settings icon at bottom left.
  3.  Scroll down to BetterDiscord.
  4.  Select plug-in to open the plug-in library
  5. Then press Open plug-in folder
  6.  Move the downloaded MessagerLoggerV2 file to this folder.
  7. Then return to discord and activate the button next to the "messageLoggerV2" plug-in.
  8.  Once activated, it should be colored green.
  9.  Then activate Xenolin and ZenesPluginLibrary, which follow MessageLoggerV2.

Step 4: View deleted messages on discord

Once all these steps have been completed, it's now time to recover and view your deleted messages on Discord. To do this, start as follows:

  1.  Open the discord application
  2.  Locate the server containing the deleted message you wish to retrieve and view.
  3.  Right-click on the server.
  4.  Select "Message Logger".
  5.  In the new main menu, click on "Open logs".
  6.  Select the "Deleted" tab to view deleted texts in the application.

Once all these processes have been completed, you can now recover and view deleted messages on Discord.

Second method: Using Dyno Bot

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One of the most effective ways of viewing deleted messages on Discord is to use a bot such as DynoBot. These bots can automatically copy each deleted message to a server or channel, allowing you to view it later.

However, this feature is restricted to your own servers, which limits its usefulness. Nevertheless, it is an invaluable tool for managing discord servers, which is the main reason for its use.

Here's how to configure it:

  1. Go to the Dyno website and log in with your discord account.
  2. Authorize Dyno to access your account by clicking on "Authorize".
  3. Select the discord server where you wish to track deleted messages.
  4. Grant the necessary authorizations to Dyno, making sure you have management rights on the selected server.
  5. Configure the necessary settings and the Dyno bot is ready to use.

Dyno messages are logged by sending them to a dedicated channel. To do this :

  1. Create a new text channel on your Discord server by clicking on the "+" symbol next to the Text channels tab.
  2.  Give it an appropriate name and define it as private.
  3.   Add Dyno as the only member who can publish on this channel.

Then, from the Dyno :

  1. Go to the Modules tab.
  2. Open the activity log module and select the channel you have just created as the log channel.
  3. In the Message event section, mark everything to do with deletions: messages, images and mass deletions.

To check whether this works, delete a message hosted on your discord server. It should appear in the channel created by the Dyno bot.

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